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Jess and Kate prologue (Halloween contest
Thu Oct 13, 2016 9:50pm

Jessica Harris, her friends call her jess, Is a 15 year old beauty. Some would call her "emo" or "goth" but she prefers darker, tighter clothes, she doesn't really believe in putting a label on it. She's 5'3' with a perfect perky ass, not to big, but not to small, always covered by her skin tight dark jeans. Her legs weren't long and slender but were just enough to not be stumpy, her stomach and waist (occasionally seen in her crop tops) were slim and fit. Her boobs were a big B cup, not quiet a C but perfectly perked up, sometimes girls would accuse her of wearing a sports bra. She was often noticed most for her beautiful blue eyes and long black hair. She had a cute face, often had guys chasing her but mostly they couldn't fit her type and suit her, so she was often called a tease

Kate Skaggs is a 16 year old freshman, she was held back a year, she was often mocked for it when she was younger. She hungout with jess when they were younger and enjoyed the rebel different look. But when she got into highschool, flunking the grade helped her out and she is noticed by the guys. She had the boys necks breaking. She had this long blond hair, green eyes that were killer, C cup perky breasts, always sticking out one to many buttons down on her v shirts. She wasn't as skinny as jess but where she carried more weight she looked fuller and healthier, her waist was still swim but with a bit more hips, her ass was fat as the boys would say and her panties always just barely stuck out of her pants. She is accepted into the preppy kids group through her senior boyfriend

Jess and Kate used to be bestfriends. They grew up and played with eachother all through elementary and stayed close through middle school. Freshman year changed things when Kate started dating a Senior boy who played football. Kate started hanging out with the preppier crowd. The junior and senior preppy kids had accepted her, and being a freshman that was mostly unheard of.

Jess tried to keep in touch with Kate, but little by little Kate pretended she didn't exist. Before long Jess started being less and less happy for her once friend, to now feeling jealous, angry, and spiteful. So of course like any other 15 year old girl in this day and age, Jess took to the Internet to voice her hatred for Kate, the preppy kids, and anyone who thought they were to good for her. Jess called the preppy girls, "Closet whores" all over twitter and said multiple times on Facebook that Kate was using her boyfriends dick to gain her popularity. Kate and the preppy girls didn't take that very well and were fuming thinking how they were gonna get her back for this.

Monday morning came around and Jess and Kate both shared first period Algebra 1. Jess had fallen asleep listening to Mr. Jacobs, monotone voice drag on about equations. Kate sitting a row over and a few seats behind saw Jess' phone laying next to her head where she had been using it behind her classmate in front of hers back. Kate thought of an idea, she walked up to blow her nose and on the way back snatched Jess' phone. She opened it to see a password lock. "Sh*t" thought Kate. "Wtf could it be" she typed in a few common number patterns, 1234 and the like.

Finally when she thought there wasn't a way she typed 6969 and sure as hell it unlocked. The lock screen opened to tinder where Kate saw that Jess was talking to several guys. There was many dirty words, winky faces, and Jess talking about wanting an eight incher her mouth, "that little slut even sexts at school, what a whore" Kate thought. She then clicked on Jess gallery and low and behold there was all of Jess nudes spread open, fingers in her pussy, buck naked, spreading her asscheeks,

This was all gold to Kate. She quickly shared all the photos to Jess' family, and friends in her phone, then made an album on Facebook of her nudes, she changed Jess' password and walked back to the pencil sharpener, discreetly sliding her phone back under the sleeping girls black sleeve of her hoody. Several guys in classes phone buzzed, Mr. Jacobs groaned and told them to be silenced but then the class was buzzing and whispering.

The bell rang and Jess woke up and grab her stuff to leave, in the hallway everyone was staring at her, she went to the bathroom to see if there was something in her teeth and overheard two girls talking "she posted them all over Facebook " "everyone has them saved and it's only second period" "word is she was out cold in first hour, someone must have swept her phone" Jess' was just barely listening until she heard this mentioned, she thought no can't be me.

In second hour her bestfriend Casey, another emo labeled girl asked wtf she was thinking. Jess innocently asked "what do you mean?" "This" she showed her the Facebook album. "Omg" Jess whisper squealed. She quickly tried to get on her Facebook to delete the album and it wasn't logging in.."this is a nightmare" Then Josh the class clown called out Jess out loud to the public, asking her "whyd you said Me, johnny, and everyone else those nudes?" Jess ran out crying, went home early and didn't come back for a whole week.

Though out the week Kates payback of Jess was the buzz of the school. Originally Kate was going to keep it anonymous and call it karma. But wanting to raise her popularity with the preppy kids even more she began boasting she was the one who had hacked Jess' phone. "It's what the slut gets" "I heard she likes guys seeing her naked, she's probably loving this attention"

Casey overheard this going around the school and called Jess to let her know. "She was my bestfriend, I know we split apart but how could she do this" Jess cried to her friend. "I have a plan" Casey told Jess. "This Friday is Jake's annual Halloween Bash at his parents house, Everyone is going." "We can get together our little group of misfits and go prove that bitch a lesson" Casey tries to convince Jess. "You guys would do that for me?" Jess sniffled, feeling less sad, and letting the anger take her. "Yes, that bitch isn't gonna know what hit her"

Please bear with me, I know the grammar might not be perfect this is my first story. The second part will include the Halloween theme to be in this challenge, this is just the Prologue to get us there, let me know if you like and if I should go on, also longer term writers any advice, as long as constructive and not hateful is accepted. Suggestions for Jess Revenge are also accepted. PLEASE give me some feedback

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