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Life is Strange - Part 1
Sun Sep 10, 2017 7:40pm

Remember all of your choices will effect the outvome of this story. So vote wisely atbthe end of each part. If no one votes when I'm writing the next part, I will choose. Vote by replying with your choice.


Ever since I discovered I could control time, I decided to use it to my advantage and get back at the people who are enemies.

My goal is to knock Victoria Chase, the most annoying bitch you could ever meet, down a couple of notches by the end of the week. I see her sitting on the steps with her friends. She refuses to get up, so I tampered with the paint and sprinklers and it spilt all over her precious cashmere, but now she sits alone covered in paint as her minions run to get her towels but I am not near to being done with her. There was so much I could do to her, but what?

I approach her. "Hey, Victoria," I say looking at her covered in paint.

"What do you want, Max? I feel so humiliated. Just leave me alone." Victoria said.

What should we do?
1 - "Help" her
2 - Take a photo
3 - Laugh/Make Fun Of

    • Just a friendly advice. - Brido1, Wed Sep 27 1:23am
      Why don't you join www.writing.com It is possible to start interactive stories. (Stories with up to 3 choices at the end of each chapter) It already has several stories about Naked girls. Some of... more
    • Re: Life is Strange - Part 1 - Anonymous, Wed Sep 13 8:05pm
      Man if you do this make sure you end it with the universe "balancing out" Max's actions
    • Hmm. - The Controverser, Mon Sep 11 10:59pm
      Well, first, let me say that I am a fan of Life Is Strange, so it'll be interesting to see how this ends up. I'm interested to see where all of the choices go but since we can only choose one, I'm... more
    • Re: Life is Strange - Part 1 - Anonymous, Mon Sep 11 12:06pm
    • 1 (nm) - Dave, Mon Sep 11 12:30am
    • Re: Life is Strange - Part 1 - Anonymous, Sun Sep 10 10:12pm
    • Re: Life is Strange - Part 1 - Anonymous, Sun Sep 10 8:32pm
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