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Forced Nudity Story Archive?
Wed Sep 13, 2017 12:53pm

Anyone know what's going on with the Forced Nudity Story Archive (ASSTR)? They have great stories there and it hasn't been working since July with no updates. I heard they were looking for a new server and it would be available on Sept. 1 but still nothing. Any info would be appreciated.

    • not a story - Anonymous, Wed Sep 13 5:51pm
      This isn't a story, why is it here?
      • Re: not a story - Jeepman89, Wed Sep 13 8:17pm
        It's important to a lot of us here.
        • Re: not a story - Anonymous, Thu Sep 14 4:03am
          It's not a story it belong in the discussion board not the story board
    • update needed - Neverborn, Wed Sep 13 5:37pm
      I would also like to know the status on this. Are they not just waiting for ASSTR to come back up fully?
    • Asstr - FakeName, Wed Sep 13 2:18pm
      Forgive my ignorance but isn't that just Embarrassed nude male stories? Do you know if any authors there did Embarrassed nude females?
      • Re: Asstr - Jeepman89, Wed Sep 13 3:03pm
        It's usually about naked males in front of females (CFNM)
        • Not totally accurate - Hooked6, Wed Sep 13 3:09pm
          The mix of male vs female stories at Cassie's Asstr.org stripping site is about 70% male - 30% female. One does have to hunt for the female stories but there are many good ones at that site. Cassie... more
          • Cassie - LBS, Wed Sep 13 11:44pm
            Interesting. I didn't know Cassie was encouraging in that direction, but I think it's a good idea. My issue with her/Nialos's site was that it leans a bit young for my tastes. But it does showcase a... more
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