I know what I'm not
Thu Jan 4, 2018 07:19

You havenít used your wand?

Jane was pretty taken aback by the surprise in Chrysí voice. No, of course she hadnít, because that was illegal at their age. She wasnít exactly surprised that he had - she had long suspected that Purebloods took scant regard of the rules, after all they didnít interact much with the Muggles who were the reason rules like that existed. But she hadnít expected him to flaunt that fact in her face. Much less had she expected to feel embarrassed - and his surprise did embarrass her, like she was somehow lagging behind, just because her family couldnít afford to flout the law. She was about to point some of this out when they were interrupted by a third person joining the chat. She bit back her response to Chrys, deciding that walking in on an argument wouldnít be very welcoming for Alana.

ďHi, Iím Jane,Ē she greeted, ďAnd Iím really excited to be here too, donít worry,Ē she added, giving the other girl a smile, as she seemed kind of nervous about her own enthusiasm.

ďIíve thought about it a lot,Ē she admitted, when Alana asked about the houses, in spite of Chrys seeming to be against that. ďI think itís only natural to wonder about itÖ But I really canít make up my mind which one sounds like me. I donít think I sound like an Aladren though. I mean, I do okay at school and I like it, but itís notÖ like, my main thing. But I donít know what actually is. How about you?Ē she asked.

Out Of Character - Chrys, just wanted to explain Janeís comments about it being illegal to use magic outside of school, as thatís something thatís established in canon in the HP books. However, that doesnít mean what you wrote it wrong - Iíve often expected Purebloods do things differently and can get away with more.

Alana and Chrys - As there are now three people in the thread, we take turns and post in the same order each time, so it will now go Alana, Chrys, Jane each time. This is because authors are in different timezones/have different amounts of free time, and otherwise one person can get left behind.

Also, please remember this is a practise thread, so the things that happen here wonít have really happened for your characters when they arrive at Sonora. Feel free to stop by chatzy to get to know some of our other authors and hang out. There will also be new challenges and other threads popping up on the sandbox in the run up to the term, so keep an eye out.

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    Chrystopher was drawn out of his thoughts of his new home by a new voice entering the conversation. He saw that the girl was around his age and by the way she talked, she was a first year. She did... more
    • I know what I'm not - Jane, Thu Jan 4 07:19
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        Alana was looking around the grand building, taking everything in ó the shrubbery, the amazing academy... she felt so lucky to be here! Despite her brothers having been magical, her mother hadnít... more
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          Chrys was caught off guard by Jane's surprised look about using magic. Every pureblood child was taught magic and it was a big part about growing up. He went through his mind and tried to think of a... more
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            ďGreat, can I count on your help for tough assignments then?Ē Jane joked, giving Alana a wink when the other girl said she thought she might wind up in Aladren. ďIím from here in Arizona,Ē she... more
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              Tilting her head, Alana thought for a minute. What did she really want to learn? She had heard all about the Wizarding world from her mother when she was growing up, and had been excited to see it... more
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                Leslie stood off to the side, took a loose curl of dark red hair behind his glasses, as he look around him wonder. Despite the obvious small group of new students near him, he didn't join them for... more
                • OOC - DH Skies, Thu Jan 11 13:41
                  OOC - Hi Leslie. Welcome, and yes, your post is definitely good enough! However, I don't think this thread is very active any more and, if it is, it might get a bit crazy with four people. So, I'm... more
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