Leslie Poe
Thu Jan 11, 2018 13:48

Leslie stood off to the side, took a loose curl of dark red hair behind his glasses, as he look around him wonder. Despite the obvious small group of new students near him, he didn't join them for the sudden flash of fear that ran through his bones. It wasn't that he was afraid exactly but there was only so much a person could take before they snapped. Heck, a few weeks ago he didn't even know magic existed! He was only ten after all, and after the event that shall not spoken of, which involved a hoodoo priestess during a trip to New Orleans two years ago he and his parents decided it was best not to think of it.

Looking back to the children as they discussed what seemed to be either magic or classes, he quickly cooled his expressions, forcing faux happiness into his mood. If wanted to make friends, which would be hard considering he only had one friend in his life and an girl at that, he would just have to suck it up and hope that his 'newness' wasn't too obvious.

Deciding he'd start with someone on their own, he turned away from the trio. Straightening his back he walked over to another student, proper etiquette that was instilled into him by his parents since they adopted him, drilled into his brain for a formal greeting.

"Hello, how do you do? My name is Leslie," he told the nearest person.

-(OOC- Hey everybody, I don't know much this is but I hope this is good enough =D)

    • Cowgirl in pink - Jasmine Delachene, Thu Jan 11 14:29
      OoC (out of character): Heya, Leslie! Donít worry, youíre doing great! Weíre just moving you up here so we donít have the madness of a four person thread and you can have a bit more opportunity to... more
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