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Pee Break
Sun Sep 10, 2017 10:05pm

Nikki heard it, last bell and she sprinted to her next class. She only hand a few seconds and right before the teacher shut the door, she made it in.

"Almost late Miss Black."

"Yeah but I made it." Nikki said taking a seat.

Mr. Harper stood behind his desk and looked at his students. "Today class is a pop quiz." The class groaned but Nikki grinned, she liked them. "Now for this pop quiz you'll have the whole period to finish it but there is no bathroom breaks. I know how you kids are with your smart phones and I don't want no cheating."

Nikki didn't need to cheat, she always studied and was always ready for tests or pop quiz's like today. Harper handed out the quiz's and returned back to his desk. Nikki quickly went to work but Harper had done it this time. He was always known for his extra difficult tests and quiz's but this one was brutal. It covered none of the lessons he went over.

Nikki planned to be done with this early but now she had to think. Half way through class she started fidgeting in her seat. She crossed her legs biting her bottom lip. Her bladder was already filled prior to this class. She had drank a whole bottle of water and planned to use the bathroom before Mr. Harper's class but she got held up in her last class.

Nikki raised her hand and Harper looked up from his desk. "Yes Miss Black?"

"May I use the restroom?"

"I told you from the start no bathroom breaks."

"Mr. Porter you know I don't need to cheat."

"Rules are rules Miss Black."


"Miss Black, you have two choices, pee your pants or the bucket."

The Bucket, it was something Harper liked to used on students who needed to use the bathroom but wouldn't allow to leave the classroom.

"Please Mr. Harper."

"Those are you opitions."

"Fine, the bucket." Nikki stood up and walked to the corner to get it.

The thing about the bucket is, you had to use it in front of everyone. Worse was the classroom was shaped like a U so the student was right in the middle of everyone. Nikki sets the bucket down and unsnapped her jeans.

"Oh and one last thing Miss Black." Mr. Harper said. "For interrupting my class and arguing with me, you'll have to pee naked."

"Yes Mr. Harper." Nikki knew arguing would only make things worse.

She pulled her shirt over her head and sets it down on the floor. She pulled the zipper down on her jeans and pulled the denim down past her ass cheeks and around her ankles. She stepped out of them she unclasped her bra and slid the straps off her shoulders. She let the garment hit the floor and hooked her thumbs into the elastic of her panties. She pulled the blue and white striped cotton panties down to knees, letting them fall freely around her ankles. She stepped out of them and squats over the bucket.

She started urinating and the sound of the piss hitting the metal insides filled the room and filled Nikki with shame. She tried forcing the piss out quicker but no matter how hard she tried it came it felt like it took forever to empty her bladder.

Finally, Nikki was done and she stood up. "Now you are to remain naked until the bell rings."

Nikki stood in the middle of the classroom while everyone stared at her. It was mortifying but the bell rang and she went to get dressed. Harper stopped her.

"You have to empty your bucket."



Nikki picked up the bucket and walked out of class. As she walked down the hallway, she passed numerous students who snickered and giggled. Some boys whistled while others walked up behind her and gave her ass a hard smack. She emptied the bucket and and went back to class where Mr. Harper had her re do her test but naked.

After that day Nikki never drank water during school and made sure her bladder was empty before Mr. Harpers class.

    • Your stories - Anonymous, Mon Sep 11 12:44am
      Really like the two stories you posted recently! They could use some more details, though - like more reactions from the other students, more about what the girl is feeling, a bit more reluctance... more
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