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The Real Flash
November ENF Contest Entry: Wife & Sisters get Spanked
Wed Nov 30, 2016 9:40pm

My wife Beth and I are both 35 and have been married for twelve years. Beth is a beautiful brunette who has only become more striking since the day we met. She is tall, about 5’9”, with long wavy hair, beautiful green eyes, long legs, and a fit body that a 20 year old would be proud of. Her breasts are 34C and very firm for her age. She has also always been a bit submissive. Not deeply so, only in a playfully sort of way. We’ve never taken her submissive side too far, just the occasional light spanking or swat on the butt and a bit of playful wrestling and groping.

About a two weeks ago, my wife’s two younger sisters came for an extended stay here at our house… Kind of a long summer vacation for them, as we live right on a lake where we swim, go boating, water ski, fish, hike and generally just enjoy the outdoors. Beth’s sisters are Colleen, who is 30, and her youngest sister Janey, who is 22.

Colleen is a law assistant and a bit snobbish. I am relatively friendly with her, but we have never fully gotten along. It’s almost like she resents the fact that I married her big sister. She is constantly bragging about the cases that she is working on... as if she is some sort of great authority on law. She almost acts like she is a partner in the firm she works for, though I know she just does tedious paperwork and research for the lawyers in the firm... mostly a bunch of pro bono work, charity cases, social work, etc. Colleen is not quite tomboyish, but is a bit more athletic than her sisters. She is a brunette like my wife, but has more of a short “bob” cut. She is the shortest of the three sisters, standing about 5’4”. She has a slightly more stocky build, but is still very feminine. She has shorter, strong, muscular legs from her daily jogging routine and high school soccer days. Her breasts also appear to be significantly smaller than either of her sister’s.

Janey, Beth’s youngest sister, just finished college and seems to be in no hurry to find a job. She is a fun girl with whom I get along very well. She’s friendly, but a little bit on the shy, quiet side. She is a natural beauty. She is almost as tall as my wife, has long, blond hair, long legs and pert, ample breasts. She sort of reminds me of a bit of an innocent “flower child or hippy chick”.

So, getting back to the story of my sisters-in-law’s visit... I run a business and generally work 5-6 days a week and 10 hours a day. I get up early, get home just before dark, eat, and sleep, then start over again. It seems like during my one day off a week I end up doing yard work or chores around the house. Meanwhile, since Beth’s sisters arrived two weeks ago, a whole lot of nothing was happening around the house while I worked my ass off. Beth and her sisters generally just hung out at the lake or went into town to shop, spending our money at an alarming rate. Most nights they didn’t get home until just before I did. I was actually getting a bit frustrated as it seemed like all I did was work, while my wife and her sisters spent their days having fun at my expense.

Finally, the following week I was able to schedule a much needed 3-day weekend away from work. The plan was for me to be home by 6pm on Thursday and then take Friday, Saturday and Sunday off to take the girls out on the boat. I was actually looking forward to seeing all three of them in their bikinis swimming and water skiing. The plan on Thursday was to have a little cookout on the grill once I got home from work. So, the night before, I asked my wife to pick up the steaks while she and her sisters were in town Thursday afternoon, which I would throw on the grill when I got home. And, I asked Beth to make, or pick up a couple of side dishes, and most importantly, to pick up a case of beer for the weekend.

After a long, tedious day at work on Thursday, I arrived home just after 6:30 pm. Beth’s car was not in the driveway and no one appeared to be home. I went into the house and found the lights out and the house empty. I tried to call Beth on her cell phone but got no answer. I wasn’t concerned though, I just figured they were running late picking up what we needed for the weekend. So, after changing out of my work clothes, I sat down on the couch to watch the pregame show for Thursday night football on TV. Over an hour after sitting down, and well into the first quarter of the game, I finally heard a car pull up to the house. So, I got up to meet Beth and her sisters at the door. Beth, Colleen and Janey came walking into the house empty handed, with the exception of a couple of bags from the local clothes outlet. It was also obvious that they had stopped at the only restaurant in town and had a few drinks… They seemed a little bit too “happy”, and I could smell the faint aroma of alcohol on their breath.

With Beth leading them through the door and into the entryway, I asked her where she had been. She replied, “We needed to go shopping for new bathing suits and decided to stop for a drink on the way home.” Starting to get angry, I replied, firmly, “I have been waiting for you for almost two hours, and I didn’t get any dinner. Did you pick up steaks? Did you pick up beer? Did you pick up anything for our cookout?” At that point all three of them got a bit of an embarrassed, shocked look on their faces. My wife was obviously embarrassed because she had forgotten about our planned cookout. Colleen and Janey seemed to react in shock because they had never seen me angry and were surprised that I would scold Beth in front of them.

At that point, I grabbed Beth by her hand and began to lead her toward the living room. “I am just about fed up”, I yelled. “I am working my ass off and you can’t even pick up steaks! This shit is gonna stop right now!”. As I neared the living room couch, Beth started to resist and pull her hand back. But I would not let go. “All day long, you hang out at the lake, go shopping and go out drinking with your sisters. Meanwhile I work ten hour days to make a living. Christ, you haven’t even cleaned the house in two weeks! A punishment is in order so you don’t forget anymore,” I stated loudly. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed Colleen and Janey, mouths open, and seemingly shocked at my treatment of Beth.

While still holding Beth’s hand, I dropped down onto the living room couch into the sitting position, tightly gripped her wrist, and bent her over my lap and onto her stomach so that her dress covered ass was facing up towards me. I began to swat her butt over her floral sundress with force, but not overwhelmingly hard, and said, “How many swats you get is up to you”. She began to struggle, trying to get up, but I was much too strong to let that happen. “Please don’t,” she whimpered. “Not in front of my sisters.” I glanced up at Colleen and Janey, still standing in the entryway, their mouths agape, their feet frozen in place. “You two need to stay here and watch this,” I said to them, “ All I asked for was steaks and beer after working a fifty hour week, and none of you could remember that?” I proceeded to swat my wife on the butt over her dress with increasing force. Swat, swat, swat. She kept squirming and fought to get away. But I would not let go. Several more hard swats later, she continued to struggle against me. So, I said, “Your choice, this is going to get worse.” I quickly lifted the hem of her dress up over her waist and exposed her in her pink silk panties. “No, no, no, please don’t,” she pleaded. I spanked her several more times, increasing the force with each swat, driving her panties up slightly into the crack of her ass. The lower cheeks of her ass and the tops of her legs were starting to glow red. Finally, after two or three more swats she gave up and cried, “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I won’t ever forget anything again. I’ll make your dinner, do whatever you want. Just please, no more!” With tears in her eyes, I released my grip on her wrist and said, “OK, we are done, I’ll let you up now. But I want you to go stand in the corner of the room, holding the bottom of your dress up over your waist so everyone can see your shamed, spanked, panty covered ass. And you will stay there until I tell you you can move. Got it?” “Yes,” she whimpered. She got up, letting her dress drop back down as she walked to the corner of the room. Once she got there, she bent down, humiliated, and slowly pulled her dress up over her waistline exposing her panties, which were still wedged in her butt crack, with her red lower butt and upper legs exposed.

At this point, Colleen, breaking out of her trance, got her confidence and her voice back. She stepped a couple of steps into the living room and yelled, “What the hell do you think you are doing? You can’t do that to my sister, you asshole!” I said, “This is my house and I can do whatever I want here. If you don’t like it, you can get the hell out!” “... you!,” she yelled back at me. At that point I stood up and quickly walked towards her. She took half a step back before I grabbed her by the wrist and roughly pulled her toward the couch as she fought, pulled, and struggled to get away from me. Once again I sat down on the couch, and while still gripping her wrist tightly, I roughly pulled her down over my lap. I looked up at Janey, still standing in the entryway, and said, “This is what happens when you talk back to me! If you are smart you will just stand there quietly while your sister gets what she deserves.” Janey, mouth still open in shock, just nodded her head. Beth, meanwhile, was still standing quietly in the corner, facing the wall, with her dress held above her waist. Colleen, as I expected, was still fighting me. She squirmed and struggled to get loose. She was wearing a pair of dark green casual athletic shorts and a stylish yellow t-shirt. “You better let go of me you asshole!” she yelled, “I’m gonna sue your ass, you prick!”. So, I start to swat her ass over her shorts, lightly at first, and then with slightly more force before I realized that the smacks on her shorts-covered ass were not having much effect. Swat, swat, swat. With increasing force and a deliberate pace, I continued slapping Colleen’s firm, muscular ass, and she continued to fight to get away. “OK,” I said, “I gave you a chance to get in line and you just keep fighting. Now it’s your turn to learn a lesson.” I quickly pulled the dark green athletic shorts passed her ass, rapidly down her legs and to her feet, exposing thong-style, light-green panties, which, in turn, exposed almost her entire well-rounded ass. She loudly yelled, “NO, Please... DON’T.” But I resumed slapping her increasingly blush-red ass. Slap, slap, slap… After several more slaps she was undeterred in her attempts to escape my grip and she unleashed a long string of obscenities at me. “Have it your way,” I calmly said. I grabbed the waistband of her light green thong and slowly started to pull it downwards towards her legs. Before I got the panties more than a couple of inches down, she yelled, “Quit it, you asshole!”. At that point I wrenched the thong off of her butt, down her legs, and pulled them over her feet where they tangled up with her shorts and fell to the floor. My cute, athletic sister-in-law was now naked from the waist down and over my lap with her firm butt just a foot away from my face. I then started spanking her with steady, hard smacks… Slap, squirm, slap, squirm… the more she squirmed, the better the faint view of her pussy between her legs. My spanks moved lower down lower her butt and with each slap her fighting lessened and her legs parted a bit more giving me a view of her small pussy lips and just a wisp of dark pubic hair between her legs… and, in turn this gave me a growing hard-on. After a few more slaps, I asked, “Have you had enough, Colleen?” In a whimpering cry she whined, “Yes, please let me up.” So I said, “It’s please let me up, SIR,”... “Please let me up, sir,” she whined. I loosened my grip on her wrist and told her to get up. She got up and started to reach for the shorts and panties that were crumpled up on the floor next to the couch. “Stop,” I said, “Leave your clothes on the floor and go stand in the other corner with your hands on the wall until I tell you that you can move.” She glared at me, but not in her typical confident way, it was more of a pleading, scared scowl. I firmly told her, “Unless you want me to continue your spanking, get over to the corner, NOW!” She quickly scampered to the corner of the room facing toward the wall and then she stood still. I yelled, “I said to put you hands up on the wall!” She quickly put her hands on the wall, legs slightly parted, causing her butt to jut out just a hint. Now, my wife was in one corner, her pink silk panties on display, and her 30-year-old sister was in another corner with her athletic bare ass facing the center of the room, with just a peak of her pussy showing between her legs.

Janey was still standing in the entryway just outside of the living room. Her mouth was still open in shock, but she stood there quietly as I had suggested she do. I calmly said, “Janey, come here, NOW.” She hesitated for just a moment before she rapidly walked over to the couch and stood in front of me. “Janey,” I said, “All of this could have been avoided had the three of you simply done what I had asked. Beth is the one that is most at fault, but all of you knew about our cookout plan. Don’t you think that between the three of you, somebody could have gotten this right?”. “Yes,” she said meekly. “So, I think it’s only fair that all three of you should get some form of punishment. Do you agree?” I asked. “Yes, sir,” she said quietly. “OK, let’s go then,” I said, as I slapped my hand on my knee. She slowly laid down over my lap. After she got settled, I gave her three drawn out, but relatively gentle slaps over her cut-off jean shorts. I said, “That was all I was going to give you since you have done what I asked since this all of this started, but, the more I think about it, it doesn’t fix the issue of you not remembering our cookout plans. So, I think you deserve a little bit more punishment. I assume you agree, am I right?” She replied, “Yes, sir. You’re right.” I put my fingers beneath the waistband of her jean shorts and slowly tugged them downward from side to side with no fight from Janey. As the jean shorts dropped down below her waist and just above the top of her butt crack, I realized that she was not wearing panties. So I continued working the shorts slowly down past her beautiful, perfectly rounded and slightly big 22-year-old ass… then down to her mid thighs, all the way to her ankles, and then off of her feet. I then slowly and steadily began to spank her again. Slap, slap, slap. She was not combative and did not fight me at all, but with each swat she squirmed a bit, showing some of her pussy between her legs. After five more swats, her legs spread a bit further and I could see her tight butt hole, and what appeared to be a clean shaven pussy… Her pussy lips were even glistening with light moisture. After a few more smacks, I told Janey to get up and stand in the middle of the room with her hands in the air. She slowly rose from the couch and moved to the middle of the room facing away from me with her hands in the air, naked below the waist.

I continued to sit on the couch for 2-3 more minutes taking in the view of my wife in her panties, and her sisters standing completely still and totally naked from the waist down. Finally, I rose from the couch and said to all of them, “Don’t move an inch while I am gone. I will tell you when you can move”. I went to the kitchen to have a drink and let my hard-on settle down. After about 5 minutes, I returned to the edge of the living room, where Beth, Colleen and Janey were still standing exactly where I had left them. After one last long look at Beth’s panty-covered ass, Colleen’s round, bare butt, and Janey’s naked pussy, I told them they could get dressed and make me some dinner.

The next day, I made all three of them model their newly bought bikinis while out on the boat, and they willingly obliged. The rest of the summer was a joy and none of them ever mentioned this incident around me.

    • Feedback - The Real Flash, Fri Dec 2 11:38am
      I'm new to the site and would welcome any feedback on my first ever story!
      • Naughty, but Just punishment! - sinfulstories, Mon Dec 5 11:02pm
        I'd love to read this story from Beth's point of view....Keep posting. Enjoyed this very much.
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