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Old story, familiar premise
Thu Oct 13, 2016 8:05am

Given the controversy below, I figured I'd pull this from my archive to show that while different authors can come up with the same premise, the result should still look very different. It's not the big idea that makes a story good or unique. It's where it goes from there and how you write it.

Thursday, May 24th 2007 - 01:11:39 AM
Name: Alyssa
Subject: Punished by Step Mom (xxx)
Message: I’ve written stories before about my cruel step sisters and the mean things they’ve done to me on a number of occasions but this story is about my step mom. After my sisters graduated and moved away I finally got some relief from them and their cruel torment. Once they were gone I luckily got the house all to myself. I admit that in my teens I was a real handful. I hated school, loved to go out with my friends, loved to drink and do ‘other’ things too with them whenever I could get away with it. I was generally a real handful. I used to even sneak out of my house at night to meet up with them and stay up all night. I was so bad that my stepmother was beside herself with what to do with me. She said I was rebellious and unmanageable.

One weekday my mother got a call from a family member saying one of my uncles had a heart attack and was in the hospital in intensive care. She rushed out leaving me on my own not thinking about anything except him. She told me I was not allowed to go out, or have anyone over what-so-ever while she was gone. My uncle lives 2+ hours away so I knew she’d be gone for a long time, possibly all night. So seeing an opportunity, I decided to invite friends over and have a party at my house.

So I threw a little bash. As the night progressed more and more kids showed up till it was a full blown party. There was plenty of beer flowing and lots of loud music. There was also this boy there that I really liked. During the party I found out he liked me too! After hours had passed I got together with him and soon found myself making out and fooling around with him. We eventually made our way back to my bedroom where things got even more hot and heavy. Everything got kind of hazy and I lost track of time. I don’t know how long we were locked away in bedroom leaving the rest of my friends all over my house drinking and getting belligerent.

In my room with the door closed we started kissing and rolling around on my bed grinding against each other. I let him work my pants open and put his hand down inside. It wasn’t long before he managed to work my pants down past my thighs. Eventually he got them all the way off. Unbuttoning my shirt and popping my bra off he sucked and played with my boobs. All worked up now he pulled his pants down and let out his fat penis. It was very stiff and I rubbed and squeezed it as we continued kissing. Locked together he eventually started rubbing it against my wet pussy as I wrapped my legs around him kissing him as we humped each other getting closer and closer to “doing it”. He stuck his boner in my pussy and a finger up my butt and I felt like I was going to cum right there and then. He didn’t have a condom so I told him to stop. He did but joking around he flipped me over trying to stick his wiener up my butt instead. We both laughed and I let him tease me like that for a while. I was so ready to just come I didn’t care. Teasingly he started to press the head of his cock into my butt hole.

Outside my room all we could hear was loud music and voices the whole time we were in there. We really weren’t paying much attention to anything else but us. Then suddenly I heard some commotion and a very loud pounding on my door. The door burst open a ½ second later without warning and we both jumped up in shock still half naked to the sight of my step mom storming into my room with the look of the devil in here eyes! Completely irate and incensed by what she saw she grabbed me screaming in my face that I was a complete delinquent and a tramp. She grabbed me by the ear as my crush scrambled to pull up his pants. She pulled me up by my ear and dragged me naked and screaming in pain out of my room with my shirt wide open and my tits showing, and with NO pants on at all. I begged her to let me get my clothes back on but she would have none of it. Instead she dragged me down the hall bottomless and yelping in pain right past all my drunken friends. Spanking my naked ass hard she screamed at me and everyone else saying that the party was over. The music was silenced and my friends scrambled in all directions as they watched her drag me bottomless and humiliated through the house spanking my ass so hard it made a loud ‘crack’ with each swat. Yelping in pain with each smack to my naked ass I begged her to let me go but she would not. Instead she dragged me to her closet and got a belt. Still pulling me by the ear she then dragged me out in front of my friends and ordered everyone remaining to watch as she made an example of me once and for all. She threatened to call the police on every one of them if anyone left.

Completely livid she then dragged me by my ear to the kitchen commanding me to clean the entire house by myself in front of everyone… AS I WAS! With tears of utter humiliation I stood there bare-ass trying to cover my pussy begging her to let me get dressed. Before I could even finish my plea I felt the swat of the belt across my naked backside. Pushing me down and throwing a wet rag on the floor in front of me she ordered me to start by scrubbing the dirty kitchen floor by hand till it was sparkling clean. Everyone stood by watching as I cried and begged her to let me get some pants on. With her eyes wide open she lifted the belt high ready to swat me hard again. Screaming “Ok, ok, ok!” I got on my hands and knees sobbing in humiliation as I scrubbed away with my whole ass and glistening pussy on show for all my friends to see. Every time I stopped or hesitated for even a second I received a painful swat from the belt across my naked ass. Flinching in pain from each swat from the belt, she made me scrub faster and faster as a dozen friends looked on watching my bare ass jiggle and shake. A few of my sympathetic friends offered to help clean up but their requests were met with a resounding “NO!” from my mother. No one was allowed to leave either for fear of my mother’s threat to call the authorities on them. Since we were all underage the threat of being turned in carried a lot of weight so most chose to silently comply instead. Other’s probably secretly enjoyed seeing my naked humiliation.

Bottomless and sobbing I scrubbed the entire kitchen floor in front of all my friends like this. My mother made me crawl into every corner, nook, and cranny with my naked rear end protruding out for all to see as I made sure every inch was cleaned properly. Standing over me examining every area I cleaned, my mother cruelly swatted my behind as she pointed out every spot I missed or that needed redoing. Crying I scrubbed furiously fast just wanting my humiliating punishment to end, but my mother would not let it. Once I finally finished with the floor my mother ordered me to then wipe the floor dry. I asked if I could just let the floor air dry but she said “NO!” Getting up to find a clean dry towel to use I was swatted again and ordered to remain on my hands and knees. Crying and confused I asked my mother how I was supposed to dry the floor then? She told me to use my shirt. The shirt I had on!


My pleas fell on deaf ears. Lifting the belt again threatening to swat me she ordered me to continue. Sniffling and sobbing I slowly slipped my shirt off exposing my bare breasts and the rest of my body to all my friends leaving me completely naked now. Covering my now exposed breasts and crotch I hung my head in shame as my mother pressed down on me with her foot ordering me to continue immediately or face another swat from the belt. Getting back on my hands and knees stark naked from head to toe I began slowly mopping up the damp floor with my shirt using both hands as I crawled around in front of everyone. Screaming at me to “Hurry up!” she swatted me across my behind again. I moved faster but she still continued threatening me saying I was still not moving fast enough. Hitting me with the belt again I moved faster and faster till I was scrubbing the floor at a furious pace again. I could feel my naked boobs and butt jiggling and shaking like crazy as I cried in utter humiliation. What a sight that must have been to everyone watching! For them all to see right up my naked ass with my bare tits shaking and jiggling away was he most humiliating punishment imaginable. Looking around I noticed at least one partygoer smirking and using his cell phone to record the whole event. I am sure there were some close ups of my still wet pussy and asshole showing in the position I was forced to remain in! Finally after what felt like an eternity I finished the floor.

Then without skipping a beat she made me get up get some trash bags and make my way around the house picking up the cup bottles and any other trash left behind by my friends. Following me around pointing things out to me and swatting at my naked rear end every time I missed something my Mother persevered insisting that my friends follow me around as my punishment. Forcing me the lean over and under things I was forced into one compromising position after another as my mother made me scrub stains out of the carpet and wipe up spills. A few times the belt made direct contact with my butt hole and pussy making me flinch and yelp out in momentary pain every so often. Sobbing my eyes out my Mother showed no mercy. Once I was done cleaning the whole house to her satisfaction she then ordered me over her knee right in the middle of the living room. With all my friends circled around me she spread my bare legs wide harshly spanking my naked spread cheeks with her hand. Kicking and protesting she tied my hand behind my back so I could not longer resist. Stark naked and right in front of nearly all my friends and schoolmates she gave my naked ass the thrashing of a life time. As she spanked me she made me admit in detail what I was doing with that boy in the bedroom. I was very reluctant but she would not let up till I told every in detail what we were doing. Ordering me to admit I was a “slut” and a “teenage tramp” she spanked away at me ass viciously till I was screaming “I’M A TEENAGE TRAMP! I AM A SLUT!” over and over till she was satisfied.

Once complete I was forced to stand naked with my hand at my side at the front door as all the party goers filed past me one by one. Some looked very somber, some would not look me in the face at all, and a few whom I’ll never forget looked as if they were about to burst out laughing at my humiliating display.

What happened that day followed me around for the rest of my school days. The camera phone pictures passed around between schoolmates of me stark naked and crying scrubbing the floor never let me forget my step mother’s humiliating punishment that day.

    • really fantastic! - vic, Fri Oct 14 7:01am
      Although we know this is fiction, the premise is so well established, the story so well written, and the outcomes during and after her punishment so within the realm of possibility ( even probability ... more
    • Re: Old story, familiar premise - okayterrific, Thu Oct 13 1:16pm
      Wow, great story! I really like this one.
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