Jane Doe
It's a good one
Thu Jan 11, 2018 14:19

Jane couldn’t honestly say she was super excited for Transfiguration. Her mother had repeatedly told her how difficult it was, and that it might take her a long time to start succeeding with the spells. She had grown up seeing magic from her mother, seeing it working and doing such cool stuff, and she just wanted to be able to do that too. She had waited eleven years to get her hands on a wand and get to start trying, so being told that she’d probably get no results at first was really disheartening.

Professor Skies didn’t do much to lift her mood, reiterating what her mother had said about how it would be slow going. She also wanted them to write out some ideas first, whereas Jane’s approach would have just been to cast the spell again and again. She tried to look on the brightside, and to think of what Professor Skies was getting them to do as kind of a shortcut - she was talking about focussing their energy just on a few important bits after all.

Jane scribbled the first thing that came into her head in each box. Size - it flashed through her head that buttons could be any size at all but normally were smaller than the pebble, but rather than write all this out, she simply wrote smaller. Colour was simply given the word Whatever. Once she had filled out the boxes, she sort of supposed she could imagine the whole thing a bit better. It needed to shrink and become… well, a button-shape. Of any colour. She could picture that a lot better than she could put it into words, and she was keen to have a go.

Pangolus she cast. It still felt a bit funny trying to move her wand in such precise shapes. She tried to think of it like drawing, but you never really drew with such a long pencil, and with gripping it only at the top, and she thought it would take a while for her to get the movements feeling natural. Sadly, her pebble seemed to agree, as it hadn’t changed a bit. She tried again. And again. And again.

With a sigh, she looked over at her neighbour, but the girl seemed to be very into reading lots and lots of the book before working. Jane tried adding a bit to her table, and doodling some midway pebble-buttons, alternating with trying the spell again.
When her neighbour tried the spell, Jane watched out of the corner of her eye. It didn’t seem like the reading had really paid off.

“You too, huh?” she asked, nodding at the girl’s pebble. “This is really hard… I think I’ll like Charms a lot more. I’m Jane, by the way,” she added, “What’s your name?”

OOC - good job. Your post followed all the rules. Often characters will include something at the end of their post as a ‘hook’ to another poster, e.g. the person turning to ask their neighbour for help. However, if your character is shy and would not do this, it’s not mandatory - just an idea. Keep practising, and maybe read some posts on the original class for inspiration.

  • The first attempt - Masha Adin, Thu Jan 11 13:55
    Masha took the sheet, still clenching the pebble in her other hand. Staring at the sheet in front of her she could feel the smooth surface of the pebble. It was round and somehow shooting. Her hand... more
    • It's a good one - Jane Doe, Thu Jan 11 14:19
      • Is she talking to me? - Masha Adin, Thu Jan 11 15:40
        Masha blinked. Was that girl talking to her? Raising her head to look at the girl properly she felt sort of thorn in two. She wanted to squeal with joy and at the same time to run away and hide. She... more
        • Yup, so talk back! - Jane Doe, Fri Jan 12 07:29
          Jane was a bit surprised by the girl’s reaction, as she seemed to be frowning at her. Or at something, anyway. Maybe she wasn’t frowning at her, but at her pebble. Jane definitely felt like frowning... more
          • Not quite a button - Masha Adin, Fri Jan 12 08:29
            Masha breathed out slowly, she wasn’t aware that she held her breath. 'Good, so Jane at least don’t think I’m insane.' She smiled at the Jane more openly and, thankfully, without frowning this time.... more
            • Still excellent progress - Jane, Fri Jan 12 13:13
              “I totally want to know!” Jane said enthusiastically. She had been a little bit confused at first when Masha had started to talk about living in tents and shacks - she wondered whether they were... more
              • Let's try again - Masha Adin, Sat Jan 13 04:17
                Masha looked at Jane blinking, everything Jane said during her mad dash of words coming back to her slowly. The stupid grin still lingering, even if it wasn’t quite the button she managed to make.... more
                • “Yeah… you’re probably right,” Jane nodded, when Masha said they should save the chit-chat for when they weren’t in class. It was a sensible plan, but it was so hard when she was bursting with... more
                  • Slow and steady - Dorian Montoir, Sun Jan 14 14:44
                    Dorian took a seat in Transfiguration, listening carefully to Professor Skies. Even though he was a second year, and it was already somewhat familiar, he was sure he occasionally missed details due... more
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