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September Contest Winners
Sat Oct 15, 2016 3:52am

Ladies and gentlemen, it is time! The moment you have all been waiting for has arrived and the results are in. First off, thank you all so much for all of the amazing entries. We definitely had a lot more than we had expected!

First, a list to remind you who entered in the September contest:
Mr Somebody
rodneys ghost

The Results:

First of all, this was definitely a hard decision. Many of the stories were well written and had great quality. The tie breakers were how embarrassing was the experience compared to others. That part was very subjuctive, but the judges were able to agree on the winner of the September Monthly Contest.

Congratulations to Marley for winning the September 2016 Monthly Contest with the story "Webcam Humiliation".


The story was very well paced and really caught the eyes of the judges. It had a great character build and was definitely a thrilling experience. The image of a girl butt naked in front of a webcam in front of not only a guy, but also his friends, is absolutely mortifying and humiliating. We would be interested to see Marley write a follow up story.

In second place was Danielle with the story "Presentation Dare".


It was very close to winning as it was just as well written, and really the only thing that stopped it from winning was a debate between the judges of which story was more humiliating in the victim's perspective.

In third place was Okayterrific with the story "Football Streak" which also was extremely close to winning.


We appreciate all of the submissions for the contest, and we can't wait to see what you guys will do with the October contest. Authors, be on the look out for some feedback of your stories in the next week as we'll provide some comments for those who wish to see what the judges had to say about your story :)

    • Congrats - DW, Mon Oct 17 9:40am
      Congratulations to all of the writers.
    • Thanks! - Marley, Sun Oct 16 9:43am
      Thanks okterrific and congrats yourself! I'm honored that the judges were turned on by my humilation lol. And I just may have a follow up story to tell ;)
    • Re: September Contest Winners - okayterrific, Sun Oct 16 8:09am
      Very cool! Congrats to Marley and Danielle
    • Congratulations - The Controverser, Sat Oct 15 5:35am
      Three excellent stories written by three superb authors. Congratulations on the win, guys. Well deserved.
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