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girls love naked boys part 2
Mon Oct 17, 2016 3:52pm

Beth as you know was a scapegoat.The girls her so called friends wished to see guys nude,but they didn't want to get that way ! So,they came up with a plan and Beth was the vic.!The boys surrounded her at the love seat.She looked at there privates and shook in fear,yet a trill encased her feelings. To date she had never seen a boy naked or for that matter she had never kissed a guy except her dad. One of the boys reached out and grabbed her breast.She jumped.He pulled away quick.the other guys said hay! what gives she supposed to do us...right? Laney said give her a chance she's a virgin.Beth asked what am I suppose to do.Sue says let the boys be nice to you,and you be nice to them...OK! ?
Then the leader of the guys took charge.He told Beth that the boys had never seen,been with a girl (fabrication).He went on to say how he knew she was very advanced and could she help them.Beth said really?He said for sure.Now why don't we set you down on the love seat...great name he told,and you spread your legs up in the air so these boys can learn about you...ok! he stated.Beth exposed her vagina to all.See the the leader that's cool you look great and those boys are having the time of their life...thanks to you.The leader leans over to a guy steps back and says Beth see that guy he asked if he could touch you.To tell the truth he would like to kiss you can we let him,Beth? I think it would be cool.You go girl said Oreo.Beth just knotted her head.The boy placed a kiss to her,even pushing open her mouth and kept it in. Then Beth felt her other lips being touched,and they were as the other boys ventured their finger into her VAG! After a few minutes explanation of the going on was no longer needed. The guys took turns kissing her feeling her boos and fingering her.
Laney was hot to the action as was Sue and Oreo.The leader asked Laney you think she"s ready? Laney said I think so. The boy leader stopped the action and had Beth go to her Knees in front of the love seat.He told her she was supper but a lass the guys need more that only she could supply.He asked her do you like my hard on...no penis! she said you have a beautiful one.He told her she was so great that his got so hard she needed to help him.How can I help???
He had guided Beth 's hand to his rod. She was in ore,at holding it.I need you to kiss it please!!!.She said I know what a "BJ" is.Have you ever done it he asked.No! see said.Well will you?Before she could answer he put his penis to her nose and slid it down to her lips.Sue called out lucky girl Beth .he told her the proper way to do it was to first kiss the tip a little then take her tongue lick the head of his penis ,then take in inside her mouth and suck!. She turned her head and asked when do I blow?He said just do it and when I go all in your mouth and you feel my balls on your face then we are good.That he told her was called tea bagging. She complied did the licking and took his rod all the way.He said you know the other guys feel left out would you do them also?
Just as the leaders balls slapped Beth"s face she felt something strange entering where fingers were once playing.It felt different... and it was! Laney,flipped out she screamed BETH!!! you devil .
The last part has a twist...hope you enjoyed!

    • girls love naked boys part three - Tj, Sun Oct 23 12:36pm
      BETH, now was getting into the whole of it.The kiss.the feelings the new train.and the sex.! Just then one of the guys in his birthday attire turned and walk towards Laney and Sue.They were talking... more
    • part 3 PLEASE!! - vic, Wed Oct 19 7:25am
      I hope part 3 will start by explaining that while Beth was tea-bagging with her mouth stuffed with cock, and after she nodded to show she would be happy to please all the other boys who felt left... more
    • please stop posting TJ - Anonymous, Tue Oct 18 4:00am
      Your stories are awful. Your writing is horrible. Your lack of paragraph structure is abysmal. Some people can write; you just don't have it. Please for God's sake (and for the sake of all humanity)... more
      • Re: please stop posting TJ - Anonymous, Tue Oct 25 7:49pm
        U try and write everyone loves tjs stories so keep ur mouth shut
      • Don't listen to them - Caleb123, Thu Oct 20 3:56pm
        The fact they post anonymously proves they are too scared to show who they really are. Keep going it seems a bit rushed but the story is a brilliant idea! Just try to drag it on a bit; I find the... more
      • Leave him alone - Jeepman89, Tue Oct 18 4:48pm
        You need to keep quiet. Let him write as much as he wants.
      • NEVER. - SwimKid, Tue Oct 18 3:57pm
        NEVER listen to this kind of posters. Bonus points if they are Anonymous. Keep on practising. Talent does not exist, everything is practice. If you keep writing ou'll get better and better.
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