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Parker Fitzgerald
Remembering Jose's Words
Fri Aug 11, 2017 10:58

As she shook his hand with a smile on her face, Parker had a few moments of panic when he realized he had never asked Sullivan if the lessons would be in English. It was entirely possible that the lessons could be in another language, maybe Russian, maybe something else. He hoped if it was another language it was Spanish, since he had picked up a bit from Jose.

Then Parker froze mid handshake. Tatiana had said her name twice, maybe she was the one going into new experience and new language.

He quickly thought through what he had just said. He thought it was simple, but maybe it wasn't. He also remembered Jose's words in the first grade, "No correct me. You correct speak."

"I also learned at home. I only learned one language." He said completing the hand shake. He hoped it wouldn't be too hard to speak with others he might meet, but Tatiana was the first person beside Sullivan, and Sullivan wasn't likely going to be at school with him, so he decided to see what he could learn from her.

Slowly and simply at first, Parker thought.

"My family lives in Nevada and are...," he thought for a moment, trying to remember the word Sullivan used with his parents, "Muggles. Your family?"

He hoped she had understood most of what he was asking.

  • And decipher. - Tatiana, Thu Aug 10 17:28
    High. That word meant ‘something up in the air,’ but it also meant roughly the same thing as privet , a sort of informal hello. Tatiana assumed it was safest to assume the American meant it in that... more
    • Remembering Jose's Words - Parker Fitzgerald, Fri Aug 11 10:58
      • Making progress, I think. - Tatiana, Fri Aug 11 14:34
        Nadezhda had told her it was normal in America, but Tatiana was surprised by Parker’s statement that he only knew one language. Tatiana had no proficiency in any languages other than Russian and... more
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