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Legend of Zelda: Twilight Stripping Ilia
Fri Oct 14, 2016 11:42pm

Part one can be found here: http://disc.yourwebapps.com/discussion.cgi?disc=245772;article=2953;title=Girl%20Pantsing%20%26%20Stripping%20Story%20Board

I am working on this story bit by bit at writing.com. If you would like to view the work in progress or even add to it, you can find it here: http://www.writing.com/main/interact/item_id/1754703-Anime-Video-Game-Nude-Adventures/map/1253321112

And now, on to the story.

Ilia was one of Link's oldest friends growing up. They were the same age, but if there were any romantic feelings between them, neither had ever mentioned it, and sometimes Link suspected that she only liked him for his horse, Epona, if at all. Her father was the mayor of the village, but considering how small Ordon was, that meant little.

She had short, light brown hair and bright green eyes, and like most people in the rural town, dressed casually, wearing clothes that she could work in and that could get dirty. Today, she wore a sleeveless white blouse and brown trousers that, while not tight, still gave a good impression of the shape of her legs and hips.

Link and Midna followed her around, waiting for an opportunity to strike. Sometimes Link maintained his Hylian form, and sometimes he had Midna transform him into a wolf. Sometimes Midna took her corporal form, still naked for reasons only she understood, and sometimes she hid in Link's shadow.

They decided to make their move when Ilia was a short distance beyond the village, when Ilia walked alone with a jar of honey to sell to a merchant camping in the forest. When she was just passing Ordon Spring, Link hit her with the Gale Boomerang.

The Gale Boomerang was a treasure that Link had gained in the Forest Temple. Like a normal boomerang, it returned when thrown, but it was enchanted to produce a small cyclone as well. The Gale Boomerang flew from his hand past Ilia and the fierce winds knocked her off her feet and shattered the jar, smearing honey allover her clothes.

She scrambled to her feet in a state of panic, worried that she was being attacked, but she didn't see anyone. The fear turned to confusion as she wondered where a flash tornado had come from, and the confusion gave way to frustration as sweet, sticky honey dripped down her clothes. She looked at Ordon Spring and considered washing them. It wasn't a matter of vanity, really. At least, not entirely. If she walked through the forest covered in honey, swarms of insects would eat her alive.

Checking once more to make sure no one was watching, she pulled her blouse over her head and began to wash it. She was by no means underdeveloped, but the few weeks she spent under the care of Telma, a woman with a bold and overwhelming presence, Ilia felt positively flat. Not that it mattered of course. If breasts were all that mattered, Telma would have had every man in Hyrule running towards her instead of running away.

With her blouse reasonably clean, she hung it up on the branch of a nearby tree to dry as she washed her trousers. Reduced to her undergarments, she began to feel more and more exposed, but Ordon Spring was reasonably secluded.

Soon her trousers were clean, but because they were thicker they would take even longer to dry than her blouse. She considered getting dressed again regardless of how wet her clothes were, but she thought better of it. It would be horribly uncomfortable, and she was worried that her blouse might turn transparent until it dried. Besides, it was a warm, sunny day, so her clothes wouldn't take long.

While she was waiting, she considered taking her clothes off entirely to go swimming, and instantly felt naughty. But why not? If she thought that someone was going to see her, she wouldn't have undressed as much as she had, so a bit more wouldn't hurt, right? Besides, nothing ever bad happened at Ordon Springs. Well, there was that one time Moblins attacked, but that was a long time ago.

She shed her undergarments, hung them up, and splashed into the shallow water. The spring never got more than a few feet deep, but compared to her bathtub at home, the chance to actually stretch out while submerged was heavenly. And it wasn't ordinary water here. The light spirit Ordona dwelt in the spring, making the water more pure and wholesome than what could be found in a common stream.

Unfortunately, her relaxation was interrupted when she saw a massive wolf with black and white fur stood at the entrance to the spring, and Ilia's blood ran cold. She had never seen a wolf up close, but she had been told that they were about the size of large dogs. The largest dogs she had seen didn't come close to this monster. It had a manacle with a broken chain on one of its forelegs and a pattern on its forehead that Ilia couldn't believe was natural, but the most frightening aspect of the creature were its eyes, fiercely blue and more intelligent than should belong in the head of any beast.

After a moment, Ilia realized that the wolf wasn't attacking her. It was just … watching her. Those blue eyes made her feel naked. Well, she was naked, wearing nothing but a sheen of water dripping off her skin, but she was sure that she would have felt the same even if she had been dressed.

"Shoo!" she said, as boldly as she could. "Go away!" The wolf didn't move. Should she scream for help? She couldn't see anyone else, but there might be someone else in the forest. But … but she was still naked, and the wolf seemed more interested in watching her than eating her. She looked around for something she could use as a weapon, and ended up grabbing a stick. "Don't make me use this!" She brandished it menacingly, but she doubted that even a puppy would have believed her bluff.

Should she throw it at the wolf? No, that might provoke it, so she threw it into the trees. "Go fetch!" In response, the wolf started wagging its tail. Well, that was something, assuming that wolves wagged their tails when they were happy like dogs. Right, it was just a big dog. Just a big, wild dog with teeth big enough to tear you limb from limb.

She swallowed and stepped towards it, speaking softly. "You … you're friendly, right? Yeah, your a nice wolf, aren't you? Humans taste terrible, by the way, and I bet you aren't even hungry." The wolf never took its eyes off of her, and she was careful to never turn her back on the creature. When she was by the tree where she had hung her clothes, she reached up and pulled down her blouse–and the wolf leaped into action.

It snarled and its massive teeth latched down on her blouse, yanking it from her grasp. It tore her clothes, rending it with as much frenzy as if it were a dead animal it had caught. Well, okay. Ilia didn't exactly need that shirt, and if the wolf wanted it, she wasn't going to argue. While it was busy with the remnants of her blouse, she grabbed her trousers–and the wolf attacked again.

This time, though, she was ready and didn't intend to give up her trousers without a fight. "No! Bad wolf! Bad! These–are–mine!" She refused to let go, and since the wolf wouldn't either the only thing that could yield were the trousers themselves, which they did with a heart crushing rip. She fell flat on her back into six inches of water with a scrap of useless fabric in her hand, wondering how things could (inevitably) get worse.

The wolf approached, stopping when it was nearly on top of her, and it opened its mouth, ready to rip out her throat.

But it didn't go for her throat. It went for her breasts and started licking them. The sensation of the beasts tongue lapping against her nipples was actually quite pleasant, in an uncomfortable, wildly inappropriate sort of way. "Well, I was half right," she said. "You're not nice, but you are friendly. Now if you could switch that around, that'd be great."

She started to push herself away on her back, but that only made the wolf's tongue lick lower, down her taut stomach and settling on the patch of trimmed, light brown hair around her womanhood. And despite the age old enmity between cats and dogs, the wolf seemed to be lapping at her pussy with a degree of enthusiasm that she was sure she wasn't imagining, and that enthusiasm sent waves of ecstasy throughout her body. She gasped and felt her heart race, and while she would never admit it, she was starting to worry that the wetness between her legs was more than just wolf saliva and spring water.

She pushed herself away and pushed herself to her feet, red faced and panting. Her undergarments were still hanging where she had left them, but they were on the other side of the big, bad, overly friendly wolf, and she didn't think it would let her have them.

Ilia decided that she needed to get away from the creature, dressed or not, so she grabbed a reed of horse grass and blew into it, summoning Epona. Epona was a smart horse, and whenever the mare heard her tune, she would come running even if she were on the other side of Hyrule. Since she was close already, probably no further than the village, it only took her a moment to arrive, and Ilia jumped onto her back as soon as her long, white-maned head emerged from the trees.

As naked as the day she was born, Ilia set the horse off at a gallop to get away from her tormenting wolf.

Unfortunately for her, Link while in wolf form could talk to animals. It was an odd quirk of the transformation, though it made more sense than his ability to see ghosts. Also, Epona recognized him no matter what form he was in.

"Hello, Link," Epona said as he chased after them in a language only animals could understand. "You'll have to revert to your true form if you wish to ride me. I already have a passenger, but I can carry you both."

"Thank you, but no," Link said. "I need you to do something else. Ilia is going to want you to take her somewhere, but that doesn't matter. Regardless of where she wants to go, I want you to take her to …"


Ilia planned to ride Epona near Ordon Village, but not into it. As long as she got away from the wolf she'd be fine, but had the chance to double back around and reclaim her underclothes, that would be perfect, but that was a moot point because Epona stopped heeding her commands entirely. She had always been a willful mare, but Ilia felt like they had a special connection, an understanding that went beyond reins and bridles.

She was wrong. Epona took her to Ordon Village by the main road, but instead of slowing down, she started galloping faster. "No, Epona! You have to stop!" But the horse ignored her. It must have been the wolf, Ilia decided. The beast had frightened the horse, and now Epona wanted to go somewhere safe regardless of Ilia's nudity. In a moment of desperation, Ilia considered throwing herself from Epona's back and continuing on foot, but at the speed they were going, that would risk breaking her neck, and as humiliating it would be for some of her neighbors to see her naked, it wasn't a fate worse than death.

Ilia kept telling herself that.

But before they reached the main part of the village, she heard a howl behind her. It was the wolf–that thrice-cursed wolf, as though summoned from the deepest pit of hell to torment her, howling at the sky. People throughout the village heard that howl, and in a rural community like Ordon, everyone knew what it meant. They looked around, leaving their homes to check on their chickens and their goats and anything else a hungry wolf might like for dinner.

But instead of a wolf, they saw Ilia, riding into town on Epona's back without a stitch of clothing. Then, once her audience included nearly everyone she knew, Ilia felt Epona rear up on her hind legs, throwing Ilia from her back. The crowd gathered around her, either to see if she was hurt or just to get a closer look at her naked body. She rolled to her feet and covered herself as best she could, which was hardly at all, and she ran the rest of the way home, her face crimson screaming, "Don't look at me! Don't look at me!"

But her neighbors looked at her all the same. Beth was speechless at the display, and while Colin denied it, both he and Talo did their best to memorize every detail of her humiliation. Uli came by later to see if she was alright (she wasn't), and Jaggle and Fado joked that she must have lost control of Epona while riding naked, and rumors spread that she rode nude whenever she thought no one was looking. But at least her friend Link was nowhere around during all this.

Or so she thought.

Deep in the woods, Midna rummaged through the pictures she had taken. "This one's okay, this one's a bit blurry, I'm not even sure that girl was in this picture." She sat on a log, shamelessly nude, and Link did his best not to appear too interested in her or the pictures. "But I like this one! See how it has you eating her out? And judging by her expression, she was enjoying herself as much as you were."

"I didn't …" he started, but it was hard to argue with photographic evidence. Before he had considered telling Ilia about his adventures, but now he would have to leave out at least half of it. Was that Midna's game? Or just a side effect? "Who's next?"

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