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Mon Jan 1, 2018 20:32

Chrystopher took a deep breath as he stepped off the wagon. He was nervous for his first day, first encounter with the people he would be spending his time with for the next couple months. He needed to make a long lasting impression on his fellow classmates. 'Make powerful friends, they will be your connections later on in life.' His father's words ran through his head. His father wasn't there to see him leave for school, yet again on another mission, but he sent his regards. His siblings were all at home, not allowed to come and make a scene, knowing his siblings they would have separation anxiety for a week since they always spent time with their big brother. Chrystopher worried about his mother and if they she could handle the triplets. His mother was developing a drinking problem from all the fights she had with his father whenever he was home. He shook the thoughts out of his head as he focused on coming out of his shell and making friends, long-lasting friends.

He ran a shaky hand through his hair and then smoothed it over into a clean fashion. He needed to keep up his pureblood etiquette. He took another deep breath and shoved all of his fears into the back of his mind, being anxious wouldn't help him.

He managed not to jump as he heard a voice to his left, greeting him. He looked over to the voice and smiled brightly. He hoped she wouldn't point out the scar that ran down his left eye, he was always insecure about it.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Jane, my name is Chrystopher Mathilde heir to the noble Mathilde line." Chrystopher replied exactly the way his mother taught him. He lowered his head as a respectful greeting and extended his hand for the girl to take.

He didn't recognize the girl from any of the pureblood parties that his mother had forced him to attend, so she must be a half-blood or a muggle-born. That or she was a pureblood from another country. Chrystopher was forced to study all of the pureblooded families in America, one of the first things his father made him do when he was younger. His father taught Chrystopher that he needed connections in the world and learning all the families that can get you connections is well advised.

  • Introductions - Jane Doe, Mon Jan 1 16:43
    Jane Doe stepped off the wagon, tucking her shoulder-length brown hair behind her ears. So, this was it. Sonora. Her brown eyes scanned her surroundings, taking it all in. Having grown up with a... more
    • Re: Introductions - Anonymous, Mon Jan 1 20:32
      • Excitement - Jane Doe, Tue Jan 2 07:49
        Jane’s eyes travelled over the boy’s face, lingering slightly on the scar. It was obvious that she had noticed it, but she decided it probably wasn’t polite to ask, even though she was kind of... more
        • The Amazement of Sonora - Chrystopher Mathilde, Wed Jan 3 02:04
          Chrystopher gave her a dashing smile as excitement filled him, the nervousness still there but the excitement and adrenalin was superior. "You haven't used your wand?" He asked surprised. He thought... more
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            Alana looked around nervously as she stepped off the wagon. She was one of the last to disembark, and she mostly kept to the sidelines. Despite her cheerful nature, she was very quiet and shy, and... more
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              Chrystopher was drawn out of his thoughts of his new home by a new voice entering the conversation. He saw that the girl was around his age and by the way she talked, she was a first year. She did... more
              • I know what I'm not - Jane, Thu Jan 4 07:19
                You haven’t used your wand? Jane was pretty taken aback by the surprise in Chrys’ voice. No, of course she hadn’t, because that was illegal at their age. She wasn’t exactly surprised that he had -... more
                • Response - Alana, Thu Jan 4 15:17
                  Alana was looking around the grand building, taking everything in — the shrubbery, the amazing academy... she felt so lucky to be here! Despite her brothers having been magical, her mother hadn’t... more
                  • Re: Response - Anonymous, Fri Jan 5 01:34
                    Chrys was caught off guard by Jane's surprised look about using magic. Every pureblood child was taught magic and it was a big part about growing up. He went through his mind and tried to think of a... more
                    • Favourite subjects - Jane, Fri Jan 5 07:17
                      “Great, can I count on your help for tough assignments then?” Jane joked, giving Alana a wink when the other girl said she thought she might wind up in Aladren. “I’m from here in Arizona,” she... more
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