Leilani-Alana Akau
A New Home
Wed Jan 3, 2018 19:48

Alana looked around nervously as she stepped off the wagon. She was one of the last to disembark, and she mostly kept to the sidelines. Despite her cheerful nature, she was very quiet and shy, and kept to herself. People had to befriend her to draw her out of her shell.

Alana suddenly noticed a girl and boy somewhere around her age conversing near her and she perked her ears. She of course knew that eavesdropping was rude, but the temptation was too great to resist.

"I can't wait to explore the grounds," said the boy. Alana finally drew on her hidden reserves of courage, and approached them.

"Hello," she greeted nervously. She hoped that they were friendly and not stuck-up like the other magical children she'd met when she had gone to buy her school supplies. "My name is Leilani-Alana Akau, but you can call me Alana. Are you excited to go to Sonora? I am! I've been waiting on tenterhooks ever since I was accepted. What House do you want to be in? Oh, dear, am I talking too much?" She trailed off. She didn't want to scare the poor things away already! She internally. Keep this up and you'll never make any friends, she told herself.

And, oh, how she wanted friends! She had always known that she was a witch - her mother was one, her brothers, as well - but she could tell none of her friends. And slowly but surely, they began to turn on her, to call her a freak, to tell their mothers that Alana was a witch (of course, they had no idea exactly how true that statement was; they thought it an insult). Even though they meant it to be cutting and rude, Alana never thought of her magic as a curse, even if it drove away her only friends and prevented her from gaining new ones.

But now...now maybe she could make friends. Friends who knew what powers she has. Friends that can relate.

  • The Amazement of Sonora - Chrystopher Mathilde, Wed Jan 3 02:04
    Chrystopher gave her a dashing smile as excitement filled him, the nervousness still there but the excitement and adrenalin was superior. "You haven't used your wand?" He asked surprised. He thought... more
    • A New Home - Leilani-Alana Akau, Wed Jan 3 19:48
      • Sonora's Houses - Chrystopher Mathilde, Thu Jan 4 05:28
        Chrystopher was drawn out of his thoughts of his new home by a new voice entering the conversation. He saw that the girl was around his age and by the way she talked, she was a first year. She did... more
        • I know what I'm not - Jane, Thu Jan 4 07:19
          You haven’t used your wand? Jane was pretty taken aback by the surprise in Chrys’ voice. No, of course she hadn’t, because that was illegal at their age. She wasn’t exactly surprised that he had -... more
          • Response - Alana, Thu Jan 4 15:17
            Alana was looking around the grand building, taking everything in — the shrubbery, the amazing academy... she felt so lucky to be here! Despite her brothers having been magical, her mother hadn’t... more
            • Re: Response - Anonymous, Fri Jan 5 01:34
              Chrys was caught off guard by Jane's surprised look about using magic. Every pureblood child was taught magic and it was a big part about growing up. He went through his mind and tried to think of a... more
              • Favourite subjects - Jane, Fri Jan 5 07:17
                “Great, can I count on your help for tough assignments then?” Jane joked, giving Alana a wink when the other girl said she thought she might wind up in Aladren. “I’m from here in Arizona,” she... more
                • Looking forward to... - Alana, Sat Jan 6 07:36
                  Tilting her head, Alana thought for a minute. What did she really want to learn? She had heard all about the Wizarding world from her mother when she was growing up, and had been excited to see it... more
                  • Greetings - Leslie Poe, Tue Jan 9 16:49
                    Leslie stood off to the side, took a loose curl of dark red hair behind his glasses, as he look around him wonder. Despite the obvious small group of new students near him, he didn't join them for... more
                    • OOC - DH Skies, Thu Jan 11 13:41
                      OOC - Hi Leslie. Welcome, and yes, your post is definitely good enough! However, I don't think this thread is very active any more and, if it is, it might get a bit crazy with four people. So, I'm... more
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