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Alone at Last
Tue Oct 18, 2016 12:00am

Hello, I recently found this site and this is my first time posting a story here.

This story is fan-fic, I found this YA book series called Heroic and I absolutely loved it. But it involves an unusual living situation that I thought would work really well for this kind of story.

Pretty much all you need to know is that the main characters are Jason and Maddison. Jason is a teenage boy with super powers and he lost his memory and Maddison is a teenage girl who found him one day, and then some stuff happened and Jason ended up saving Maddison's life so her dad (whose a cop) invited Jason to come live with them, and so now Jason lives with Maddison, her dad, and her grandfather (her parents are divorced, and I can't remember why the grandfather lives there)

Jason is tall, has brown hair and blue eyes, and is skinny but muscular.

Maddison has dark blonde hair (I think), and like an above-average figure,

btw, I'm not great at writing sci-fi stuff so the super powers are going to be at minimum.

---Actual Story Starts Here---

It had been several weeks since Jason had moved in with Maddison's family, and he was finally starting to feel at home.
He went downstairs to join everyone for breakfast.
Madison's father had already left for work so her grandfather, Ben, was making Breakfast.
Jason sat down next to Maddison, "morning" they greeted each other smiling.

Jason was attracted to Maddison the first moment he laid eyes on her, and little did he know, she felt the same way.
Even though they lived together now they had never had any alone time to try and express their feelings, and even if they did they weren't sure how.

Jason thought about his first few weeks living with Maddison and they hadn't been entirely incident free.

One night when Jason was changing clothes, Maddison walked in and caught him in nothing but his boxers, which he thankfully had just put on. Maddison seemed to be more embarrassed by it than he was, and she apologized repeatedly for it, although she never looked away from him while doing so.

The next morning as Jason was walking down the hall he noticed Maddison's bed room door was opened a little, he peaked in just out of curiousity and saw Maddison with her back turned, it was then that Maddison pulled her pants down, she bent down to pick them up and her shirt lifted a little revealing her butt covered only by a pair of tight fitting red panties. Maddison stayed bent over a bit longer than she needed to, almost like she was purposely putting on a show,
She stood back up and started to take off her top, at that point Jason decided that it would be wrong to keep watching her, no matter how much he wanted to, and he forced himself to walk away

There had also been a couple times where they had seen each other clothed in nothing but a towel after getting out of the shower.

Jason snapped out of his day dream when he noticed he was beginning to get hard under the table.

While eating breakfast Jason and Maddison joked around like they normally did.

It was then that Ben got a phone call,
"I have to go help a friend with some home repairs, I'll be back in a few hours" Ben said.

"Alright, bye Grandpa, love you" Maddison replyed.

Once Ben left, Jason and Maddison were left home alone together for the first time. There was an awkward silence, now that they could say anything to each other, they weren't sure what to say.

"Soo....you wanna watch a movie." Maddison asked.
"Sure...whats a movie again?" Jason replyed.
"Seriously?" Maddison reacted,
"No just kidding." Jason laughed.

They went to the living room and put on a movie, They sat on opposite ends of the couch.

Part way through the movie, Maddison covered up with a blanket.
"You cold?" Jason asked.
"Yeah, you?" Maddison lifted the blanket as if inviting Jason under.
"I guess." Jason said, and he and Maddison moved closer together and both covered up.
Being right up against Maddison, Jason couldn't believe how warm, and soft she was. and how good she smelled

In one scene of the movie, a couple kissed.
"Uh..hey...so do you remember if you've ever done that with anyone?" Maddison asked, bitting her lower lip.
"Umm..no I don't remember actually." Jason answered.
"Oh...well...here." and with that Maddison gently kissed Jason on the lips."Now you at least have that." she blushed.
"Thanks" Jason smiled.
"Any way we could do that some more?" Jason asked.
"Maybe later" Maddison smiled and she moved Jason's arm to be around her shoulders."I have a lot I need to teach you."

Maddison wore baggy clothes most of the time so it was difficult to tell what her figure was like, Jason was always curious. and when Maddison took off her sweat shirt he got his wish. She had a tank top on underneath. Maddison kind of had an hourglass figure, although she wasn't super skinny, and she definitely couldn't be called chubby. Simply put she was curvy. and her breasts were a good size, they appeared to be C cups.

By the time they got to the end of the movie both of them were laying down spooning.
Jason's hands occasionally slipped, and would 'accidentally' graze Maddison's tank top covered boobs.
He also, had a major hard on, which he hoped Maddison didn't notice, even though it was pressed firmly against her yoga pant covered butt.

The credits rolled on the movie.
"Hey do wanna play a game now." Maddison asked as she sat up.
"I'm fine where we are, thanks," Jason smiled
"Come on...it'll be fun." Maddison winked,
"Alright," Jason groaned.

Maddison stood up and readjusted her yoga pants. and in that moment Jason could perfectly see the shape of Maddison's beautiful heart-shaped butt.

Maddison turned on an old game of wii bowling.
"This is probably the one game you can't use your powers to cheat at." Maddison says.

Maddison quickly showed Jason how to play and they started the game.

After a few frames it started to look like Jason was going to win, he started to gloat, and began a premature victory dance.
This annoyed Maddison and she got behind Jason and pantsed him.
His shorts fell to his knees but to Maddison's surprise his underwear came down to. His dick flopped out of the front of his shorts.

Maddison blushed "oops"

Jason pulled his shorts up and then got a mischievous look in his eye.
"Oh no," Maddison said as she realized she just started a battle she couldn't finish.

Quicker than Maddison could react, Jason used his super speed to pants her. Her yoga pants were around her ankles and her light blue underwear was on show.

Embarrassed, Maddison threw her hands over her pubic area.
"Alright, sorry, I shouldn't have done that...that was mean." She admitted,

"its fine, no big deal." Jason responded.

"No, no its not...we're uneven now...I've basically seen you naked now." Maddison says with her pants still at her ankles,
"What are you saying?" Jason asks,
"I...I want you finish stripping me...to make us even again."Maddison claims. She steps out of her yoga pants, but still has her hands over pantes

"Seriously?" Jason asks.
"Yeah...seriously...its fine." She says as she sits next to him on the couch.

Jason carefully slips his hand under Maddison's top. he slowly pulls it up her body and over her head.revealing her smooth midriff, her belly button ring, and her snug bra that matched her panties.

Maddison leaned forward and kissed Jason again. She pulled his shirt off and then layed on top of him. they started to make out,
Maddison's bra could barely contain her. Jason reached behind her and tried to unfasten her bra, but he couldn't get it. Finally Maddison just undid it herself and let it slowly slide off of her shoulders.

Jason finally laid eyes on Maddison's boobs, they looked like 2 perfect snow white globes, Her nipples were small and pale, Maddison guided Jason's hands to her chest. As he groped her tits, Maddison's nipples got hard and he rubbed them. Maddison let out of small moan.

Jason's hands made there way down Maddison's body. He slid his hands underneath the sides of her underwear and was about them down.

But at that moment they hear a key in the front door. Someone was home. Maddison and Jason were about be caught making out, half naked in the living room.

To be continued?

I hope you enjoyed this, I'll probably continue it depending on what kind of response I get.
If you're interested in checking out the book this is based on the full title is "Heroic Book 1: The Fall" I found it on Amazon, I'm not sure if you can get it anywhere else.

    • Continue - Mr Somebody , Tue Oct 18 3:52pm
      Loving the story and premise, wish that there was more use of the powers but it's your story, please do continue
      • Open to Suggestions - Alex, Wed Oct 19 10:53pm
        Like I said I'm not great at writing sci-fi stuff, and in the book Jason seems to only use his powers when he's fighting (except this one part where his super senses kept him awake when he was trying ... more
        • Suggestion - Anonymous, Fri Oct 21 11:41am
          You could have Jason run off all the way to the mall or something and Maddison's just naked for her father to see and he punishes her.
        • Ideas - Mr Somebody , Thu Oct 20 1:58pm
          If you want inspiration for how powers could be used for enf or other situations, you could take a look at my superzero series for inspiration and ideas, I don't mind, I like stories in which powers... more
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