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Male Student Humiliates Hot Female Teacher (Unfinished)
Thu Oct 13, 2016 9:17am

Miss Silva was a young teacher's assistant, she was in her early 30's, had a nice brownish-blonde ponytail, was tall, for a woman, and had a nice pair of busty, but perky, tits, two nice tits, but the best part of her body is her ass, it was one of the asses that hold upwards, looks strong but at the same time soft, perfectly shaped and sticks out nicely, and of course she wore a tight, plaid, skirt, that showed off her ass nicely, holding it in it's luscious place.

Everytime she were writing something on the board the students would learn nothing, it was mostly guys in the class, so they'd all be distracted admiring her held-in-place butt, she was clueless of it the whole time though, but one day, a student would live a dream come true in his class, Zeke had always found her hot since she started to school, Zeke is a guy that has tons of sexy fantasies, and of course, out of any attempt to find something out about his hot substitute teacher, he checked on her phone after class, while she was going to get some files of course, the first place to look was her album, maybe she had some dirty pictures of herself? Nope, just pictures of her, her pets and husband.

Okay, next thing is her messages, scrolling through, he saw some regular messages as normal, husband texts, family, work, etc, but wait a minute, he saw some loving, suspicious texting, he clicked on it, anticipating his excitement, and wow, what do we have Miss Silva, talking to another man about sleeping around with him behind her husbands back, he'd found some amazing stuff here, quickly, he thought, as he took a screenshot of the messages and send them to his own phone.

"This is golden." he thought to himself, thinking of the power he has over a teacher.

Miss Silva came up to the classroom, unsuspecting of what Zeke had in plan for her, came up to the classroom, gave him his files and allowed him to go home.

Zeke walked out of the class with a grin with a grin on his face, when he got home he had printed out pictures of the screenshots he took, perfect blackmailing material, and that's exactly what he had planned, he was gonna use 50 of his hard stolen dollars for what he had in store for her, but it was gonna be worth every penny.

Zeke stopped at a couple of shops before school started, God knows what he could have in his bag, what he just bought.

Upon his arrival into the class, he had gotten in their intentionally late, as Zeke entered the room, Miss Silva's voice, "Zeke, what are you doing so late?!"

"Well Miss Silva, come with me and I'll explain why." Zeke said feeling empowered.

"I think you should explain to the class why too." Miss Silva said, thinking she was in charge.

"I don't think you'd like that, Miss." Zeke said.

Miss Silva walked out of the classroom, taking Zeke with her, she then took him into the private bathroom to talk to him.

"Why are you so late? You're costing this class Zeke, I-" Suddenly Zeke pulled his phone out, showing a picture of the screenshots he took, Miss Silva's expression suddenly changed from angry, to sorry and begging, she had a look in her eye giving it all in to Zeke, instantly complying.

"Out of words? Zoey? You don't mind if I call you by your first name do you?" Zeke said sarcastically.

"Where did you get that?" Miss Silva said in worry.

"Your phone has a lot of secrets hidden on it, it's a temple." Zeke said excitedly.

Miss Silva got the idea Zeke was blackmailing her, but she didn't know what he had in mind.

"What do you want me to do?"
Miss Silva said, unexpecting that it would be something sexual, maybe to do his homework, maybe to treat him as best student, but not what Zeke wanted.

"I want you to take off all your clothes Zoey."

"What?!?" Miss Silva said desperately.

"I think you heard me, don't worry, I have something nicer for you too wear when we get back to class."

"Back to class?!?! Zeke, I can't be dressed inappropriately in front of the students, please I'll do anything."

"You'll do what I say unless you want your husband to find out about your affair." Zeke said.

Miss Silva lowered her head in shame, and excepted her fate, she slowly started by unbuttoning her blouse, which stripped her down to he bra as she flicked it off her skinny arms.

"Naked doesn't mean topless."
Zeke said with authority.

Miss Silva got to the hard part, pulling her skirt down, she grabbed both sides of her skirt, pulling them down and letting them slide off her legs. Which left her in her white panties and lingerage, and a hard, pair of black heels.

"Go on Miss, heheh.." Zeke said with joy.

She started by slowly bending her arms behind her back, making her tits stand out, making her blush as she feels the cold breeze hitting her body, she slowly unbuttoned her bra, getting ready to flip it off, suddenly, it quietly flipped, she quickly grabbed the front of her bra to prevent it falling off, grabbing her two perfectly shaped tits, feeling the shape and fabric.

"Shy Zoey? Come on, drop it, your students are waiting."

Zoey let her bra fall off, with her head falling in shame wrapping her arms around her boobs.

"Come on Zoey, you're still wearing panties." Zeke said

"Please Zeke." Zoey begged with sorrow.

"Please tell your husband about your affair?" Zeke replied.

"Zoey then let her boobs bounce into place, moving her arms down to her panties sliding them down her legs, she blushed more as she felt her panties slide down her legs.

She stood up with her arms to her side, as much as she wanted to cover up, she knew better not to put her hands over her junk than to cover up.

She was blushing so much to the point that she was even crying, looking at Zeke for a break, but he was showing no mercy.

Zeke admired her body, seeing her tits uncovered, as she stood naked in the cold, her nipples started to get hard and pointy, Zeke looked at them with a cunning look in his eyes, smiling while he does it.

"Mmm, nice hard nipples Zoey, slide your shoes off for me."

Miss Silva slided her heels off nice and instantly, she really didn't want her husband to find out about her affair.

She stood there, he feet in the freezing cold bathroom, in the cramped but comfortable space, up close to Zeke, at his will.

"Okay, now jump up and down for me, make your boobs jiggle."

Zoey, kept her hands by her side, covered her butt, and then started jumping in the air, her soft tits jiggled everywhere, bouncing with every landing, like a balloon full of water. Zeke was getting quite tingly down there with this site.

As Miss Silva was jumping, she started blushing even more, her face went even redder, as she was really self aware of her naked boobs bouncing around for Zeke's entertainment

"Okay Zoey." Zeke said, "Now I want you to turn around, and jump up and down again." Zeke said with a smug look on his face.

"Come on" Miss Silva said desperately.

"Come on Miss Silva, you don't have that nicely shaped ass for nothing."

Miss Silva lowered her head and eyes in shame.

She turned around, exposing her big buttocks to Zeke, a wonderful view to enjoy.

"Okay, start jumping up and down." Zeke ordered.

Miss Silva started jumping up and down on the spot, the way her ass jiggled, her ass cheeks nicely jiggled, they stayed lower but bounced with a swing,

"Wow Miss Silva, you really do have a cute butt."

Miss Silva blushed with embarrassment, the humiliation of Zeke watching as her glorious buns bounced and jiggled upside down.

"Okay stop now." Zeke demanded.

As Miss Silva stopped, with the sound of her naked feet slapping the ground, and her knife soft ass cheeks making a clapping and jiggling sound landing back into place.

"Zeke, please don't make me go into class like this, I'll do anything." Miss Silva said desperately.

Zeke was so turned on, he liked how she was all helpless and embarrassed like qthat, he found it kind of kinky and sexy.

"Heheh, don't worry Miss Silva, I won't make you go out there like this, I've got something for you."

Oh God, Miss Silva thought to herself, not possibly knowing what Zeke could be planning

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