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As Read As Your Hair Part 5: Rose's Break I
Sat Sep 16, 2017 11:44am

It was a habit of Violet Mallord to get early to school. She didn’t exactly know why, but she found the nearly empty school halls relaxing and peaceful. She’d do homework there. Maybe listen to music if she’d done it beforehand. However, this habit would soon turn into a nightmare.

Hannah had recently learnt two things: First, someone had been speaking a bit too much about what had happened on the train with Rose. That was completely unacceptable, she thought, she’d put too much effort on not getting caught to be simply ratted out by some classmate of hers. The second thing she had learnt was that it’d been Violet who spoke freely about the incident. She thought she’d been clear when she had told her and her two friends —through one of her minions— that they’d be next if they shared information.

It didn’t take too long for Hannah to find her victim. This time, however, she’d have to be extra careful when approaching Violet, as she was alone. Her minions didn’t have it in them to wake up even earlier than usual, even when she promised a show of humiliation. They clearly didn’t value the feeling of empowerment nearly as much as she did.

Violet was sitting by herself at the entrance hall, a few steps from the door. She had her headphones plugged and her eyes were fixed on her math homework. If Y equals X Squared minus one, then… She was thinking to herself before she got rudely interrupted by a soft, yet firm kick that went straight towards her shoes. It didn’t hurt, but it scared the young girl and made her nearly break her headphones as she ripped them away from her ears in one move.

Violet found Hannah’s angry face when she looked up. Her heart dropped as she realized why she was staring at her in such way. She’d somehow found out she’d told a few people about Rose’s embarrassment. Violet’s quiet morning had suddenly become noisy as a rush of emotions —nearly all of them negative— was storming her brain.

“Violet… Violet… Violet… Wasn’t I clear when I said you shouldn’t talk about poor little Rosy?”
“I… You…” She mumbled. “Wouldn’t you have done the same as me?!”
“Yes” Hannah replied honestly “But that’s the deal, I didn’t do it, it was you who broke my rules. Now, what did I say would happen if you did what you’ve done?”

Violet couldn’t get the words from her brain to her mouth. She clearly and vividly remembered the threat that’d been posed to her, Rod and Jeremiah, but somehow, she felt like saying was too much. She knew that once she said it, there’d be no turning back. She’d have to accept her fate.

“Now, what did I say would happen if you did what you’ve done?” Pressured Hannah.
“You… You said you’d… That we’d… That we’d be in the same position as Rose.” Violet said, spending every drop of air on her lungs. She looked and acted like she was about to hyperventilate, which wasn’t too far off from how she felt. “But, pleeeease Hannah, don’t do it, have some mercy on me!”
“Oh, I love it when they beg” Teased Hannah. “Now, I’ll tell you what. I like you, Violet, I think you’ve got what it takes to be on my side, if only you didn’t hang out with the nerds, you would’ve been recruited long ago. Now, as I said, I like you, so I’ll go easy on your punishment.”
“Thank you” whispered the distressed teen. Her voice was a mere string of soft air, barely audible.
“First thing I need you to do is to flash me your boobies. I’ll let you keep your bra if you don’t make too big of a fuss.” Said Hannah in a cold, matter-of-factly way.

Violet considered arguing, but then she remembered who she was speaking with. She figured getting over with her punishment would be the best option. She’d show Hannah her breasts and they’d never speak of that again. It would be as if it’d never had happened. Or so she hoped.

Violet slowly and reluctantly passed her sweater over her head, leaving her in a shirt that was a bit too big and loose. Despite the fact that Violet had never really been ashamed of her body, her style of clothing wasn’t too revealing either. She didn’t love the attention boys gave her when she wore very tight jeans or a shirt that showed a bit too much cleavage.

Hannah’s eyes slowly turned dark with disappointment as she realized the expression on her victim’s face wasn’t of embarrassment or fear, rather a shade of annoyance. Any dominance she’d had on Violet had disappeared. She’d somehow convinced herself that getting through the stripping would be the best choice she had. Oh how smart she thinks she is… if only she knew what will happen to her because of it. thought Hannah to herself.

“Can I simply raise it, or do I have to take it all the way off?” Violet grabbed the bottom of her purple loose shirt and looked dead in the eyes of her tormentor as she spoke. Hannah was surprised at how defiant Violet was being, however, she knew that what she had in storage for her would soon make her quit that fake confident persona of hers.
“Just keep it over your head until I tell you. Make sure it covers your eyes. No peeking while you flash!” Hannah teased.

As hard as it was to do it, Violet had somehow managed to keep a straight face while facing Hannah. She was truly afraid of her, yet she found that acting confidently somehow managed to tame the beast that she was up against. Nevertheless, exposing her boobs in the middle of the entry hall was too daring for her not to be —and act— afraid. Her hands slowly raised the bottom of her shirt, which she’d grabbed moments ago, and while doing so, she felt a cold drip of sweat slide down the back of her neck.

First her tummy was exposed. Violet’s stomach was flat, nearly toned, as the girl was mad for exercise and would keep a very strict routine of training during the week. Hannah smirked as she saw how Violet’s ordeal begun. Even though the young teen hesitated, she kept on forcing her hands higher and higher. It didn’t take long until the whole of the purple fabric revealed her whole chest and covered all of her vision. She started to panic as she realized that anyone passing by could —and most likely would— see her exposed chest.

And what a sight it was Thought Hannah, nearly reading her victim’s mind. She observed in detail Violet’s chest. Unlike poor little Rosy, Violet had a figure girls would kill for. Her breasts were big and perky, yet somehow they seemed to defy gravity and were firm. She kept them covered in a black lacy bra that, even though wasn’t too revealing, showed quite a bit of her soft, light-white skin. Her curves were very well —some may say too well— developed and, even though she tried as hard as she could, Hannah couldn’t help but feel a bit of jealousy and envy. Sadly, no boy walked in from the door, so no one but Hannah got to enjoy the show. However, Violet didn’t know that…

“You can lower your shirt now” Said Hannah and waited before Violet had covered her near-nakedness to add playfully: “You’ll never know how many boys you made happy, my little I speak too much witness…” As silence was the only answer Hannah got, she went on: “Now, this is the last thing you’ll have to do, if you do it right, you’ll be free and we’ll never speak of this again.” She once again waited, leaving her victim with the horrible feeling of uncertainty. “You are going to go outside and walk all the way to the flag pole. There, you are going to take off your shoes. Then your jeans. Finally, you are going to show me your bum while you take off your panties and leave them there. After that, you are free to do or go wherever you please.”
“Hannah…” Violet mustered slowly and softly “Please….”
“Shhhh, don’t make it worse for yourself.”

Violet’s heart nearly stopped when she’d heard the words, but the sinking sensation she felt at that moment, after realizing that her faith was sealed only comparable to the fear of being seen she’d had a few minutes ago, whilst she’d exposed her breasts. She found herself in denial for a few seconds. It was too bad, it couldn’t have been happening to her, however, she soon came to her senses and realized that she was making the very impatient bully wait.

“Promise… Promise me you won’t take pictures” begged Violet in a whisper
“Don’t worry sweetie, I don’t need proof of what I’ve done, my memory is good enough.”

A breath and a step at a time, Violet got out of the school. She felt Hannah’s eyes fixed on her back and heard her slow but firm steps accompany her until the doorframe. Violet turned back and saw her tormentor waiting anxiously for the big reveal. The flagpole was roughly ten meters away from the school entrance, and sunlight was beginning to show in the sky. However, much to Violet’s luck, it was still much too early for students to arrive.

Walking to where her humiliation would happen was the easy part. Untying the knots on her shoelaces and taking her shoes off was easy too. Now comes the show thought Hannah to herself. She licked her lips in anticipation. Any sign of confidence her victim had had, had disappeared. Her body felt the rush of dominance take over her. Being in control had turned into a drug and Hannah was a junkie looking for her next fix.

On the other end of the humiliation, stood Violet, who had just taken her third deep breath in a row. Every time she’d done it, she’d thought she’d push down with her fingers, which were firmly gripping her jeans, one hand on each side of her hip. However, she hadn’t been able to bring herself to do it. Hannah grew impatient and eventually whistled to her victim and made a gesture with her hand to indicate the action she was waiting for.

This is it Thought Violet I can’t stall any longer. She closed her eyes and pressed her eyelids tightly, trying not to feel anything as she finally started to pull down her jeans. She cringed as the soft breeze caressed her newly exposed legs. It took mere seconds before Violet was stepping out of her jeans. For a few seconds she felt as if she couldn’t move. Her round waist and bubble bum were out for anyone to see.

The new sights were magnificent for Hannah. She had poor Violet completely under her thumb. The well-developed-teen stood in what seemed like embarrassment induced paralysis, giving her the chance to study her newly exposed body. Violet’s ass was covered —not for long, however— by a lacy black pair of panties that matched her bra perfectly. However, Hannah could clearly see that they didn’t fit as well as her bra did. The dark material dug into Violet’s skin, denoting her curves and giving her a sexy look. That hadn’t been a desired effect, however, Hannah’s lust for embarrassment did nothing but enjoy it.

Much to Hannah’s surprise, her victim went on with the stripping without stalling any longer. Tears threatened to stream down Violet’s face as she placed her thumb and index finger on the waistband of her black panties. She couldn’t give it thought, as she knew she wouldn’t be able to actually pull down if she did. It didn’t take long for her panties to be at her knees.

Violet’s face was as red as she thought it was biologically possible. She’d never felt such a horrid sense of exposure and shame before. She was outside her school half-naked for Christ sake! Anyone could walk by and see EVERYTHING! She didn’t have an audience unlike Rosy, but Hannah’s eyes were too many for her. She felt her tormentor’s gaze locked on her legs, anxiously going up and down her exposed body. She felt as vulnerable and as exposed as she could’ve felt.

It wasn’t easy, but eventually, Violet managed to put her feeling aside and finally take off her panties completely. Just one more thing. she thought. One more. However, as she bent her right knee upwards, in order to take her panties off, she caught a glimpse of a glowing metallic moving objet. There was a car approaching!

Hannah raised an eyebrow, wondering how her victim would react to the unplanned new public. She fixed her eyes on the car, but she didn’t recognise it. That was a bit troubling for her, as she’d alter have to take care of more witnesses…

Violet rushed to take off her panties, however, due to the immense fear of being seen half-naked, the gorgeous teen panicked and tripped. She nearly screamed, but contained herself, as she didn’t want to attract any more attention. As she fell, she closed her eyes, tensed every muscle on her body and launched her arms forwards, to reduce the impact.

However the impact never came. Violet’s hands were caught in the strings used to pull the flag up and down the flagpole. As she slowly opened her eyes, she realized she’d gotten tangled on them. A few tears streamed down her face as she realized her faith was inevitable. Two blonde young kids got out of the car —Freshmen! They had to be middle school freshmen! Violet thought—and, as soon as they saw the sophomore beauty, they did nothing more than stare. Their usually boring morning had suddenly turned very, very interesting. It look the near-naked teen a few moments to untie her wrists and, with an extremely red face, put her jeans back on.

“Quite a show you gave the little guys, Violet!” Teased Hannah as she walked past her.
“Oh, screw you!” Shouted Violet violently.
“Language, my little victim, you don’t want me to make you go out there completely naked, now do ya?” Said Hannah, however, the expression on her face gave away her how empty the threat was.
“Rod’s been telling too, go ruin his day!” Lied Violet, almost without any intention, before walking away.

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