Jane Doe
Tue Jan 2, 2018 07:49

Janeís eyes travelled over the boyís face, lingering slightly on the scar. It was obvious that she had noticed it, but she decided it probably wasnít polite to ask, even though she was kind of curious about it. Magic could heal almost anything, in her experience, and even the few times sheíd been forced to slow down and use Muggle ways of healing, like if her mother was away or she was staying with her dadís family, it wasnít that bad. Just really boringly slow.

From the way he introduced himself, it was pretty obvious he was Pureblood. And probably the kind of Pureblood that really cared about it. She knew that there were such people in the world, and that some of them might look down on her for her mixed heritage. She had been brought up to think of this as their loss - there were lots of wonderful things and wonderful people in both worlds, and if people chose to shut themselves off from that, they were missing out. Even though she knew this in theory, it was still a bit daunting to come face to face with someone who might actually start treating her badly for who she was. Still, he extended his hand to her, even though she hadnít claimed to be part of any great family. Perhaps his parents had the common sense to teach him that getting uppity with people heíd have to live with for the next seven years wasnít a great opening move. She reached out and shook his hand.

ďThis is exciting, isnít it?Ē she asked. ďI canít wait to start using my wand.Ē

OOC - thanks for the long, detailed reply. It gave a good insight into your character and his thoughts and feelings. Iím also the author of DH Skies, so Iím going to let this exchange run for a few posts, and then we can pick up again by email to talk about anything thatís come up. Just one quick note - make sure youíve responded to everything the other character has said. In her first post, Jane said ďItís exciting to finally be here, isnít it?Ē and you didnít give any reaction to this. Donít worry about going back and correcting that (Iíve put more or less the same question again for you to have another go this time) but just keep an eye on it in future. Also, fill your character's name in the author box, and if you would like to receive an email alert when you get a reply, enter your email address (but don't click 'show email' as that will make it public).

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