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Concerned fan
Calling out to Dan
Tue Mar 14, 2017 7:47pm

You should advertise this site on your tumblr page and see if it gets more activity kicking around here maybe, just a thought, seems to be alot of followers of the genre there that may find their niche here.

    • Working on... - The Controverser, Wed Mar 15 5:00pm
      I'm actually working on a story for this board. Gotta flesh out the idea a little more before I start on the writing process.
      • I'm also working on a story ;) - SwimKid, Wed Mar 15 5:52pm
        Its got 16 parts, getting close to done. I must say, I'm really proud of it, so I'll take my time to get it as close to perfect as I can, but you can expect something new from me soon :D
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