Jasmine Delachene
Cowgirl in pink
Thu Jan 11, 2018 14:29

OoC (out of character): Heya, Leslie! Don’t worry, you’re doing great! We’re just moving you up here so we don’t have the madness of a four person thread and you can have a bit more opportunity to post. The sandbox is here for you to practice and make mistakes in and the feel of how it all works before the new term starts! BiC (back in character):

Jasmine stood in the middle of the courtyard, trying not to look like she was nervous. This was Sonora. Mom told so many stories about this place (and not all of them were entirely good - though at least she hadn’t seen Flatt listed as a professor anywhere, so there was that improvement since her mother’s day).

Uncle Daniel taught here, too, so it wasn’t like she was completely on her own in the Arizona school. She could do this. Just go, and talk to somebody and make a friend. Surely the first one would be the hardest, then after that, she could make lots of friends, get a whole Society together, like her mom had.

Yes. She could do this.

Jasmine straightened her pink cowgirl hat, adjusted the pink fringe on her designer cowgirl chic outfit and was about to step forth in her very fine pink cowgirl boots (none of which did she wear while actually attending to the horses on her family’s ranch) when someone else approached her first.

His name was Leslie. Good to know. One person known, one less stranger around her. This was good. She was well on her way to making her way in her new school.

“Hi,” she replied politely, giving the barest hint of a curtsy, which was reflexive after hearing ‘how do you do?’ She was hardly dressed for curtsying, but she could at least smile at the boy. “My name is Jasmine. Jasmine Delachene of the California Delachenes,” it was the pureblood way of introducing oneself though she wasn’t actually pureblooded. Her father was, yes, and many of her mother’s close friends were, but Mom had been a muggleborn herself, which meant Jasmine most likely qualified as a half-blood to those who tracked such things. Jasmine did not. She was a Lady, and that was all there was to it.

“This is exciting, isn’t it? Being at Sonora finally? Have you had family attend before?”

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    Leslie stood off to the side, took a loose curl of dark red hair behind his glasses, as he look around him wonder. Despite the obvious small group of new students near him, he didn't join them for... more
    • Cowgirl in pink - Jasmine Delachene, Thu Jan 11 14:29
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