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Found and punsished
Sun Oct 16, 2016 5:22pm

All of these stories will be fiction this is my first so post some feedback please.

Kelly was a 15 year old girl. Black hair 5'2 100 pounds with bcup tits. She is athletic and plays basketball. So one days he was shooting alone in the gym and she was getting really horny. So she made a deal with herself. For every shot she made she could rub her pussy just a little. What she didn't know is that Zeke was doing a part time job at the school for some cash and happened to be on camera duty while she was doing this. So while Kelly was shooting and rubbing,Zeke was filming her on his phone. He thought of ways to try and use this to his advantage. Next Kelly goes to center court and says if I make this shot I will get naked and masturbage right her. Swish! The ball goes perfectly through the net. So she takes off the rest revealing her perky tits and tight ass. Zeke is now hard as a rock and starts jacking off while Zeke finishes so does Kelly. Zeke stops the recording and heads to the gym. That is where Kelly is but is still shooting in nothing but her socks and basketball shoes. Zeke keeps filming for ten more minutes when he says "Hi Kelly"

Part 2 soon

    • Part 2 - Anonymous, Wed Oct 19 6:52pm
      Kelly tries to cover up. But Zeke tells her if she keeps covering he will leak it. He says you are now under my control you will call me master and you will do what I say. If not slut fingers herself ... more
      • More details - No name, Tue Oct 25 8:07pm
        Your a good author over all but please add in more details you just cut strait to the piont add things like her boobs jiggle as she rides his erectict penis so he grabs each in both and and sqeezes... more
      • Part 2 - Fantasy, Wed Oct 19 7:01pm
        That was me just wasn't signed in
    • More - No name, Mon Oct 17 2:39pm
      it is nice but way to short put more details. read one of swimkid's or kobra's those are really good authors
    • interesting, but more? - Anonymous, Sun Oct 16 8:38pm
      very interesting concept but as a tip please slow down. a lot of new writers rush into nudity without the subtle enjoyment of doing it piece by piece and feelings/emotion. keep up the good work, I'm... more
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