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Girls love naked boys
Sun Oct 16, 2016 2:27pm

Now teen girls really like to see boys naked.Take this true story.Four girls I know well told this tale to me.We had been playing truth or dare and one girl told this story.
Well me (Sam),Oreo Laney,and Sue ,we're talking about boys and we all agreed it would be nice to get to see a couple of guys in their birthday suits.Laney said she had an idea how to trick some guys in there class,and maybe get them to strip.The girls were all into a try.She first had to get a girl to be willing to a a scapegoat .None of the girls were willing to be the scapegoat .So ,Laney said ,how about getting Beth she's always wanting to tag a long with us. Laney said let's ask her.Just don't ever pick the rose What they asked. They all .approached Beth after school.They told her that they had a plan to get some of there classmates,boys to disrobe,was she interested in seeing and being a part.Beth said sure,wanting to be a part of the in group. Now remember all this was done without getting the boys involved.The girls all met alone and Laney laid out a plan.She said one of us has to voluntary to be naked,then the guys will get naked also..None of the girls would voluntary ,so Laney said will chose cards,and the one gets the x has to get naked.She placed five cards one had an eagle another a rose,a snake a pig and and a paper clip.Laney chose the paper clip.Then it was Beth's choice,she took a rose,all the cards where drawn then turned over.Beth had the x,Oreo, said you win Beth you get to be with the guys! Win said Beth! How do you figure? Well you'll get to play with the nake guys.Oh! Said Beth do you want to take my place.Oreo said no...ooo wouldn't want to spoil your fun.

Laney met with five guys from there class and explained what they planned.If you guys strip naked they would have a girl naked that they could play with! Not enough said the guys we want more.What if she was to service them.How they asked? Wel maybe we could get her to agree to give you a BJ!, well maybe let us talk it over. The guys went over and talked in private.They returned said all but one of them were into this. Then it's agree.They asked were and when Laney said at Oreo's house ten Saturdaqq
Nine Saturday the girls all meet Tell Beth we made a deal with the guys and you lucked out,you not only get to have them naked but you get to hold and kiss them. For sure you'll get to kiss their privates and we got them to agree to touch you and play with you,great isn't it.Beth said I've never seen a boy naked for that matter I, I ,I
I''ve never ....KIsseD a BOY! Laney said your in for the time of your life,trust me!
Ten sharp four guys arrive at Oreo's house.She had set up a group of chairs in a semi circle,facing a love seat . The girls greeted the guys. They were taken to the sofa,love seat. Let,s get started the girls said! Boys if you will please take off your attire.The guys asked where is our girl. Laney said next room all getting ready..Beth was made to strip down to her bra and panties.Oreo came out and asked should Beth take off all or leave her panties and bra for the guy to remove? Actually she enter hoping to see some bare boy flesh.Mone of the guys were. nude yet..
The first penis was soon discovered,or would be told uncovered,followed by all guys now uncovered.Beth at 127 5'7" round ass,36c boobs,not really to bad to look at.
Laney went to get Beth told by she Can't do this".Beth and Oreo had to take Beth arms and almost drag her into the room.Soon as she entered she balked,then saw the nude guys and was let to the love seat in a daze!
The guys surrounded Beth,as the other ladies took seat to watch the show.Beth had a medium complexion but her now skin was a burst of blush.
Will continue story in part two!hope your interested?

    • Awesome - No name, Mon Oct 17 2:35pm
      Please continue this is is a really good story so far!!
    • Please continue - Jeepman89, Sun Oct 16 5:00pm
      I'm enjoying this. Please continue.
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