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Sullivan Quincy
Yes, magic-magic
Thu Aug 10, 2017 11:14

So far no gunshots; things were going well. Sullivan took just a moment to wonder how he'd gotten into a career where that was one of the measures of a good day. They weren't all like that though, that was the exception. Most muggles thought he was completely delusional at first, of course, but most of them came around after confronting the oddities that accidental magic introduced into their lives and how magic made it all make sense finally.

The Fitzgeralds seemed to be approaching that point, though Parker apparently hadn't done anything too flashy, so there was still resistance and the desire to believe in coincidence at play, at least in the mother. Parker and his sister seemed fairly ready to jump on the bandwagon at least. His armed father was harder to read, but probably fell in with the mother, though again the Not Shooting Him thing could only be read as a good sign.

He felt a small tingling, as if untrained magic was being used, but he couldn't figure out how or where, but the smaller girl was offering another example, a readily provable one, and he jumped on it.

"There are charms that can attract butterflies," Sullivan said, not sure that this was actually what happened, but if someone had thought it was odd, there was a good chance it had been magic, "Parker could have cast something similar unconsciously, and turning out the lights without touching them is definitely magic, unless you've got some kind of voice activated technology installed that does that?" he asked uncertainly with a glance toward the parents.

He was muggleborn himself, and kind of aware of some things like that, from some ads and television shows he'd seen at his sister's house, but his own apartment was not very technologically equipped - it had a toaster and a microwave, but not much else - and he wasn't entirely sure if such things actually existed or if it was just a thing muggles wanted to exist.

There'd been a clapper once upon a time which could also satisfy the sister's description, but that had been before even Sully's time and he didn't think they were available anymore, so he played his hunch and turned on the kitchen lights.

"Can you turn them off?" he asked curiously. Untrained wizards generally did magic when their emotions became unstable- accidental magic often involved explosions and teleportation because it was fed by anger and fear and harnessed the fight or flight instinct, but some more controlled individuals could manage some small feats of magic at will.

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    Parker Fitzgerald felt a thrill go through him. The man said magic. As in magic magic? Like the kind William Smokey did down on the reservation? Or the kind in the Native American tales he kept... more
    • Yes, magic-magic - Sullivan Quincy, Thu Aug 10 11:14
      • No more hiding the truth... - Parker Fitzgerald, Thu Aug 10 16:50
        Parker's heart lept a bit. So turning off the lights wasn't something other people could do? he thought. He took a breath though because maybe this Sullivan was right. Maybe there was a voice or... more
        • Erm, too much truth for my comfort - Sullivan Quincy, Thu Aug 10 20:45
          Good news, the dad seemed to have forgotten he wanted to shoot Sullivan. Bad news, dirty laundry was getting aired and Sullivan wasn't sure he should be here right now as they talked this over, but... more
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