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Victor and the bully-bitches Part 1
Fri Oct 6, 2017 12:32pm

It was two weeks since his 14th birthday on a bright August morning when Victor ran afoul of a gang of bully-bitches. He was walking through the forest abutting the high school football field. In those woods there were regularly maintained path smooth enough for bikes and strollers and these main walkways were often crowded on nice days like this one. But Victor was feeling adventurous that morning and decided to strike his way through some undergrowth, along trampled footpaths that he knew led to a few clearings well out of earshot and sight of anyone on the main road. For years, older teenagers took these lesser trails to have parties in the clearings.

He had already walked off the main track some 15 minutes before, when he heard shrill laughter. Girls’ voices! And even from a great distance they sounded rough in tone and the few words he caught sounded nasty; the kind his mom would call gutter-talk. He stopped in his tracks and tried to be still making no noise in hopes these bad girls would pass by without seeing him.

All was quiet. He was holding his breath, hoping the bushes he hid behind and his silence would turn him invisible and safe. No such luck. With a scream of ‘ GOTCHA!’, one of the four girls who, all but one, looked much older and certainly stronger than he, grabbed him by his shirt collar and yanked him onto a side path. He was knocked to the ground and instantly surrounded by the gang of tenth and eleventh graders.

The girl towering over him asked, “What’s your name and how old are you, boy?”

When he answered with a stutter “vv ... v ... Victor and I’m f ... f ... fourteen”, she smiled and turned to her comrades and chucked, “ He’ll do.” Then she cocked her head and her smile turned to a grin as she looked down at Victor and spat out just one word, “STRIP!”

Victor’s face turned two shades at once. But then the leader of the bitch pack, a 16-year-old brunette named Lynn, stepped closer to him and, gritting her teeth, smirked ‘ When I said STRIP, I meant strip off your shoes and socks.” Then she and the others laughed as she went on, “ We just want to get you barefoot, boy.”

“Oh, yeah, okay.” said a relieved Victor who hurriedly pulled off his footwear and handed them to Lynn. ‘ Uh, gee ... that’s okay then, I thought ... uh. Well, you know.”

“Know what?” Lynn replied, sounding all innocent. “ Oh, you’re blushing ... I bet you’ve heard stories about freshmen boys getting caught by gangs of girls who torment and humiliate them, steal all their clothes and leave them buck naked in these woods.”

She and her friends broke themselves up laughing. “That’s just a myth, a rumor designed to scare sissies. You looked scared for a moment there. You’re not a sissy, are you?” Again, she giggled and and smiled broadly to her mates.

“Oh, no not at all. I w ... w ... wasn’t afraid at all ... I w ... w. was just startled.” Victor lied.

“Good.” continued Lynn, “ Because the freshman initiation in Baron High isn’t anything like what those rumors tell. Just do as you’re told and it will be fine and over in no time. Okay?”

“Sure, just good clean fun, right?” said Victor trying to sound sure of himself and cooperative at the same time.

“Yup… and we’ll just relieve you of your leather belt too, Victor. We need it to give you a few initiation spanks on your bottom.” said Justine, one of the older girls. “You don’t mind, do you?”

“No, you go right ahead, I don’t mind” he said feeling safer and more confident now, “ In fact, an initiation wouldn’t be complete without a ceremonial strapping. Now would it?” He wanted to sound mature in tune with school spirit and therefore having control over this high school pledging game.

“You don’t mind if we check out your mighty muscles and manly chest, do you?” asked Lynn as she set the poor lad up for their cruel prank. “ Maybe you could just take off that short of yours and flex your biceps and show us a muscle-man pose. We like to see a boy being macho.”

Victor fell for this trick and quickly doffed his t-shirt and stood stripped to the waist and barefoot. He was all set and he hadn’t a clue what he’d waked into.
“Absolutely perfect, Victor.” smiled Lynn who had been unlacing his shoes and tying the two laces together as the lad handed her his shirt.

“Just hold out your hand in front of you and cross your wrists. Yeah, that’s good,” she said as she double looped/ tripled-knotted the lad’s hands together tight and secure. It pinched a little bit, but not any real pain. Victor could take it like the man he wanted them to think he was.

The group walked Victor over to a tree a few yards away. It had a fairly low lying branch. Dianna, Lynn’s sister and the youngest girl there, climbed up with the aid of two of the others and shimmied out on the branch for a couple of feet.

Victor craned his neck upward and wondered what on earth she was up to. Just as his brow furrowed in confusion and his mouth was agape, he was grabbed from behind by two of the girls as Lynn took one of his sweat socks which she’d rolled into a ball and stuffed it into the lad’s mouth. It fit tight and he had to breathe out of his nose. He was efficiently gagged and bound. He was about to find out what Dianna was up to.

His belt was first used for ten strokes on his jean-clad butt, but then Lynn passed the belt through his shoelace bindings between his hands and then pushed it up to her little sister above Vick’s head. Dianna pulled hard and buckled the belt securely to the branch. This meant Victor was stretched to his arms’ limit, leaving him dangling, his toes barely touching the ground. He was bound, barefoot and gagged and strung up by his wrists.

“Glad you could hang around, Victor.” joked Lynn as her sister leapt down from the branch and all the girls now surrounded their freshman ‘pledge’.

(Continued on Part 2)

    • Victor and bully-bitches ( Part 2 ) - vic, Fri Oct 6 12:48pm
      “I did good, didn’t I?” said Dianna, her eyes wide and looking for her big sister’s approval. She was also looking at Victor and knowing full well that the fun was just starting. Their fun, that is.... more
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