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Parker Fitzgerald
So much to see!
Thu Aug 10, 2017 16:01

Parker Fitzgerald was taking everything in as best he could, but it was still a lot. He fidgeted in his seat turning to see all of the people he could. Not being sure where he was off to next, but wanting to observe and understand as best as he could.
Sullivan had told him to get on this wagon, and as he had done the last few days Parker had simply done what Sullivan had told him to do.
Now he sat looking around at the other kids his age coming into the wagon. Parker noted that most of them wore the robes that he had been instructed to buy. He wondered if these kids were also "muggle-born" as Sullivan had said, like him, or if their families knew all about this new world Parker was becoming a part of.
Parker fingered the juniper leaves he picked the day Sullivan had come to tell his family that he was accepted to this new school. This school with magic.
As he watched the other kids get on, some alone, others with families he was surprised that none of them looked Native American, as he had assumed most of the magic people in America would be from this group.
One girl about his age came on with a whole bunch of people Parker assumed were related.
They were speaking a language he didn't understand, with the father giving disapproving looks sometimes to the mother, but he did see the way the mother kept saying things and the little brother and sister interacted with the girl. It reminded him of the way Lyssa and his mom had acted before he left.
Lyssa had been crying non-stop for a few hours, but had said that she would write to him at every chance, cause Sullivan had said he could get mail. His mother had given him instructions to obey Sullivan as best as he could, but to be sure to follow what he thought was right. Then she had pressed a note into his hands that was sealed and told him to open it once he got to his bed. The unopened note still sat in Parker's bag as he decided he would open it once he got to the school.
John Sr had stood with his arms folded, looking slightly confused. He still didn't understand this stuff Sullivan was saying, but he was glad he didn't have to pay for much in the way of tuition apparently. He wished his youngest son luck, but then had simply stood off with his oldest, John Jr who stood off glaring on the side.
He was lost in the memory of his sister when the girl talked to him in English. Her way of speaking reminded him of his friend Jose from the Oddballs back at school, which made Parker like her almost immediately, and made him feel a bit more comfortable being on this wagon.
"Hi," he responded, "to be honest, I still am not sure where we are heading, so I don't know where here is." He tried to speak a bit slowly and tried to remember what Jose had once told him, that when Parker spoke fast, as he did when he got excited, which he had been since Sullivan had showed up, it was really difficult to understand him.
Parker stuck out his hand noticing that the girl had a lot of nice jewelry on. Maybe, Parker thought, that was what girls in this new world wore.
"My name is Parker. Where did you learn English?" he asked, hoping the question wouldn't be rude. He was just always in awe of kids in his old school who could sit still long enough to learn more than one language.

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    • So much to see! - Parker Fitzgerald, Thu Aug 10 16:01
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