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Fri Jan 12, 2018 13:13

“I totally want to know!” Jane said enthusiastically. She had been a little bit confused at first when Masha had started to talk about living in tents and shacks - she wondered whether they were like… superduper poor or something awkward like that. But luckily it turned out to be something really cool. “That’s so amazing. I’ve never even been out of the USA. It must be amazing to see the world. What’s your favourite country? What’s the coolest thing your mom ever dug up? Was any of it curse- oh, no wait, I guess she works on Muggle sites. My mom said the wizarding tombs in ancient Egypt are super dangerous cos they put loads of curses on them.”

In spite of the very easily distracting topic of all of Masha’s extraordinary adventures, the other girl pulled their attention back to their schoolwork. That was probably a good thing… Jane didn’t want to make a bad impression on Professor Skies right on their first day, but talking about Masha’s life was definitely far more interesting than waving her wand pointlessly at a pebble that didn’t want to change.

“I’m not sure I know how…” she stated, as Masha suggested they think like adults. Luckily, Masha had another idea. She seemed to say some extra spell words and they actually worked this time.Jane waited to see if Masha explained what the words were… Her question sort of did.

“Yeah, it is….” she sighed, when the girl asked if they spoke English at home, “Wow, my family is so boring compared to yours. What language were you speaking? What were you saying to it? Not that it will work for me, of course…”

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  • Not quite a button - Masha Adin, Fri Jan 12 08:29
    Masha breathed out slowly, she wasn’t aware that she held her breath. 'Good, so Jane at least don’t think I’m insane.' She smiled at the Jane more openly and, thankfully, without frowning this time.... more
    • Still excellent progress - Jane, Fri Jan 12 13:13
      • Let's try again - Masha Adin, Sat Jan 13 04:17
        Masha looked at Jane blinking, everything Jane said during her mad dash of words coming back to her slowly. The stupid grin still lingering, even if it wasn’t quite the button she managed to make.... more
        • “Yeah… you’re probably right,” Jane nodded, when Masha said they should save the chit-chat for when they weren’t in class. It was a sensible plan, but it was so hard when she was bursting with... more
          • Slow and steady - Dorian Montoir, Sun Jan 14 14:44
            Dorian took a seat in Transfiguration, listening carefully to Professor Skies. Even though he was a second year, and it was already somewhat familiar, he was sure he occasionally missed details due... more
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