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Indian Boy
Locked in!
Sun Sep 10, 2017 5:53am

Some regular readers might remember me from the few stories I have posted here. To give a brief: As the name suggests - I am an Indian & my stories take place in a metro city in India. The prime character of the stories is Indian Boy (his age will vary based on the events) who lives with his parents & elder sister and he somehow ends up in embarrassing situations. Other characters would be Rhea (Indian boy's age) & her sisterTina (2 years elder to Rhea) who live with their mom in the same apartment complex as Indian boy's family.
It was summer of 1998 & for some unexplained reason there was water shortage in the apartment complex where Indian Boy lived and so to save water Indian Boy & his elder sister used to go to a row house (which belong to their relatives but they didn't live there so Indian Boy's family was free to use it) for bathing and washing clothes in a washing machine kept there.

One such day, Indian Boy went inside the bathroom stripped off his clothes & threw them outside so that his sister could put them in the washing machine. Once his bath was completed he tried to find his towel for drying off but couldn't find it. "Well I might have forgotten to bring it with me in the bathroom" he thought and stepped out as he was.

"Hey shameless, where are your clothes?" his elder sister asked in mock anger.

"Forgot to take towel, as usual. Now can you please pass me the towel?" Indian Boy answered with a smile.He had a habit of forgetting towel & hence it was usual for his family to see him in this state.

"Shame, shame lil bro. You are 13 now, have some shame. What if someone else would have been here and seen you. And even if someone else isn't here, I am here. You should roam naked in front of your sister".

"Ok, ok stop the lecture and give me towel so that I can cover up"

"What the hell is this? I don't see your clothes or towel in the bag. It seems you forgot to bring them"

"WTF!!!!! What do I do now? I have to wear something. I can't stay this way"

"That's too irresponsible of you, now face the consequences. As I see it we have 4 options:
1. We go home. You ofcourse will be naked.
2. We wait till your clothes in the machine are washed & dried but it will take lot of time and mom will send someone to check on us and that person will see you.
3. I am sure someone from our complex will pass from here, I will keep a watch and call him/her exlain the situation and request him/her to bring your clothes but ofcourse the person will surely guess that you are naked and the news will spread around.
4. You stay here, I lock the door, go home and bring back your clothes."
Which option do you think he will select?

    • locked in vote - steve austin, Tue Sep 12 5:28am
      i say number 2
    • Some people just don't get it - Anonymous, Mon Sep 11 9:32am
      How many will this be repeated on the board????? Some idiots just don't get it that point no. 2 of board guidelines states that this board is for stories involving girls. Just can't understand why... more
      • We DO get it, you don't. - SwimKid, Wed Sep 13 1:39pm
        "The Story Board is for real or fictional stories involving girls being pantsed, stripped, tricked, caught naked, embarrassed, punished and/or humiliated, as well as stories of girls tricking,... more
        • Good for you, Swimkid! - sinfulstories, Wed Sep 13 4:02pm
          I made the same point, but you added to it. I love your stories, and they are an original contribution to the board. Cheers!
      • "Anonymous" - sinfulstories, Mon Sep 11 10:09am
        Here's something you should re-read, within the guidelines (#2): ".... as well as stories of girls tricking, catching, or stripping others." "OTHERS" is the key word. This includes, MALE, or FEMALE.... more
    • Locked in! - 2 - Indian Boy, Mon Sep 11 8:16am
      "I think the only possible thing is that I wait here and you bring my clothes, but pleasebcome quickly I am not comfortable being this way all alone in this house and what if someone sees me?" " Come ... more
      • Locked in!-3 - Indian Boy, Tue Oct 3 2:37am
        The girl left through the main door leaving a naked and scared Indian Boy on the floor. Soon his sister returned with his clothes and they left after he got dressed. For the next two days Indian Boy... more
      • I'd never thought of a point system. Specially where the victim is forced to get naked and expose themselves, that's even more humilliating! I hope it's okay if i write a story based off of your... more
    • Re: Locked in! - Melissa, Sun Sep 10 7:16pm
      I say #1 make him walk home naked. That way he'll think twice about forgetting clothes and towel ;P
    • locked in - Anonymous, Sun Sep 10 2:26pm
      I think also that it will be 4
    • Re: Locked in! - Jeepman89, Sun Sep 10 12:53pm
      I say number 4.
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