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And decipher.
Thu Aug 10, 2017 17:28

High. That word meant ‘something up in the air,’ but it also meant roughly the same thing as privet, a sort of informal hello. Tatiana assumed it was safest to assume the American meant it in that sense. He also said ‘honest’ – that was good, she did not wish to speak with a liar. ‘Head-ing,’ though? Had she heard that right? Head was the thing the brain was in. How did one modify it with ‘ing’?

She decided to ignore it and focus on words she did know, such as not sure and here. Unfortunately, those words didn’t help her figure out what he meant. How could he not know if he had been to Sonora Academy before? Had he had a terrible accident with a charm in the past and never regained all his memories? If so, how was he able to go to school now? She thought about what she had said and tried to think if any of the words had been wrong, but she couldn’t see anything wrong with them….

He knew his name, anyway – apparently. Park-er. That did not sound like a name to her. Park was one of those words that sounded the same in English and in Russian and referred to some kinds of outdoor areas. Odd name. Nadezhda had told her that Americans did not spell their family names properly or use patronymics, though, so she couldn’t tell if he didn’t know his full name or if he didn’t have one. She shook his hand.

“Mine is Tatiana Andreyevna,” she said. “I learned on my house.” Should that have been ‘at’ or ‘in’? Most of the time, when she thought it was one of those three, ‘at’ ‘in’ or ‘on,’ Anton Petrovich told her she was using the one that English speakers wouldn’t put there. “You learned somewhere else?” she asked after a few seconds, having had to compose the sentence in her head in Russian and then translate it into English. Anton Petrovich said she should practice thinking in English, but she didn’t know enough words off the top of her head for that. She was currently busy feeling proud of herself for making a sentence she hadn’t rehearsed.

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    • And decipher. - Tatiana, Thu Aug 10 17:28
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          Nadezhda had told her it was normal in America, but Tatiana was surprised by Parker’s statement that he only knew one language. Tatiana had no proficiency in any languages other than Russian and... more
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