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A Lesson Learned
Sun Sep 10, 2017 12:21pm

So it was the middle of the school day and I was bored. So I pulled out my phone, keeping it hidden on my lap. What I forgot to do was put it on silent and the ring tone brought the teacher walking over to my desk, staring down at me.

"Shouldn't you be focused on your work?"

"I'm sorry." I couldn't say anything else, he'd caught me red handed.

"Phone now."

I had him my phone. "When can I have it back?"

"You tell your parents to come and get it."

"No, they'll never let me have it back."

The class was now staring at me and Mr. Porter. He looked at the class. "Then class, what should Kyla have to do to get her phone back?"

Hands shot up and he picked one. "Have her strip."

"Good idea, you heard the boy."

Was he serious? "Yeah strip but she's got to do it completely nude." A girl who didn't like me said.

"Excellent, so you will strip completely naked."

I looked at my phone and then I stood up, marching to the front of the room with my head hanging down. I looked at everyone and I pulled my short sleeved shirt over my head, resting it on the table. I kicked off my dress shoes and unbuttoned my pleaded skirt. It fell to the floor and now I was only wearing a black cotton bra and my white cotton panties with polka dot printed panties.

"Come on Miss Hennigan, we don't have all day."

Yeah I was on my phone when I shouldn't be but I'm sure Mr. Porter only picked me cause I was more delvloped then most fifteen year olds. My breasts were at a small C while my ass was pretty thick, not too wide either.

I unclasped my bra, slid the straps off my shoulder and let the garment hot the floor. I looked at everyone, the boys I could tell had erections growing while the girls were happy that I was getting humiliated. I hooked my thumbs into the elastic of my panties and slid them down to my knees where they fell around my ankles.

I stepped out and covered myself. "No no, don't cover up." He said waving a finger. "Hands to your side."

I dropped my hands and now my breasts were fully on displayed along with my shaved pussy. I kept it shaved only cause it felt good and looked nice. Now though I was full of shame and hoped it was over soon.

"Have her shake her breasts." A boy shouted.

My eyes go wide but Porter nodded. "You heard the boy."

I shake my breasts until I'm told to stop. "Now have her twerk." Another boy shouted.

I looked at Porter with tears but his look said, "do it." So I turned my back to the class and bent over the desk, twerking my ass

"Holy shit, look at her go, she's a real pro!" A boy shouted, filling me with shame.

A few more seconds and I'm told to stop. "Hey Mr. Porter, wouldn't this be a proper punishment if she were spanked.?" Asked another girl who didn't like me. Most girls didn't like me and it's only because of my body.

"Your right." Mr. Porter said walking to the front of the class. "So Miss Hennigan, all your classmates will spank you."

I looked over my shoulder, there were twenty students and a line was already forming. They each took took two slaps, one for each cheek. The boys were more gentle when they struck me but they grabbed and squeezed my ass cheeks. The girls however, when they hit me, it hurt, making me whimper.

"Thank them Miss Hennigan."

"Thank... you for... spanking me." Having to utter those words made me sick to my stomach.

After the last spanking, I could barely feel my ass. "I'm sorry... I'm really... sorry." I said wanting this to be over so badly.

Porter bent over on my face. "You might be sorry but I need to make an example and your gonna be that example." He stood up. "Now, you want to be on your phone so badly, fine." He threw my phone on the desk. "Stand up and send a nude selfie to everyone."

There was no point in arguing, it wouldn't do anything but delay it. So I stood up right and took pictures of my body.bineven had to hold the camera over my shoulder and take pictures of my ass. Afterward, Porter took back my phone and he stared at me.

"If I give you this phone back, I won't know if you won't pull it out again." Porter had a sinister grin. "So you'll be inserting this into your pussy."

"Mr. Porter it won't fit!"

"Your right, so you'll have to get yourself... wet."

I started shaking. "I swear I won't take it out again."

"Your right, you won't because it will be inside you. So it can be dry or with you wet."

I cried as I reached down to my clitoris, stroking it slowly. I feel it swell and I moan softly. I reached down lower, stroking the outside of my pussy, feeling myself grow more moist. After my fingers were drenched, dripping woth juices, I took my phone and pressed it against my slit. Slowly it slid inside and I groaned.

My phone was wide, so it was a struggle to get it inside. The feeling of my insides strecthing made me more moist and I looked at everyone who had sick grins plastered across thier faces. The last bit of the phone slid inside and Porter allowed me dress.

I quickly dressed but once I lifted my skirt to pull my panties up, Porter stopped me. "You leave those behind." I leave my panties on his desk.

The bell rang and I was happy this ordeal was over, that was until Porter held me back and said he wanted to see me in his last class of the day. How he wanted me to enter the classroom made me shiver but I had no choice.

Throughout the day, my phone kept vibrating and vibrating. It made going on through the day hard, as the vibrations made me cum. I would walk from class to class with my juices trickling down my inner thighs. Some snickered and others laughed at me, it was mortifying.

Finally it was last period and but I knew there was no relief because I knew in the last ten minutes I'd have to go back to Porter's room. Before heading inside I stripped naked in the hallway and get on all fours. I paw at the door and it opened. I crawl inside and I heard laughter but I when I looked up I wanted to die. There in the front row was my crush!

"Now Miss Hennigan, I would like for you to get on my desk and push out your phone."

Crying, I climb onto the desk and spread my legs. Right in front of me is my crush, staring at me as I pushed the phone out of me. I felt it crowning and I pushed harder and harder until I heard it drop to the floor. I knew it wasn't over so I didn't get my hopes up.

"Good, now lick your phone clean." Porter said but sounded more like a command.

So I climb off the table and get on the floor. I dragged my tongue all along my phone while my crush watched me, snickering and grinning. The bell rang and I had to keep licking until the class left, that's when Porter stood over me.

"I hope you learned a lesson today."

I did. "I won't ever take my phone out ever again."

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