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Night Out
Mon Sep 11, 2017 11:50pm

Taylor was never the one to go out to parties on the weekends. She liked to stay home and study or read a good book. Tonight however she was convinced to go to a party and when she arrived she was nervous because a lot of people and by a lot, everyone was drinking.

Taylor was trying to leave but her friend stopped her. "Where you going Taylor?"

"I shouldn't be here, this is underage drinking."

"Your sixteen Taylor, you only have one life." She forced the cup into Taylor's hand. "And besides, It's only one night, right?"

Taylor looked at the beer in the cup. "I have been working hard lately, I guess one night couldn't hurt."

"That a girl."

Taylor drank one beer and half of another before she started feeling funny. She found her friend and grabbed onto her. "I'm not feeling so good."

Her friend laughed. "It's your first time drinking, I'll take you upstairs to sleep."

She guided Taylor upstairs and into the bedroom where she was laid down. "Thanks."

"No problem and I'll be right out the door so no will bother you."

"Nah... you go back... to partying... no one's gonna..."

"Taylor?" Her friend asked. She checked to make sure Taylor was breathing and then went to watch the door.

She was on her phone when Brad Johnson walked up to her. "Say, do ya wanna go to the pool house , it's a lot more quiet there."

She couldn't believe it, Brad, her crush wanted to go and be alone with her. She looked at the door and said to herself. Taylor did say go have fun and besides, no one's gonna bother her like she said.


She walked away with Brad and another guy walked up to the door. He opened and peeked his head inside to see Taylor. He walked inside and closed the door, locking it. He walked up to Taylor and shook her a few times. To be extra sure he slapped Taylor a few times and satisfied she was out he took off her sneakers and undid her shorts . He pulled them around her ankles and pulled her shirt off.

His heart raced, he couldn't believe he was about to see his crush naked! He hooked his fingers into the elastic of her pink panties and pulled them down. He fumbled to remove her bra but he got it off. His cock was hard from seeing her nude form and he reached out to grope her breasts. She let out a groan in her slumber. He wanted to do so much to her but time was not his side.

He dropped his pants and lined hid cock up with her pussy opening. As he pushed deeper, Taylor's pussy sucked in his cock. "Oh it's better then I ever thought."

The more he thrust the tighter her pussy clenched his cock. Her body didn't know it was being violated, so it allowed Taylor to cum with each thrust. Her body shuddered, her bottom lip trembled and she let out a faint gasp with each thrust.

A sickening skin clapping effect filled the room as he smashed his heavy frame into Taylor's. He drove his cock fully inside Taylor, draining his balls inside her womb. He thrust a few more times to make sure his cum was nice and deep and pulled out his limp dick. He dressed, leaving Taylor naked and cum dripping from her pussy.

A half later the door opened once more and in came not Taylor's friend but a girl who hated Taylor. She saw how vunerbale she was and decided to have some fun.

"You want my man whore, I'll expose you as the man stealing whore you are."

She left the room and came back with a dog. She locked the door and stood next to Taylor's face. "You up Taylor?" She groaned. "Guess who here's to ... you?" Another groan. "That's right Chad is here and he wants to ... you doggy style."

Taylor slowly rolled to the floor and struggled to get to her hands and knees. "Come on...Chad I've... been waiting... for you."

The girl guided the dog behind Taylor and he mounted Taylor, sinking his cock inside her. His knot grew, strecthing her out and locking the two. As he started ...ing Taylor, the girl pulled out her phone and started filming. The harsh ...ing lasted forty minutes with the girl having to start new recording multiple times but she captured Taylor cumming more then once to the dog ...ing her and her body was glistening with sweat and she had cum oozing from her ....

"Wow... Chad that... was incredible... Ive never... been screwed... like that." Taylor turned around started French kissing the dog and she pulled back after a few seconds with his saliva dripping off her bottom lip. "And such a great kisser, thanks Chad."

The girl stopped filming and let with the dog. Taylor's friend came back not long after and she saw Taylor. "...!" She quickly cleaned up Taylor and dressed her and took her home.


On Monday Taylor walked slowly into school. "I am never drinking again, I felt like shit the next day" Taylor said talking with her friend.

"Yeah I guess two is your limit."

They laughed and then a boy jumped in front of them. "Woof! Woof!"

He walked away and Taylor looked at him. "What the hell was that?"

"Who knows."

They passed another boy. "Yo Taylor I got a Saint Bernard that would love you."

"Ok what is going on?" Taylor asked

"Hey Taylor, since your last name is Mazonkey, you think can pay a visit to my donkey."

"What does that..."

"There she is, the dog ...er!" The girl who set Taylor up with the dog said.

"What are you talking about?"

A boy walked up to Taylor to show her the video of her ...ing the dog. "Oh Chad harder faster!" Taylor screamed as the dog ...ed her.

Taylor was in tears and as she watched herself French kiss the dog she nearly puked.

"DOG ...ER!! DOG ...ER!!" Everyone started chanted.

Taylor ran off in tears and ran into the library where she saw AC walking up to her. "Are you gonna make fun of me too?" Taylor asked wiping tears from her face.

AC sat next to Taylor. "No, those people are assholes."

"Thanks AC."

"There is a video you night like, it's a funny video."

"Ok." Taylor said wanting to feel better.

AC pulled out his phone and she looked at the screen of AC ...ing her. ...ing her, slapping her ass, sucking on her ear but the most mortifying thing was him urinating all over her.

"You know Taylor when a dog pisses on something they're marking what's theirs." Taylor was speechless and AC continued. "So if you don't want this video to be released as well, you'll be not only my sex slave but my girlfriend too."

Taylor started crying. "Wh... Why?"

"Because I know I'm not your type but now I'll be more then your type, I'll be your master."

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