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Fraternity Man
(Un)Dress Rehearsals
Sat Aug 12, 2017 1:23am

I've enjoyed doing a good play or two in my time, and this happened during hell week (the last week of the rehearsal process) of a show I was just in. There were these twins, let's call them Kat and Alex. They were double-cast in a role because the director liked different parts of them for different parts of the role. This meant that they were both playing the role, but had to basically tag-team in the wings (off-stage area).

The week before hell week a bunch of us discovered that Alex had been hooking up with the director's boyfriend behind her back. We tried to hide it for a litle while, but the director found out pretty quick. She was pissed. She wanted to kick Alex out of the show and just have Kat do the whole thing. Kat talked the director out of it, because Alex was her sister, but promised the director that Alex would get what was coming to her. Kat and Alex were an excellent pair of girls to know.
Nobody would mind being in a twin sandich with them, and a few had been. They were about 5'6", 110 lbs, with beautiful dark brown hair, c-cup breasts, and sparkling hazel eyes.

Now each had her own costume, so that the exchanges would go quickly, but before this dress rehearsal, Kat did not get into costume. Whenever anybody asked why, she would tell them that it had ripped and was getting fixed by the costume people, but I kept catching winks between her and the director. Before the rehearsal started the director made a speech about how the show was to keep going no matter what happened, just like it was a show night. There was this one scene where Alex would walk upstage (away from the audience) and exit through a door there, and then Kat would come back out to do a song and dance with me. When Alex made her exit that night, Kat was waiting like usual, but Alex to give her the costume she had on so that she could do the dance right.

Alex was shocked. Let me describe this costume. It was a somewhat slinky kind of dress, with a low back, really attractive on both of them, but the important part was that they could not wear a bra underneath it. It was designed very well, so it held the twins in (so to speak), but no other support could be used. So when Kat asked for the costume, she essentially was asking Alex to strip to her panties. Alex refused, but Kat was pressuring her, emphasizing how they only had a little time and she'd give it right back (they made the opposite switch right after the song). During all this, I was talking away on stage, doing my bit that led into the song. Alex heard a specific line that was getting close to the song and gave in. She slipped off the dress carefully and handed it to her sister, leaving her standing in a thong cupping her breasts in her hands. Kat thanked her and said, "Have fun. Good luck." Before Alex could think, Kat opened the door back up and shoved Alex out on the stage in just her thong, holding her breasts up.

Needless to say, I was flabbergasted. It was a great image, and I totally lost my train of thought. The director called me back saying, "Keep going!" So I started into the song. The band struck up the tune and I started singing, walking over to Alex. She looked like she'd just been electrocuted. I lifted my hands to her, it was time for us to partner dance. She hesitated. I heard Kat in the darkness behind the doorway say, "Come on already!" Alex slowly peeled her hands away from her breasts and met mine, then we started dancing.

Thankfully for Alex, I'm sure, it was a slow dance, and relatively short. However, the whole time, the director was rolling in the aisle, completely incapable of containing her laughter. I was able to hold my laughter in until the very end. The dance ended with me spinning Alex out away from me, and that was our end pose. So there we are, fully spread (and in Alex's case I mean really fully spread), when Kat sneaks out behind Alex during the laughter and rips her thong down. At that point, I couldn't help but laugh. Alex turned 32 flavors of red, but, god love her, she finished the scene.

At the end of the play, when we were getting notes, the director kept making pointed comments to Alex about her acting, saying things like, "You really left it all on the stage" and "You were acting like you really wanted something". At the end of the discussion, right before she let us go, the director said, "Oh yeah, and if anyone wants to review the video to check for mistakes, talk to Frank." She pointed up to the lighting booth, where Frank, our lighting designer, was waving and holding a camcorder that was pointing directly at the twins. Alex blushed again and Kat tweaked her nipple. That was probably the most memorable rehearsal I've ever had.

    • BRAVO - Vic, Mon Aug 14 11:54am
      Now if they took that altered scene on the road, I'm sure Alex would get lots of curtain calls ( to say nothing of wolf calls ) from the audience.
      • Old Fan - OG Fraternity Man, Mon Sep 11 3:33am
        Is someone going through the old board posts and putting up the ones they like again? I wrote this, like, 7-8 years ago...
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