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No Name
Mexican Girls
Thu Oct 13, 2016 9:24pm

When I was 12 we lived in a tough neighborhood. My parents kept me out of trouble but there were these two Mexican girls (they were like 15 or 16) that lived on the other block that were always hanging out outside when I walked up the alley after school. I was quite timid and shy and they were really mean. They would tease me and pick on me nearly every single day.

Well one day as I was passing by they circled around me and started pushing me around and getting in my face. They kept asking if I liked girls or maybe I was a “faggot” and if I had ever been with a girl before. One of them held my arms behind me while the other one poked and grabbed at my crotch through my pants. I was terrified inside. Then to get their jollies they dragged me out of the alley down into their basement. They tied me to a post, gagged me and then proceeded to unbutton and pull my pants and underwear down to my ankles leaving me standing there bare butt naked and fully exposed right in front of both of them. They both spent the next ½ hour or so laughing, poking and teasing me about my little dick and poking at me with sticks. Then they started touching and tickling my dick demanding that I get a boner. They tied a string around my shriveled dick and started yanking the string making my dick stretch out and bob up and down. As degrading as this was I could not stop myself from getting hard. Soon with all the touching and tickling I had a full standing erection on display. Helpless to do anything I stood there gagged and tied to a post as they touched, squeezed and played with my stiff rod. I struggled and begged and pleaded but truthfully I was really getting off on it all. They stroked, squeezed, and rubbed me to my first non self-induced orgasm that day as I ejaculated streams of white semen across the floor in that damn dark and seedy basement. Elated over what they had made me do they left me there bottomless and returned a short time later with a disposable camera and cruelly snapped a dozen or so photos of me standing there with my shrunken penis fully on display unable to even cover up or kneel down.

Then they untied me from the post but instead of letting me go they dragged me over to a table to continue their torture. They stretched me out on the table face up and tied my ankles down to the table legs. Then snickering and whispering to each other one girl held my arms over my head so I could not move. The other girl was like, “Have you ever seen a pussy before?” and then began to slowly unbuttoned her pants and then slide them down exposing her nice hips and little round ass. Now only in her panties she got on top of me straddling me (facing my feet) with her crotch right above my face. Her body was smooth tan and amazing. I’ll never forget the close up view of her panty covered ass hovering inches above my face. Then she smashed her ass down right onto my face smothering me with her crotch. She ground her pussy against my face saying, “You like that? Huh?” and “Yeah lick it with your tongue you little bitch” until her panties and my face were wet with her scent. She was yanking and pulling on the string around my dick again like a leash as she ground her wet crotch into my face riding my face like a saddle. Then with frenzied lust she pulled her panties to the side and buried her wet bare coochie and ass right in my face so I could barely get a breath in. She bent down and started sucking my now stiff rod while she wiggled and bucked her hips around burying her pussy in my face. Moments later she shuddered hard and broke out in a cold sweat breathing hard with her mouth still on my cock. After a few still moments with her crotch still in my face she slowly dismounted my face and slid off the table. She got off, and then the next sister got on. She however took ALL of her clothes off first and straddled me butt naked but this time facing me. Her naked tits jiggling right in front of me. Biting her lip with a mean look on her face she reached back grabbed my shaft and mounted me sinking her warmth all the way down my stiff shaft to my balls. Deep inside of her now she began rocking back and forth on me slowly at first but then faster and faster. Soon she was moaning and bucking on top of me like riding a bronco. Her naked ass riding up and down on me hard shoving her tits in my face and mouth. She did this for a while but then suddenly unplugged herself from me and then began to slide and grind her wet pussy up and down my shaft on the outside. I guess she was afraid of me coming inside of her. Either way it was ecstasy for me so a short while later feeling the rush rise in me I tensed up and had my second non-self induced gut wrenching orgasm. As odd as the situation was I was in sexual heaven.

They eventually let me go that day but said if I told anyone they would let everyone at my school see the pictures they took of me as well as kick my ass.. They told me I had to report to them every day after school or else.

The next day I rushed to the alley right after school only to find them not around. I walked up and down that damn alley for over an hour before they finally showed up and took me back down to the basement. We played this game until I was almost 15 years old. It is still some of my fondest memories from that time in my life.

    • Repost - leom1133, Thu Oct 13 10:29pm
      This is a repost of a story from a long time ago.
      • Ok? - Alex, Fri Oct 14 11:42am
        • And... - SwimKid, Fri Oct 14 1:09pm
          If it isnt the same author, its stealing. I wasnt here when someone posted this, and I currently dont have the time to check, but stealing stories isnt cool.
          • First of all. - Alex, Fri Oct 14 7:51pm
            You can think what you want about whoever posted this. But as long as they reposted this, and its under the same name, I don't see a problem. Not posting "(REPOST)" before your story, to me, isn't... more
          • And the stealing trend continues - A fan, Fri Oct 14 4:44pm
            Stealing just ain't cool people. Give the original author credit otherwise REAL talented authors will never post here as their work never gets credit.
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