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Making progress, I think.
Fri Aug 11, 2017 14:34

Nadezhda had told her it was normal in America, but Tatiana was surprised by Parker’s statement that he only knew one language. Tatiana had no proficiency in any languages other than Russian and English, but they had tried to teach her French and German at home, arguing that it was important to know all the languages so she could travel and show herself as a well-educated young lady and despairing of the fact that she mostly had only ever learned a bunch of words but not how to put them together properly. What had he studied with his tutors, or even in a village school? She knew the villagers did not usually know as much as those who could afford proper tutors, but Tatiana knew that most of them were actually more comfortable with English than she was, at least the boys; Anton Petrovich had argued with her parents until he got permission for her to play with them sometimes over the past year so she could speak English outside of their lessons, in actual conversations.

Maybe he really had a Charms accident, she thought. It would take more time for him to recover other languages.

Family was a word that Tatiana at least got the sense of – her brain went to ‘familiya,’ surname, but that wasn’t what it meant in English. It was related, though, she remembered that even thinking quickly. Nevada seemed to be a place, one she assumed was part of this country. Technically, her village was part of this country too, Alaska belonged to the Americans now, but Tatiana’s geography lessons had focused on Russia and Europe and Africa. She did not know much about places in the south. Muggle – that was Magl. There were a very few such people, she had heard, in town, mostly from the Motherland…

Occupied with this, she answered the question she heard first. “It is Vorontsova,” said Tatiana. “Vorontsov, you say,” she said disapprovingly. “But it is not right – and I also am not right,” she interrupted herself abruptly, realizing her error. “My family – volshebniki, all, not Maggly like yours. There are many Maggly in Nevada?”

  • Remembering Jose's Words - Parker Fitzgerald, Fri Aug 11 10:58
    As she shook his hand with a smile on her face, Parker had a few moments of panic when he realized he had never asked Sullivan if the lessons would be in English. It was entirely possible that the... more
    • Making progress, I think. - Tatiana, Fri Aug 11 14:34
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