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Naked Trampoline
Thu Aug 10, 2017 2:26pm

Sierra was so excited for today. Her dad had ordered a trampoline and she couldn't wait to bounce on it. She was sitting on the couch watching TV wearing sweatpants and a shirt when the doorbell rang. Her dad went and answered it. Sierra went over and saw that it was the trampoline company.

They carried the trampoline to the backyard and set it up. "This is going to be great," Sierra said. She immediately got on the trampoline and started bouncing. "Ok," her dad said. "You have fun. I gotta get to work." "See ya" Sierra said.

With him gone, she was now home alone. Sierra was bouncing for a while not noticing that her sweatpants were slowly sliding down her body. She kept bouncing when they suddenly slipped all the way down revealing her panties causing her to trip. "Shit," she said. She pulled them back up and tied the string.

Sierra continued bouncing. After a while, the string on her sweatpants came undone again. Her sweatpants started falling down again. She tripped once they were down around her ankles again. "Dammit," she said. "I'll have to change into some shorts."

She began getting off the trampoline. But then Sierra got an idea. She didn't feel like going up to her room and since she was home alone, Sierra took off her sweatpants and threw them on the ground. She continued bouncing with her panties exposed.

After a while, Sierra started to feel very sweaty and hot. She didn't want to stop though. She was having too much fun. Sierra decided to take her shirt off. She pulled it up and off and threw it on the ground. Sierra was now bouncing in just her bra and panties. Sierra closed her eyes as she bounced

She didn't notice her brother Timmy and his friends who had just arrived. They came to bounce on the trampoline as well. But stopped when they noticed Sierra bouncing in just her underwear. "Wow," Timmy's friend Drake said. They just watched in amazement from the backdoor. Sierra couldn't see them even when she opened her eyes since it was dark inside the house.

After a while, Sierra decided to take things even further. While still bouncing, she reached behind and unclasped her bra. Timmy, Drake and their other friend Cody grew wide eyed as they watched. "Oh my god," they said. Sierra pulled her bra forward and off revealing her huge tits and leaving herself topless. She threw her bra on the ground as well.

Sierra's boobs bounced up and down as well as she bounced on the trampoline. The three boys just watched in amazement. "I wonder if she'll go all the way," Cody said. Sierra stopped bouncing after he said that. "Oh shit," Timmy whispered. They hid behind the curtains Sierra looked all around unsure of what she heard. She looked around for a few minutes. She then shrugged her shoulders figuring it was nothing and continued bouncing. "That was a close one," Timmy whispered. "Hey, we should invite our other friends over to watch the show." Timmy called up his other three friends. He told them that they have to see this. They came over and watched in amazement as well.

Feeling really hot now. But not wanting to stop, Sierra hooked her fingers on the waistband of her panties. "Oh my god," Timmy said. "Is she going to do it?" In one swift motion, Sierra pulled her panties down her legs exposing her pussy. Using her right foot, Sierra kicked her panties off on to the ground leaving herself naked as she bounced. The boys almost started cheering. "Shhhhhh," Timmy said. "We don't want the show to end early."

They watched in pure amazement as Sierra bounced there 100% nude. "Damn," Timmy said. "I just realized. Why aren't we recording this?" They pulled out their phones. Sierra's pussy and boobs were of course the center of attention in their recordings. Sierra then turned around exposing her peach shaped ass. All the boys had rock hard erections at this point.

"I have an idea," Shawn, one of their other friends said. He very carefully opened the sliding door. Sierra couldn't hear it. Shawn slowly crawled on the ground heading towards her clothes. Sierra was still facing the other way showing her ass. So she couldn't see him. Shawn scooped up all her clothes. Then, he slowly crawled back inside the house and they continued watching.

After a while, Sierra finally got bored. She was really sweaty at this point. So she decided she would go and take a shower. Sierra got off the trampoline. She decided she could just leave her clothes there figuring they were still there and headed towards the door. "Oh shit," Timmy said. He quickly locked the door so she couldn't get in. Then, they hid to the sides of the door.

Sierra tried opening the door. But it was locked. "What the ...," she said. She tried again and again. But it wouldn't budge. She then decided she'd try the front door. Sierra opened the gate. But then stopped in her tracks. She thought of the embarrassment she'd feel if somebody saw her.

Remembering her clothes, Sierra went to put them on. But then saw that they were gone. "The hell," she said. "Looking for these," Timmy asked through the back door. Sierra turned and looked over at Timmy who was holding all of her clothes. She screamed and immediately tried covering her boobs and pussy.

"What the," she said. "When did you get home?" "While you were bouncing around in your underwear," Timmy said. "Gotta say, that was a wonderful show you put on for my friends and I." "Your friends?"

Timmy's six friends then all showed themselves. "Oh my god," Sierra screamed. She turned several shades of red from embarrassment. "Let me in so I can get dressed!" "Nah," Timmy said. "We'll keep you out there." "Please, this is so embarrassing!" "Nah......."

Just then, the front door began opening. It was their dad. "Shit," Timmy said. He forgot he couldn't have so many friends over at once. Sierra thought maybe she was saved. Their dad walked in and saw them all. "Timmy," he said angrily. "What did I say about having so many friends over?" "To not.." "Then why do you? "Uhhhh," Timmy said. "That's it, you're grounded." "It wasn't my fault," Timmy said. "Sierra was putting on a show and I just had to invite them all over to watch?" "No more video games for- wait, what?"

Their dad walked further in and noticed Sierra standing outside. "What the hell?" Their dad went and opened the door letting her in. Sierra tried running upstairs. But he stopped her. "What do you mean a show?" She was on the trampoline bouncing without a thing on." "Is that true, Sierra?" "Well they made me-" "No we didn't!" "Ok, but they took my clothes which were on the ground and locked me outside." Sierra hoped that part would make her win.

Their dad stood there. "Alright," he said trying not to laugh. "You're grounded for a month." "Good," Sierra said. She started heading for the stairs. But their dad stopped her again. "I meant you." "What?" "You forced Timmy to bring his friends over because you wanted to bounce naked." "What the .... I did no such thing!" "No swearing either!" "This is horseshit!" "That's it!"

Their dad grabbed Sierra, pulled her over his lap and spanked her. "Now, are you going to behave?" "Yes," Sierra said. "Good. Now go shower." Sierra got up and headed for the stairs.

"And your punishment, Timmy," their dad said. "You're not allowed to post the footage you likely caught on the internet." "Ok..." They all just burst out laughing.

    • Re: Naked Trampoline - Anonymous, Sat Aug 12 1:42am
      Great story! Poor Sierra! :D
    • Perfect ending! - sinfulstories, Sat Aug 12 12:30am
      I hope you can return to Sierra again sometime. I love stories where the main character does something completely impulsive, never considering the consequences in the moment. When she cursed her... more
    • interesting (nm) - anonymous, Fri Aug 11 1:03pm
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