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More and More - Part 1
Thu Oct 13, 2016 9:58pm

I've always been a really shy girl, my face usually turning red whenever someone looked at me even in my bikini! Things were about to get REALLY bad one day, though, where I would be embarrassed more and more as the day went on....

It all began when I was 16 with my 2 girl friends Mel and Katie and we were out swimming in the lake in our secret spot. Mel is an Aussie girl with a deep tan (Without any visible tan lines too), brunette hair, and a sporty body. Katie is more like me, a little southern belle type with strawberry blonde hair, although hers is alot lighter than mine, and a thin body. Both of them are taller and have larger chests than I do, but my little 28Bs fit my petite body kinda, being only 4'11" and only 98 pounds, and I'd probably look as silly as alot of fakey porn stars if mine were really big.

On this day, when I jumped into the water from our tire swing the last time, my bikini shot up my chest as I hit the water, causing me to scream and frantically cover myself and move it back into place before they could see my breasts. This was my fatal mistake, as Mel and Katie have always teased me about my shyness, especially about my body, where those two are both the type to go around the house topless if there's only us girls around, Mel sunbathing nude, and Katie wearing much more revealing clothes.

They both started teasing me about my freakout, saying things like "What's wrong, you psycho? Aint no boys around!" To which I replied "I don't care, I don't want ANYONE to see me naked. That's too embarrassing!" My 2 friends snickered to each other for a second while I wasn't paying attention, and then they decided to pounce on me without warning! Mel being alot stronger than me had my arms behind my back, and even me kicking did nothing while still in water. Katie then said "Hold her there, lemme get my 'cuffs!" I started to freak out, since I knew Katie kept a pair of handcuffs in her car hanging from her mirror to look kinky, and I knew that I was in trouble.

"Wait, stop!" I yelled, but in only a minute I was handcuffed behind my back and totally at their mercy. Katie then looked at me very evilly while touching the strings of my top and said (I'll never forget it) "We're getting you over your little shyness whether you like it or not." She then started untieing me and I started freaking out and thrashing, begging and pleading her not to do it. "NO! Katie NOOOOO, please don't, please, let me go!!" I yelled, but it was no use as she pulled my top right off! I will always remember the way my nipples looked the moment they were exposed in the air above the water, and the looks on the faces of my 2 friends as they stared at them for the first time, looking almost as lustful as most boys. It was killing me to see my own breasts out in the open air and my arms helpless behind my back, no matter how hard I tried to wriggle free. In fact, my struggling to get free of the cuff was just making my breasts shake more, and Mel wasn't letting me submerge under the water.

Katie then yanked my bottoms down in one instant before I was even ready for it, and now the only thing covering my most secret and private area was the dark water, and I knew that wasn't going to save me for long. Mel then said "Let's get her on the shore so we can see her little pussy." and started dragging me. At this point I'm losing my mind! I start offering them a deal "Wait wait, I'll let you two see but not here, not outside where someone else might see me, PLEASE!!" They both thought about it for a second or two, before looking at each other and giggling. "Look how nervous she is", "she's freakin' shaking and there's no way anybody's here", "and the trees block everything even."

I thought they might be showing some mercy, until Mel said "Let's do it anyway!" and Katie goes "Ok" My friends carried me all the way to shore, with my hands failing to really cover my little round butt as it cleared the surface. This whole time I'm trying to curl up with me holding my legs together tightly to try and stop my last unseen area on my tiny virgin body from being exposed to them and anyone else who might be secretly watching from behind the trees. Unfortunately, with my hands cuffed behind me, all they had to do was put me down, pull my bottoms fully off of my legs, each grab a leg, and pull them apart to make me now in full spread eagle mode, totally naked from head to toe. Even worse, I'm a huge hygiene nut, so...I've shaved myself...down there...since I was 12, so my entire pussy in all of its glory was right there and impossible to not see, or for me to cover in any way. My two friends are giggling like idiots at me and my situation as I stop moving and wait for them to tire of it and let me go. Eventually they release my legs, but with my hand still cuffed all I can do to cover up is to pull my knees in front of my chest and cross my legs. I looked around and thought to myself that at least nobody ELSE could see me like this.

Mel, then said to me "Candy hunny, with how hot you are you don't have to be such a scaredy-cat about nudity. Back in Australia women going topless if they were hot was almost as common as men going topless here." To which I replied "I'm not like those women, though. I don't LIKE being naked or even topless around people. Can you guys PLEASE uncuff my arms and give me my bikini back now!" my voice obviously filled with terror, added to me constantly looking at the trees and across the lake itself to make sure nobody was there.

Katie then said to Mel "Ya know, I've got a GREAT idea for something we can do with her while we've got her trapped and in my kinky-cuffs naked and all. We should call Ross over!"

I then clearly screamed out in terror "WHAT!?!?"

(To be continued)

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      I read this story before about a year or to ago
    • YES! - JillyBean, Thu Oct 13 10:11pm
      Yes!!! I love this story! I remember reading it on the old site and have been dying to read it again!
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