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Masha Adin
The first attempt
Thu Jan 11, 2018 13:55

Masha took the sheet, still clenching the pebble in her other hand. Staring at the sheet in front of her she could feel the smooth surface of the pebble. It was round and somehow shooting. Her hand was trembling slightly, the rush of blood in her ears muffled the sound of Professor's voice. Doing her best not to frown, Masha, tried to focus on what Professor was saying.

Finally, Professor stopped talking so Masha took a quill and scribed:
Similar: round, smooth to the touch
Different: button has 4 holes in the middle, button is lighter

Placing the pebble on the table she took and opened the book to read through the chapters. She did read them before, a couple of times, but once more couldn’t hurt. Or at least that’s what she tried to tell herself. It didn’t boot well with her that she felt uncertain to try the spell. Glancing under the eye around her she wondered how the other students were doing. From the behind, Masha could hear soft whispering, but she wasn’t sure if anyone would talk to her. Shay as she is, Masha didn’t quite manage to make any friends yet or get to know anyone well enough to start talking.

After half of the chapter 3 Masha sighed, she knew the theory. Taking her wand in shaky hand she took a deep breath and mumbled the incantation making the circular clockwise motion...nothing happened.

  • Beginners Class I - DH Skies, Thu Jan 11 13:06
    Selina had returned to full time teaching originally as a temporary measure. The school had needed staff, and with her daughters grown and gone from home, it made sense to take on the demands of a... more
    • Ugh. Wand Magic. - Evelyn Stones (pending!), Fri Jul 13 20:58
      Evelyn stared at the box of pebbles as it was passed to the students in front of her and eventually into her own hand. For the span of a heartbeat, she considered passing it on without taking one,... more
      • Ugh, Latin alphabet. - Katerina Vorontsov , Wed Jul 18 14:03
        Katya sat quietly, her hands in her lap, back straight, just as Mama had always taught her, but her dark blue-grey eyes were huge in her small face as she tried to study the woman at the front of the ... more
        • At least I'm not alone - Evelyn Stones, Wed Jul 18 15:15
          Evelyn didn't quite smile, she was too nervous for that, but somehow the girl's clumsy bump put her at ease a little bit and she felt herself relax. She couldn't help noticing that the girl hadn't... more
          • Yes, that is good. - Katerina Vorontsov, Thu Jul 19 00:13
            Super confused. This, Katya assumed, was an idiom, because otherwise it was an oxymoron - ‘super,’ she had learned, was short for superlative, and Anton Petrovich said Americans used it to mean... more
            • People are hard - Evelyn Stones, Thu Jul 19 19:50
              Evelyn frowned, just a little bit. She had hoped to find a classmate who felt as overwhelmed as she did, as scared as she did, and as confused as she did, so she wouldn't have to figure all this out... more
    • The first attempt - Masha Adin, Thu Jan 11 13:55
      • It's a good one - Jane Doe, Thu Jan 11 14:19
        Jane couldn’t honestly say she was super excited for Transfiguration. Her mother had repeatedly told her how difficult it was, and that it might take her a long time to start succeeding with the... more
        • Is she talking to me? - Masha Adin, Thu Jan 11 15:40
          Masha blinked. Was that girl talking to her? Raising her head to look at the girl properly she felt sort of thorn in two. She wanted to squeal with joy and at the same time to run away and hide. She... more
          • Yup, so talk back! - Jane Doe, Fri Jan 12 07:29
            Jane was a bit surprised by the girl’s reaction, as she seemed to be frowning at her. Or at something, anyway. Maybe she wasn’t frowning at her, but at her pebble. Jane definitely felt like frowning... more
            • Not quite a button - Masha Adin, Fri Jan 12 08:29
              Masha breathed out slowly, she wasn’t aware that she held her breath. 'Good, so Jane at least don’t think I’m insane.' She smiled at the Jane more openly and, thankfully, without frowning this time.... more
              • Still excellent progress - Jane, Fri Jan 12 13:13
                “I totally want to know!” Jane said enthusiastically. She had been a little bit confused at first when Masha had started to talk about living in tents and shacks - she wondered whether they were... more
                • Let's try again - Masha Adin, Sat Jan 13 04:17
                  Masha looked at Jane blinking, everything Jane said during her mad dash of words coming back to her slowly. The stupid grin still lingering, even if it wasn’t quite the button she managed to make.... more
                  • “Yeah… you’re probably right,” Jane nodded, when Masha said they should save the chit-chat for when they weren’t in class. It was a sensible plan, but it was so hard when she was bursting with... more
                    • Slow and steady - Dorian Montoir, Sun Jan 14 14:44
                      Dorian took a seat in Transfiguration, listening carefully to Professor Skies. Even though he was a second year, and it was already somewhat familiar, he was sure he occasionally missed details due... more
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