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Tue Aug 8, 2017 5:13pm

For our last senior project in our communications class we needed to go out and use what we learned to raise money that we would be donating to charity. What better way to utilize the skills taught in a communications class than with a car wash, am I right? A bunch of barely legal senior girls and a bunch of still not legal other senior girls in nothing but a bikini and washing some old perverts 95 Volvo wagon or something equally as luxurious. I speak as if I'm so great and above this kind of fundraiser and yet in a great lesson in humility, we barely had anyone show up. Perhaps it was because there just wasn't enough people in town or that we hadn't got any kind of word out or maybe we were just all ugly, although I doubted it was that last one, but we didn't even come close to our goal. We fell well short of the mark and not just the goal we had set, we fell short of the halfway mark, and the quarter of the way mark. Basically make a mark anywhere and we fell short of it. So the solution we came up with was genius. We would relocate for a day, to another town, specifically by the beach on a lake, and set up shop there. The perfect solution if I do say so myself as it solved all the problems that plagued us earlier except for all of them.

The car wash by the lake was a failure as well. It was sad really. I have no idea why or how we thought it would work just because we were near a beach on the lake. The new solution in everyone's mind was simple. It was a nude beach. We could maybe bring in customers if we advertised locally that there was a car wash on this beach, or should I say in the parking lot. Well actually we were on the street near the beach because we got kicked off the beach because they didn't want the soap near the beach so in an act of pettiness we set up our station as close as possible to the beach without them telling us we had to move. This greatly foiled the plan as now it wasn't legal to be naked so we couldn't even have any sort of gimmick. The realization that we also didn't even have a source of water was a bummer. Really that should have been the nail in the coffin from the start but it only came as an afterthought to us gifted individuals. Rest in piece to our car wash dreams. We would just have to take the next best option. Shamelessly beg for donations.

Now this is really what communications class was all about. Using communication to ask for donations for charity. It was really a bullseye. Exactly what the teacher had in mind. But we weren't going to let this beach opportunity get away from us. Despite me having said that it was a nude beach and the potential was there to exploit hungry eyes, none of us actually brought up the idea of doing it. Way too awkward but if push came to shove it was an option. But that was in the past, now the five of us each took a bucket that we were going to use for the car wash and set off in separate directions on the beach to beg, I mean ask politely for donations. Who could resist a bunch of cute girls in bikinis asking for money? Time passed and we regrouped where we had split up. Failure. Again. We still weren't even close to the goal. My ego was damaged. I considered changing my identity and moving far away so I wouldn't have to do this stupid fundraiser but alas something managed to convince me to stay.

We gave up on the fundraiser. I mean, who wouldn't? It was a load of nonsense anyway and it's not like charity needs help anyways. Instead we had a pleasant time at the beach. It was a nude beach but over half the people there wore a bathing suit so it wasn't awkward. In fact the only people that really went nude was old people or parents with small kids so yeah no thanks. No hot guys or stunning babes flaunted there goods so there wasn't that much to look at. We were getting ready to leave and that's when it started. I noticed I had gotten a ton of sand inside my bikini bottom. Flipping the waistband inside out and brushing the sand off my body was magical. Like giving birth but not painful and way more glamorous. That's when I was savagely attacked. My bottoms were grabbed from behind and pulled down to my feet. They were wet with nasty, fishy, lake water so they didn't slide but more like took a few fast steps to the ground. Desperately, I reached down to pick them back up but was wrestled down, getting covered in sand and having my top ripped off while I was helplessly pinned.

Of course they didn't let me have them back. They ran back to the car and no way was i about to run and expose myself so I walked back trying to cover up. I knew they weren't gonna leave without me as I was the ring leader of these hos. I saw them at the shower station. I rendezvoused with the team, rinsed the sand off my body while they snickered and taunted me and we walked back to the car. The empty buckets from our failed fundraiser were still there. They got ready to throw hem into the trunk when I spoke up and sold my soul to the dark lord. My fantastic, fool proof idea. You can probably guess it. Yes. Beg for money, while naked at the beach. The girls were stunned at my mad genius. Genius because it was going to work for sure one hundred percent garunteed and mad because they were a bunch of pussies that stripped me naked but were too scared to match my resolve. It took a surprisingly small amount of convincing, they all just kinda looked and nodded and gestured and then nodded again and then began to strip. I could tell they were embarrassed so as the OG of the team I needed to show bravery in the face of adversity, uncovering my nudity and grabbing a bucket, I let my enourmously modest tits hang out and let the wind shield my vagina.

The crew was a little slow. And they also were hesitant to strip naked but they did it nonetheless, proving how slow they truly were. Not me though, I was of course a genius for this. We set off in opposite directions again to pester the new set of beach goers that had arrived in the last few hours. Now this was the apex of communications. Using my body to get what I wanted, truly a wonderful lesson. At first it was awkward of course. To let strangers see me naked and ask for money in return felt like prostitution but it was for charity which makes it totally okay. And I was right. The first person I asked donated a few dollars. Onto the next person. I shamelessly presented my naked body and asked for a donation. Bingo. Another few dollars. Two boys about my age were next. I was really nervous to approach them, suddenly feeling body concious. But screw them they probably didn't have any money anyways so they got skipped. No soup for them.

It got easier pretty quick. I stopped feeling embarrassed completely after just a few minutes. By then I was really getting into it. I used to hold the bucket in front of my body, but made sure it didn't cover too much. I quickly started approaching people holding the bucket over head like it was some sort of sacred item. I flashed my body to everyone I could see on the beach and they were mostly willing to give some donation. I even went back to ask those two kids on the off chance that I could milk them for everything. They had nothing. Bastards, I showed them everything and got nothing back. I cleared my section quickly, making well over the goal by myself alone and when my team came back we had racked in over 800 dollars in a short thirty minutes. I had gotten more than the other girls but it was okay. I figured they wouldn't get as much since they weren't nearly as hot or charming or charismatic as I am. Bunch of plebs. Anyways we left the money under a towel in the back seat.

After getting lunch we went back to the beach for round two. Not because we needed to raise more money but because we wanted to. We loved helping charity and there was no other ulterior motives. We just had to be naked also but it wasnt a big deal. Definitely not why we went back or anything. With the beach more crowded than before, we left our clothes in the car, and went back for to drain the beach of all its seaweed. We proudly displayed ourselves and collected donations. Flashing tits, ass, and pussy to all. Bad news was we started a movement. More people began going naked, and not just old people. We had to compete with these attractive folks. Compete in the sense that I wanted more attention than them. They weren't collecting donations or anything. I still got uncomfortable being naked around anyone my age. Especially since they all wore bathing suites and knew they came to this beach for this exact reason. Regardless I gave them what they wanted and most of the time they gave me what I wanted but there was always those good for nothings that creeped on me around the beach and didn't donate.

We had raised almost two thousand dollars total. How could we explain this income? A car wash would never generate this much. I didn't even think that just walking around naked could do so well. We tried to devise a plan on the way back home, having to leave because we forgot that sunscreen needs to be reapplied. The full body tan was cool tho gotta admit but my shoulders were absolutely torched. We decided we would be honest about how we fundraiser the money. Except for the naked part. So not really honest but kind of. When I got home I immediately stripped naked in the bathroom, and examined myself in the mirror. The sunburn was really starting to set in, my whole body was beat red without tan lines. I took a cold bath, rubbed aloe everywhere, and got dressed in the biggest, loosestclothes I had. But no underwear because it was too painful.

    • Fundraiser follow up - Sky, Thu Aug 10 3:19am
      There was still four days left to fundraise for our project. There was also a written part and presentation but honestly who cares about that? More importantly that skank bitch, fittingly named Stacy ... more
      • Follow up follow up - Sky, Thu Aug 10 12:31pm
        It hurt to pee. Not because I had an std, I was really just that sunburnt everywhere on my body. I couldn't touch myself at all. Anywhere for that matter. Sleeping was painful. Getting dressed in the ... more
        • Another one - Sky, Thu Aug 10 9:39pm
          I squirmed in my seat in class. My sweater was barely long enough to provide cover for my now bottomless self. Angie had made off with my shorts and now she wants answering my texts. However, I did... more
          • And another one - Sky, Sun Aug 13 3:10pm
            Next period. I got another text, this time from Erica, another girl from my fundraising team. I had messaged my girls earlier to text me immediately if anything were to happen, specifically if they... more
          • Very nice - A Fan, Fri Aug 11 1:02am
            You write well and I am enjoying this story a lot. If I may make a suggestion it might be helpful if you numbered your posts (e.g. Part 1, Part 2, etc) With all your subsequent posts labeled... more
          • Great! - sinfulstories, Fri Aug 11 12:46am
            I love your stories Sky, and this one has made me smile. You truly have talent as a writer...and there are sentences her.e that are gems. Your bare bottom, being spanked by the Sun, is brilliant...so ... more
    • Wonderful little tale - A Fan, Wed Aug 9 3:23am
      It's nice to see that there are still young people of my generation with such drive and determination left in the world. Most millenials I know are sad to say worthless lay-abouts. Kudos to you.
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