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Parker Fitzgerald
No more hiding the truth...
Thu Aug 10, 2017 16:50

Parker's heart lept a bit.
So turning off the lights wasn't something other people could do? he thought. He took a breath though because maybe this Sullivan was right. Maybe there was a voice or motion activated thing in the room.
Parker turned towards his parents still kneeling by Lyssa. He saw that his mother was looking at Parker curiously.
"We don't have any voice or motion activated lights right?" Parker asked.
His father shook his head no very slowly.
"Parker, have you been turning off lights like your sister said?" his father asked slowly walking over towards him. The fear and anger his father had mere moments before had melted like an early snow, and now seemed to be filled with concern.
Parker hesitated for a moment, "Yes...I thought others could do it as well."
"He used to do it to protect me from JJ," Lyssa blurted out.
Parker's mother whipped around, "Protect you? Why would he need to protect you?"

Parker held his breath. He hadn't told his parents about how his brother would beat him up or how Parker would have to sometimes protect his sister from the threats his brother used if his brother wasn't allowed outside to take apart snakes. He was worried what his parents would say. In the past they had always blamed him when he and John Jr. had gotten into fights, so he was worried he was about to be in a world of trouble.

Lyssa simply turned to their mom and said, "JJ sometimes comes at me the way he goes after the snakes."

The anger Parker's father had before was back in a flash.

John Junior tried to skulked into the room. he looked sad and if you didn't know him, Parker thought, like a victim.

John Sr. breathed in deep. He was unsure of how to start the conversation he was now about to have, "What is this we hear about snakes?"

John Junior was surprised. He had obviously thought that he was in trouble for something, and he thought that snakes were not something he would get in trouble over.

"I hunt them down and skin them with the pocket knife you gave me dad," John 'Jr. said reaching for the pocket knife that was always on his belt.

Parker flinched a bit at the move, tightening up his stomach, as often it was the precursor to something bad happening in the past. Usually forcing him or his sister into doing something.

Parkers parents looked at each other, his mother shaking her head and putting a hand on Lyssa's.

Speaking calmly John Sr. said, "And why, on God's green earth, has it been said that you are doing the same thing to your sister?"

Suddenly John Jr. pushed his face forward in anger, "That's a lie! Whoever said that lied!" Parker winced, feeling the need to protect himself or his sister, as he recognized this as well. He knew there might be an outburst that John Jr. tried hard to hide from his parents.
"Tell me who said it! Why would I ever do such a thing? Tell me who said it!" John Junior exclaimed.

Finally Parker couldn't take it any more. "ENOUGH!" he yelled with his eyes closed.

The room went silent as light bulbs flicked on and off in quick fashion as well as the TV. A local advertisement for above ground pools popping in and out of the background as some of the light bulbs exploded.

John Sr. covered over John Jr. and Susanne covered Lyssa unsure of what was happening.
Suddenly everything stopped as Parker slumped to the ground crying. "No more lying John. No more hiding the truth."

John Sr. stood up looking over his living room, which this morning he had thought was wonderfully normal and simple, just as he liked it. Now his living room, the broken lights on the floor, the older boy glaring at the younger one, his wife still with her eyes closed holding their daughter, looked abnormal and complex. He slowly turned towards Sullivan and extended his hand.
"It appears there is much in my family I had not realized before. Perhaps you can explain part of it to me."

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    • No more hiding the truth... - Parker Fitzgerald, Thu Aug 10 16:50
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