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Chrys was caught off guard by Jane's surprised look about using magic. Every pureblood child was taught magic and it was a big part about growing up. He went through his mind and tried to think of a situation where using magic as a child wasnt allowed. And then he mentally smacked himself, yet again. He remembered reading in a book that it was techically illegal for underage wizards to use magic out of school. The only reason why pureblood children did it was because they were able to deal with the repercussions of the broken law, while the other wizarding families couldn't afford that luxury.

He wanted to say something to Jane, apologize, but he didn't want more people to find out since it was illegal and he didn't want to get his family in trouble.

Chrys listened to the replies of the girls about the Houses here. He hoped that he would be in a house with either of them so he would at least know somebody in his house, but then again it would be good to have connections in other houses.

He then heard her talk about Hawaii. He went on vacation there once with his mother when he was little. His father was supposed to join them, but a work thing came up and he was unable to go. Not wanting to waste the trip, Chrys and his mother went together. It was really a beautiful place. They stayed on the main island and were able to rent a cottage that had a private beach. It really was beautiful there.

"I've been to Hawaii before, it really is brilliant. Such a beautiful place to live. I live in Southern California, about an hour South of the beach so I'm used to hot, which is exactly what Arizona is going to be." Chrystopher replied. The weather in California sure was sporadic. It was 30 degrees at 6am and then 90 degrees at 12pm.

"I can't wait to start attending my classes. I want to see the Professor's takes on the subject. Hopefully they're all passionate about their subjects. What class are you guys looking forward to the most? For me, I'm looking forward to Potions. I love the way the ingredients flow together and the swift and precise motions of mixing the ingredients together." They were also a lifesaver when his mother was very ill during her pregnancy with his younger siblings, the triplets. After his mother was saved because of the potions, he wanted to make sure he could make them so he could always help his mother and his younger siblings.

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    Alana was looking around the grand building, taking everything in — the shrubbery, the amazing academy... she felt so lucky to be here! Despite her brothers having been magical, her mother hadn’t... more
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        “Great, can I count on your help for tough assignments then?” Jane joked, giving Alana a wink when the other girl said she thought she might wind up in Aladren. “I’m from here in Arizona,” she... more
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            Leslie stood off to the side, took a loose curl of dark red hair behind his glasses, as he look around him wonder. Despite the obvious small group of new students near him, he didn't join them for... more
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