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Naked girl at camp
Wed Oct 12, 2016 5:57pm

Once in school camp we were outside doing PE, and the girl in their camp bay grabbed one girl while she was naked outside the door and threw her outside naked then then they closed the door, she got up and started banging on the door with both fists and then some of us guys went over there and started laughing at her, and then some of us got even more guys and some of us went back to the camp sector and got even more and even more guys.

Then we all came around her and her face was blushing bright red and she was covering up herself, only then for the guys to start holding her hands back, we were there looking and laughing for ages looking and laughing and teasing her and she started to get wet, and her nipples went hard, her pussy and tits stood out like a mountain

She was there begging us to give her something to wear for ages and we got a good look at her, then some of the guys just gave her a jockstrap to wear, which didn't cover much anyway, to run back to her camp place. And that is a good memory and awesome, it was nice to see a naked girl, rather than just doing PE that whole time

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