Chrystopher Mathilde
Sonora's Houses
Thu Jan 4, 2018 05:28

Chrystopher was drawn out of his thoughts of his new home by a new voice entering the conversation. He saw that the girl was around his age and by the way she talked, she was a first year.

She did talk a lot, but he didn't blame her. It was probably her nerves and excitement combining. She probably wouldn't be excited about Sonora when her homework would start piling on top of each assignment. That's how school always turned out. Excited about the change and then dreading having to actually work. He was lucky enough that his tutors made it fun for him to learn, so he excelled. Hopefully the Professors here would be the same.

He then heard Alana mention the houses here. His parents, who both attended the school, would not reveal their houses to him until he got sorted himself.

"I think everyone is excited to attend this wonderful school. I also haven't looked into the Houses. I wanted to be placed in a house based off whoever the person, or thing, sorting us decided, not based off my prejudgment of other houses. I want the sorting to be a reflection of who I am, not what other people have told me or of where my parents were sorted." Chrystopher replied. He then mentally smacked himself for not starting off with a greeting like he was taught.

"Ah, sorry, let me introduce myself, Alana Akau. My name is Chrystopher Mathilde, heir to the noble Mathilde line." Chrystopher replied and lowered his head and extended his hand, the same greeting and respect he showed Jane.

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    • Sonora's Houses - Chrystopher Mathilde, Thu Jan 4 05:28
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        You haven’t used your wand? Jane was pretty taken aback by the surprise in Chrys’ voice. No, of course she hadn’t, because that was illegal at their age. She wasn’t exactly surprised that he had -... more
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            • Favourite subjects - Jane, Fri Jan 5 07:17
              “Great, can I count on your help for tough assignments then?” Jane joked, giving Alana a wink when the other girl said she thought she might wind up in Aladren. “I’m from here in Arizona,” she... more
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                    OOC - Hi Leslie. Welcome, and yes, your post is definitely good enough! However, I don't think this thread is very active any more and, if it is, it might get a bit crazy with four people. So, I'm... more
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