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A Subject to Address
Fri Oct 14, 2016 5:51pm

Hello, people of the board,

As we are sure many of you know, there's been recent events where authors have been stealing from other authors. These contests have a ZERO tolerance for stolen stories, whether it's in the past or even a copy of a submitted story. If ANY author is found to have stolen a story that they've entered in ANY of these contests, the author will be BANNED from entering ever again. You may still participate, but they won't be acknowledged and they won't be able to win either.

We will give entries the benefit of the doubt, and we hope that ALL entries are genuine and unique, which is why we remind people to be unique. To avoid any thoughts of a story being stolen, make sure to be unique and maybe write about something no one else would ever think of. We want unique stories, not stolen or copied stories. Another reminder is that these judges are authors on this board, so even if we don't name names, there is a chance that you might actually "accidentally" steal from one of the judges' work, and that will definitely not win you any points.

Thank you for reading,


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