Jane Doe
Yup, so talk back!
Fri Jan 12, 2018 07:29

Jane was a bit surprised by the girl’s reaction, as she seemed to be frowning at her. Or at something, anyway. Maybe she wasn’t frowning at her, but at her pebble. Jane definitely felt like frowning at hers over its stupid refusal to shift into anything more button shaped. Jane was a chirpy, friendly person, and found it much easier to assume that a person was frowning at their frustrating schoolwork than at her, especially when she hadn’t said anything particularly controversial. After a moment, the girl seemed to shift whatever was on her mind and manage a smile.

“Not being grown ups yet?” Jane shrugged with a smile, when Masha asked whether she knew what they were doing wrong. “My mother’s always saying that Transfiguration takes ages to get the hang of. I guess we just have to keep trying,” she sighed, the idea obviously not filling her with enthusiasm. “It doesn’t mean that you’ll be bad at Charms though,” she reassured Masha. “Not all wandwork classes are the same, and this is definitely supposed to be the hardest. I’m really looking forward to Charms, because I think I might be able to actually do them. And Care of Magical Creatures because it will be fun to play with all the animals,” she smiled. “I don’t know how well I’ll do at Potions. It seems like you have to be really precise. But they do a lot of cool stuff, so it’ll be good to learn them,” she added, trying to find the positives, because Masha seemed kind of shy and she didn’t want to close off the subject she seemed most interested in.

“So, your dad’s magical then?” she asked. “How about your mom? My mom is but my dad isn’t,” she added, in case Masha was worried that her asking meant that she was one of those people who cared about that sort of thing. She could only hope the other girl wasn’t. But, if she was, it was better to know before she put in too much effort in making a friend.

OOC - so, now we keep going! We might have a couple of conversation topics running at one time, just assume the questions and responses follow a logical order. You can also have your character have another go at the spell, or do more to further their schoolwork.

  • Is she talking to me? - Masha Adin, Thu Jan 11 15:40
    Masha blinked. Was that girl talking to her? Raising her head to look at the girl properly she felt sort of thorn in two. She wanted to squeal with joy and at the same time to run away and hide. She... more
    • Yup, so talk back! - Jane Doe, Fri Jan 12 07:29
      • Not quite a button - Masha Adin, Fri Jan 12 08:29
        Masha breathed out slowly, she wasn’t aware that she held her breath. 'Good, so Jane at least don’t think I’m insane.' She smiled at the Jane more openly and, thankfully, without frowning this time.... more
        • Still excellent progress - Jane, Fri Jan 12 13:13
          “I totally want to know!” Jane said enthusiastically. She had been a little bit confused at first when Masha had started to talk about living in tents and shacks - she wondered whether they were... more
          • Let's try again - Masha Adin, Sat Jan 13 04:17
            Masha looked at Jane blinking, everything Jane said during her mad dash of words coming back to her slowly. The stupid grin still lingering, even if it wasn’t quite the button she managed to make.... more
            • “Yeah… you’re probably right,” Jane nodded, when Masha said they should save the chit-chat for when they weren’t in class. It was a sensible plan, but it was so hard when she was bursting with... more
              • Slow and steady - Dorian Montoir, Sun Jan 14 14:44
                Dorian took a seat in Transfiguration, listening carefully to Professor Skies. Even though he was a second year, and it was already somewhat familiar, he was sure he occasionally missed details due... more
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