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Hello Pussy continued
Wed Sep 13, 2017 8:36pm

Shortly after I had met Judy and had my pussy encounter she took me to the local pool. It was on a weekend and we had gotten there early so there were not many people at first. Once we got there I started for the men's locker room but Judy stopped me and said to come with her. If you remember from my past stories I was very small for my age and very young looking. While I was about nine I probably looked more like five if you didn't know better. So I was a little surprised when Judy insisted that I go with her into the women's locker room. I shrugged and followed her. There was one other girl in there, someone about the same age as Judy. She was had just taken off her clothes and was grabbing her towel to head to the shower. As soon as she saw me she shrieked and yelled for me to get out. I was stunned, but Judy quickly said that I was her little brother and she needed to keep an eye on me, besides she said I was too young for it to matter. After all parents were allowed to have their young children with them regardless of the gender. The girl,her name was Sarah, quickly wrapped the towel around her and slammed her locker. She said, It shouldn't be allowed. And then turned to storm off to the shower.

Unfortunately for her, her towel had gotten caught in her locker when she shut it and pulled way as she stomped off. It took her a moment before she realized what had happened. Gasping and turning a deep crimson red,tried to cover her body and at the same time grab her towel. It was stuck fast and wouldn't come free. To make matters worse the locker was also stuck and wouldn't open. Judy was laughing hysterically which only caused Sarah to start to curse and strugglemore with her towel. She lost her balance and fell on to me. I had titties all in my face and my hands were all over them as I tried to push her back. Sarah was screaming and cursing me as she struggled to regain her balance and get off of me. Finally she got up and succeeded in yanking her towel free. Sarah stormed off to the showers as Judy and I undressed and headed to the showers ourselves. Sarah had made a quick exit to the pool by the time we got there.

Out at the pool Judy and I swam a bit. We watched Sarah someas she worked to avoid us. After a while we noticed there was another bipod there that obviously she had a crush on as she spent a lot of time flirting and trying to be seen by him. She finally succeeded in getting his attention and they were over at the side of the pool talking. Judy with her sly grin gave me a challenge to get Sarah's swimsuit off in front of him. I accepted it as I was still angry at how she had treated me and what she had called me. It took me about 15 minutes to make my way around to behind her without being noticed by anyone, especially her and the boy. I had picked up,a pair of scissors and started to ever so gently cut through the her bikini bottoms. She was so intent on the boy that she never noticed what was happening. I was careful to work it so that it appeared to be a rip and not a cut. I had gotten almost through but left just enough so they wouldn't fall down too soon but enough that they would easily tear through. By this time the boy had his hand on the girls back so it made it all too easy for me to slip hertied top over a finger. When she would jump her top would be snagged in the boys finger and get pulled off. I then hooked the bottoms onto a loose screw on the bench and then gave her butt a little pinch.

Apparently she thought it was the boy who'd done it and so while she jumped, she cooed with glee. Sure enough her bottoms fell away and so did her top. The boy realized what had happened with his finger catching her top and his mouth dropped open as he gaped at her bare chest. Her well rounded size C breasts in full display. It took a bit longer for him to realize she also had no bottoms and her clean shaved pussy was also on full display.

Sarah continued to chatter away for several minutes not yet comprehending the lustful stare of the boy. As a slight breeze blew over her body from someone walking by finally gave her the realization that something wasn't right. With a shrill screech it finally dawned on Sarah what her predicament was. Unfortunately the screech also brought every set of eyes in the pool in her. With almost futile efforts she tried to cover up as she ran for the locker room. Her timing couldn't have been worse as a large group of teen boys, about 13-14, were coming out of the boys locker room just as she tried to enter the girls. This group was effectively blocking her escape nod it didn't take long for them to recognize her predicament and take full advantage of it. They worked t impeded her escape and also to grope her as much as they reasonably could without being too obvious.

Finally as Sarah was able to make her escape, Judy was hysterically laughing across the room as were many others. It turns out Just day and Sarah were rivals and Judy had planned this from the beginning. Sarah never came back to the pool.

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