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Claire and the boys next door - part 1
Thu Jul 13, 2017 7:34am

When it came to puberty I was a bit of a late developer, even on my 17th birthday I still had pretty much no breasts to speak of and was much smaller than most of the other girls in my school year. As a result of that and my generally nerdy interests I was pretty unpopular at school and completely lacked confidence. I'd hang around with my few close friends and try and get by by being ignored. It wasn't so bad, I was close to the friends I did have and we had fun, just the burgeoning social and sexual life of High school pretty much passed us by.

By the summer just after I turned 18, however, things had changed. Over the previous year my body had developed quite a bit, which was a big shock to me at first, but then an increasing source of pride. The thing is, however, I shared this with no one, I'd always worn shapeless and baggy clothes to school so it was easy to just keep doing this, I genuinely think no one really noticed apart from me and possibly my parents. Certainly my Mum bought me bigger and bigger bras as the year went on, but it wasn't really remarked on. I had always stared at the good looking girls at school, not quite understanding the feeling of excitement and jealously I had about their bodies and the confidence with which they showed them off, but that became an even stronger part of my sexual fantasy life over that year.

By the time that summer started my breasts had actually become really quite sizeable, somewhere around a D cup, but on my pretty small frame they honestly looked huge. My hips and bum had also started to grow, the latter becoming curvier and curvier as the year went on. It was slightly ridiculous, I could eat what I wanted and all that ever happened was my ass and tits grew, nothing else. My arse had in fact been harder to hide in my school outfits, I'd had to eliminate a good 60% of my trousers as they became too tight. All I wore now were baggy dungarees, which really weren't in fashion but then no-one expected anything of me anyway. I used to stand in front of the mirror in my sexiest bra or topless with jogging pants or a thong, admiring my curves which were still so new to me and imagining myself as a popular girl, walking in front of the guys and showing off what was usually hidden. My measurements were something like 38-24-36, which I'd often type in to the internet to see what other women with my body were doing. As I looked at them the idea of showing myself off as well was so tantalising yet also still terrifying. I'd try and imagine ways it might happen involuntarily, like if someone surprised me getting changed, or (a favourite) someone spied on me in the school shower, but they always never quite seemed real enough.

We moved house right at the start of that summer and ended up in a place with a much bigger back garden than I'd been used to. It was also secluded, with a large hedge on both sides and looking across a patch of private woodland. I'd heard some of the popular girls talking about their summers in the dining hall on the last day of term, it seemed their primary goal was to get tanned. One had talked about how she intended to tan topless or possibly even naked on her balcony. She'd explained that no one would be able to see, but had laughed and agreed when it was suggested there were some boys who she'd be delighted to be caught by. After all, she'd said, it was for their benefit she was getting the tan in the first place. The idea of a tanned body for people to look at excited me a lot, and when I saw the yard I decided it would be a pretty easy way to dip my toe into waters I'd been imagining for some time now. Even just the idea of being out in the open with my body obvious for anyone who could watch was pretty damned interesting.

I had a bikini top I'd bought the summer before, but that was it. It was too small but not ridiculous as it was a very conservative cut. I immediately wanted to get some new clothes but the idea of going to a mall and looking at and then buying swimwear was still a bit much for me. In fantasies it was exciting but I knew the reality would be different, how would I react with people who knew what my body was actually like. People who even possibly started imagining what I'd look like in the clothes I was buying. For now I decided I would be fine in that top plus some cut-off jean shorts. Besides, my plan was to do it whilst my parents were at work, literally no one would even know what was taking place.

After my parents left that first morning I tossed and turned in bed for another half an hour but finally couldn't take it any more. I told myself it was ridiculous to be so excited about so small a thing, but it would be more-or-less the first time I'd acknowledged my body outside of my own bedroom. I managed to wait till about 10am when the day had already heated up to about 80 degrees, but at that point I, with slight trepidation, headed out to our sun lounger wearing the shorts, my bikini top, and a shirt. I'd tied my shoulder length, brunette hear up in a loose bun and, although I was wearing my geek-ish (but these days fairly trendy) brown rimmed glasses, I was intending to take them off along with the shirt. I had a thong on under the shorts, but hadn't even thought about undressing that far outside.

I sat down, and after looking round about 25 times to satisfy myself no one was looking, I took off my shirt. My heart was racing. I spent the first half an hour or so constantly shifting position, looking down at my body and getting really quite hot and flustered about the idea of being out 'in public' like this. My breasts were really only barely contained, although the cups covered almost all of their front they spilled out at the side and were squashed up at the top. I'd had to slacken off the band around my body as far as it would go and it didn't actually touch my skin underneath my boobs in the front. I looked like exactly what I was, someone with a woman's body wearing a child's swimsuit. I'd also cut the shorts a good few inches shorter the night before, and then made sure to pull the waist up high and buttoned tight. Again the coverage was good, but my butt cheeks swelled out from the bottom of the high cut shorts and were noticeably squashed into it. The slightly silly look to it just turned me on even more, my teenage body was bursting out of the outfit the way it felt as if my teenage sexuality was trying to burst out of me.

After the initial intensity of enjoying my body and imagining non-specific someones also enjoying it, I began to also relax and enjoy the pleasure of being out in the sun in our beautiful garden. After another half hour or so the heat had worked it's magic and I drifted off into a light sleep, it really was a magical morning.

I woke with a start sometime later, however, as, just as I was beginning to drift back into consciousness, I thought I heard voices. I lay still for about 30 seconds but heard nothing more, and just as I was thinking I'd imagined it and was about to drift off again I heard, clear as day, a stage whisper coming from the hedge about 20 feet away.

"See, I told you, look at that!"

"Wow, she's gorgeous!"

"And look at that top, it's tiny on her, I think you can see underneath it a bit. I bet if we were closer you could maybe see her nipples poking out!"

I froze, I couldn't think of anything to do so just stayed stock still.

"Let's go down a bit more, we'll, be further away but maybe we'll be able to see up her top from below."

I heard shuffling in the hedge, obviously it was the boy from next door with a friend. I'd seen him the day we moved in and my parents had told me he was in the other local high school after they'd gone round to introduce themselves. Imagining the two peeping toms leaving the hedge to walk down the garden I took the opportunity to get out of the situation. I quickly got up, grabbed my shirt and glasses, and went into the house. I went up to the attic and looked out of the sky-light, which let me see part of next door's garden. I watched for a minute or so until I saw two boys emerge from the hedge. They stood around for a moment, jumping up to try and look over, but soon gave up and headed out of my view. I was pumped full of energy and fear but sunbathing seemed out for the rest of the day now, and possibly forever.

As the day wore on, though, the memory became less and less scary and more and more exciting. Now I knew who had been watching me the situation didn't seem as if it had actually been threatening. Although they were my age the childish language reminded me of my cousins or kids I'd baby sat for - boys that I knew I had nothing to fear from, and who I could actually mostly control. They didn't know my social status at school, and they looked as geeky and timid as I did in my school outfits. But at the same time they were boys, and boys who were obviously taking a good look at my body, they'd discussed my breasts and how tiny my bikini top had seemed to them. That, and the tone of lust in their voice when they wondered about seeing my nipples became very exciting to me. As I lay in bed that night I replayed their comments and started to imagine what would have happened if, instead of leaving immediately, I'd played dumb and let them have a good look at me. Possibly even shifted position to show some parts of me off more. I knew that, at the very least, I'd be back out in the garden tomorrow hoping they would try for another look.

The next morning I changed into my outfit as soon as my parents left, watching myself in the mirror was again incredibly arousing. I decided to wait until 10 am or so to actually go out, but my plan was interrupted by the sound of the doorbell ringing. I was expecting no one so had no real intention of opening up, but I decided to use the spy-hole to at least see who it was out of curiosity. I was very surprised by the fact it was the two boys who had spied on me the day previously. What could they want? I definitely hesitated before opening to door, the idea still scared me but I reasoned I had every intention of showing myself them to them later, so why not now?

At that point I had my shirt on over my bikini top, but today I'd decided to tie it off at the midriff exposing my stomach and had left the top few buttons undone, the swell of my breasts was visible but definitely not obscene. My hair was down, glasses on and I wore the cut off shorts with the zip up but button for the moment undone - there was no danger of them falling down, though, thanks to my ample behind. I noticed both boys running their eyes quickly over my body as I said hello and asked what they wanted, it sent a shiver of excitement through me.

"Oh, Hi, I'm Tom from next door, and this is my friend Jim"

"Oh, hello, I'm Claire, I think my parents mentioned you. Nice to meet you."

They shuffled their feet and seemed hesitant to say anything more. I looked at them expectantly, Jim looked at Tom and eventually Tom started to speak again.

"Erm, yeah, so we noticed that you were sunbathing yesterday. And, well, it's just..."

"You saw me sunbathing?!" I said, feigning surprise.

"Yeah. We weren't spying or anything, just we were up in Tom's room in the attic, and we looked out and there you were." Jim had managed to speak, trying to sound firm but not really succeeding. For some reason I'd not realised this before but his story made sense - if I could see their garden from my attic, then they could probably see mine.

"And why have you come round here to tell me that?" Their nervousness and hesitancy was doing wonders for my confidence, feeding, as it did, the sense that I was in control of these boys. The fear and nervousness were going and I found myself scanning their faces waiting to catch them sneaking a glance at my cleavage, which I started willing them to do more and more often. A lot of the time they looked at the floor, but did occasionally risk eye contact or quick peeks.

"Oh, right, well it's that.." began Jim.

"Mum says there's a peeper in the woods."

"A what?!" my surprise and confusion wasn't an act this time.

"Yeah, Mum never likes to sunbathe out there in a bikini as she reckons people go to the woods and look into the back yards here during the summer."

"Yeah, and we, y'know, saw you and thought we should let you know."

"Oh, well that's very kind. I take it you noticed I was wearing a bit less than this then." At that I gestured up and down my body, and even threw my hip slightly to the side, inviting the boys to have a good ogle themselves. As I finished the movement I could see they hadn't missed the opportunity, both of them were staring, mostly at my tits.

"Oh, yeah, well we weren't peeping ourselves, just.."

"Of, of course not, it's very neighbourly of you to mention this."

Jim noticeably nudged Tom, inviting him to continue.

"Yeah, and, well we also wondered if you might like to come round to mine if you wanted to sunbathe instead. We've a side garden as well and the woods don't look over it."

"I see, that is tempting." Something occurred to me and I decided to go for it impulsively. "So, you're saying in your side garden it would be OK to.."

I started to unbutton the rest of my shirt, the boys staying silent. Once I'd untied the knot I looked out at them and, grasping each side of the shirt, I held it wide open, revealing my barely contained boobs under the red bikini.

"..just be wearing this?"

I looked down at my bosom and then up at them, even bending slightly at the waist to accentuate the view. I fixed them with an exaggerated innocent look as I held the pose waiting for a reply.

Jim went fairly red, both of them gazed openly at my breasts.

"Oh, yeah, no problem." Said Tom, his eyes not moving. "I'm sure it'd be fine."

My mind continued to race, showing off for these two was one of the most exciting things I'd every done. I couldn't see but I could tell I was beginning to get aroused, so I imagine they were now able to make out my hardening nipples. On instinct, I continued.

"I can't always rely on you, though can I? I guess I'll have to work out what outfits I can and can't wear in my own back garden too."

"Err, will you?" managed Jim.

"Yes, though I don't really know what encourages peepers, as you called them, and what doesn't. I know, maybe you two could help?"

There was silence for a moment, the boys just looked confused. Tim, very hesitantly, offered "You, er ... want us to help choose your sunbathing outfits?"

"Well, yes, and for doing other things out there. I could model them for you and you could tell me if it would be OK to wear them outside. You know, to make sure this peeper doesn't watch me. Also, I guess I should find out what I can wear at your house too"

"Well, yeah, we could do that.."

"Hmm, though I really only have this for the moment, and you're certain it won't do?" At that I took the shirt off completely, dropping it behind me. The action caused my boobs to bounce quite noticeably. I again posed and waited for the boys to pass judgement on me.

"No, I mean, yeah, you shouldn't wear that."

"And the shorts are no good too?" I pulled the shorts up and turned round for the boys, looking over my shoulder and down at my ass cheeks hanging out of the bottom. They also had a close look.

"No, that too. It's a bit, erm, much, I think."

"Well.." I said, turning back round, no doubt disturbing my breasts again. "I suppose I could maybe cobble together a few outfits from my wardrobe and maybe borrow some stuff from friends.. I don't really want to buy something before it passes your inspection, it would be a waste."

My intention was to wear a few sexy outfits for them, maybe some jogging pants and short skirts, that sort of thing - clothes I had but had stopped wearing now my body had changed. It seemed like an easy way to get comfortable in them again, and to enjoy these boys enjoying my body too. Things took a slightly different turn, however, as Jim sprang to life.

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