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DH Skies
Beginners Class I
Thu Jan 11, 2018 13:06

Selina had returned to full time teaching originally as a temporary measure. The school had needed staff, and with her daughters grown and gone from home, it made sense to take on the demands of a boarding school again, which hadn’t been particularly compatible with life as a parent. She should have known that she’d end up taking on too much - it just wasn’t in nature to say ‘no’ when she could see things needed doing. And so, gradually, she had accumulated the positions of Crotalus Head of House, academic support tutor and, eventually, deputy headmistress. For all those grand accolades, she remained generally friendly and approachable, or at least she liked to think so. ‘Strict but fair’ was also an apt description - she was kind and gentle in general, but not a pushover, and not someone students with any sense would step out of line with.

“Good morning,” she greeted the assembled first and second years. “I am Professor Skies,” although they already had been introduced to her as the deputy headmistress, she didn’t insist on them using that title in class, “and I will be taking you for Transfiguration. We will be focussing on non-animate to non-animate Transfigurations– that is objects into other objects as this is the simplest branch of Transfiguration. That said, it can still be very difficult, and you must not get disheartened if you do not get big results immediately,” she felt that it was easy for her subject to slip down students' lists as they enjoyed the big flashy results of beginner Charms. Even making mistakes in other subjects tended to have dramatic consequences, whereas in Tranfiguration you just tended to not fully achieve what you had wanted. “Today will be pebbles into buttons,” she informed them, “Take one and pass it on,” she instructed, handing a box of pebbles to the student on the end of the front row, Each was smooth and shiny and relatively flat, although they varied a little in size and colour.

“I also have a handout for you. It is a template for a Transfiguration Table. I would like all of the first years to take one. Second years, I would prefer you to try to do your table from scratch but if you are unfamiliar with this teaching method, please help yourself to a handout, although there are plenty of notes to help you in the textbook,” the sheet that was being passed around was a simple table of common object characteristics, such as size, shape and function with an empty box next to each one. “The table is designed to help you focus on the similarities and differences between your current object and the target object. This is a process that you will learn to internalise as you become more experienced but it is helpful to actively work through it when the subject is new to you. Every two objects, however different they seem, have something in common. Even if it's the tiniest little thing it is useful for you. Changing everything about an object is a monumental task and usually one that it's difficult to wrap your head around. By focussing only on those things which you need to change, you can channel your energy more effectively, and hopefully make bigger changes where they are needed.

“When you are ready to move onto the spell, the incantation is Pangolus and you will want to make a single circle with your wand,” the chalk behind her scribbled key pieces of information onto the board as she spoke, “For those of you who are righthanded, the circle should be clockwise. For those of you who are left handed, a counter-clockwise circle also works on this spell. It is generally less effective but it is likely to be more effective if it feels more comfortable or natural for you.

“If you are stuck, chapter 2 of the textbook has a section on writing Transfiguration Tables, whilst chapter 3 introduces inanimate transfigurations. You may also discuss your problems quietly with your neighbours, or call on me if you require any assistance. You may begin.” Selina hoped to enjoy at least a good few minutes of nothing more than quills scratching on parchment before the casting began. Transfiguration was usually a safe profession. It was very difficult to produce results and therefore definitely difficult to overdo things. Of course, that didn't prevent utterly unrelated catastrophes but she definitely felt she sent students to the hospital wing less often than her Charms colleagues, and far, far less often than those in Defence.

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    • Beginners Class I - DH Skies, Thu Jan 11 13:06
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              • Not quite a button - Masha Adin, Fri Jan 12 08:29
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