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A Punishment to Remember
Tue Oct 10, 2017 12:28am

I decided to write this story based on an image posted on the Tumblr blog: https://teengirlstripping.tumblr.com/post/166208510071

Jenny was a young teenager and the most popular girl in the entire school. Every friday she would celebrate with a huge gathering, but would always be sure to end the party before her parents arrived from home. You see, at exactly 10:30 PM every friday, her parents would come home and give her a spanking session, check to make sure Jenny was all nice and shaved, and then put her in a diaper for the weekend. It was a way for them to ensure that Jenny always stayed in line. They had an agreement that Jenny could have her parties, but anyone who was in the house at 10:30 PM would witness Jenny’s embarrassing routine.

That was until Jenny’s parents learned that her grades were slipping. She was failing math, science, and had a C in English. Her parents were not happy at all, especially when they got a call from the school saying that Jenny was going to be kicked off of the cheerleading squad and varsity softball team if her grades didn’t improve. Jenny’s parents decided to take matters into their own hands and made sure to invite EVERYone in Jenny’s class to the Friday party. If Jenny was going to abuse her popularity and allow her grades to slip, then her parents would make sure EVERY kid knew exactly who she was and all of her little embarrassing secrets she tried so desperately to hide.

Jenny’s parties were normally big so she thought nothing of it when a lot of people started showing up for friday’s party. What Jenny didn’t know is that her parents planned to arrive an hour earlier than usual to ensure that they were there before everyone was sent home. When they came through the door, Jenny didn’t notice them at first until they entered the main room where people were dancing to really loud music. Suddenly the music shut off and the speakers squeaked causing the entire room of people to become instantly filled with silence. “Attention, everyone. We are Jenny’s parents. Before any of you freak out, you don’t need to run, and in fact we encourage all of you to stay for this. I’m sure all of you are very familiar with Jenny since you are all here, and well there’s a bit of a secret she’s been trying so desperately to keep a secret from all of you. We have always respected her wish to keep quiet until a week ago when we received a call that our daughter was failing in almost all of her classes and would be kicked off the softball team and cheerleading squad if nothing changed. Now we have decided to change all of that,” Jenny’s dad said, pulling Jenny to the front of the room as everyone stared.

Jenny blushed unsure of what exactly was happening. First her blouse wasq pulled over her head in a quick motion. It was only a moment before it was off her body as her blue bra came into view. It was then most people started to record. “Daddy, what are you doing?” Jenny asked, innocently. “I am sorry daddy, but please don’t do this. Not here. Not now.”

“It’s time for your weekly spanking, Jenny. You know the deal,” Jenny’s father said as some of Jenny’s classmates snickered at the thought of Jenny getting a spanking every week.

In a swift motion, Jenny’s father yanked her skirt to the ground revealing her skimpy pink undies to the world. Jenny blushed a deep red as the underwear was bit revealing and showed more than what she would have shown. “Daddy. Please. I’m sorrt. Please.”

Jenny’s father smiled as he turned Jenny to have her face everyone as he sat down on the couch behind her. In his head he counted down from 5. When he hit one, he yanked Jenny’s panties all the way to her ankles revealing her bare little coocbie to EVERYone. Some small hairs could be seen forming but that was it. “Daddy!” Jenny shrieked trying to turn away from everyone as they burst out laughing.

As she turned Jenny’s dad put his arms on her waist and turned her so everyone could see her coocbie and made sure she couldn’t move at all. “Turn around; show the guests your babyhole,” Jenny’s father laughed as she tried to cover but to no avail.

Everyone laughed as Jenny struggled to turn around and hide her cooch from everyone. “I present to you the truth about Jenny,” Jenny’s mom mocked. “And there’s no hiding it either. Jenny has a babyhole.”

“Jenny has a babyhole!” Leah, one of Jenny’s best friends cried of laughter.

“Oh my goodness, look at her! It’s so cute!” Megan laughed.

Everyone laughed at her as they could see her bare coochie. Jenny blushed a deep red still being held by her father. She was then bent over with her legs slightly apart to provide the audience with a better view of everything. Everyone could see there was not a single hair on her pussie or anus except for a few stubbles.

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