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Hollys rise to instagram fame part 4
Tue Oct 10, 2017 2:47am

Holly and the soccer team.

After the girls left the 3 nerdy boys where at a complete loss for what to do at first, standing still amazed at what they had just witnessed and trying to conceal their boners. Holly was silent at first feeling utterly defeated she was only barely aware the boys where there until one of the boys thought it would be a good idea to pull the carrot out of her ass. Holly let a loud moan as the carrot was removed, her Asshole remained wide giving the boys a full inside view of her asshole leaving them utterly speechless. Holly began moaning into her Gag until the boys took it off her and began untying the ropes helping her out of the situation. Holly was in a state of relief that the boys didn’t torment her anymore.. however, the way they just remained silent and constantly staring at her the whole time as she put her closed back on made her really uneasy.

The latest footage of the Mento challenge followed by the carrot orgasm went round the internet faster than ever.. and within a week she had already doubled her Instagram followers and she started even getting offers from porn companies offering her large amounts of money to go do a movie with them. Holly never replied to any of these offers.. she had no ambition to be a pornstar.. but yet she couldn’t deny how successful her sexual humiliation had been for her so far, But she couldn’t help but think the humiliation wasn’t worth it. As much as she would look back and get a little turned on herself when she looked back over the videos she couldn’t help but feel a little ashamed. and now everybody at university had seen her Cum with the likes of a carrot in her ass or a vacuum cleaner sucking on her clit she was the subject to much torment.

Holly decided to take her mind off things and take up new hobbies, so she joined the Netball team, she was a natural and made the team after one practice. delighted as she was after practice she decided to hang about in the sports hall after and get some practice in shooting some hoops when less people where about. she had half the hall to herself the other half the girls where just finishing up a 5 a side soccer. The 5 a side game came to an end and the girls became aware of Hollys presence all on her own in the hall. Holy was wearing her red workout shorts, which rode up slightly showing a tiny bit of underbum with just a sports bralette on to, she looked impeccable as ever

“Hey it’s that holly Girl!, the one from Instagram! She gets off on like vegetables being in her ass!” said Jessica a stocky girl who plays as goalie “OH Shit yeah it is!, dammn she got so famous of that you know.. little slut.. and look at that dinky outfit she’s got there.. damnn she looks hot!” agreed the captain Steph who was a lesbian and well known for doing humiliation and sexual initiations for freshman when they came to join the football team.

“You know, We should use her for a video! think about how much attention it will bring to the soccer team! She has like over 500K followers now!” said Jess “You know what that’s not a bad idea.. lets go see what she thinks about it.. “ agreed Steph. The girls followed Steph as she ran up to Holly Just as she scored a hoop and slapped her on the Ass hard

“OWw what was that for?“ exclaimed Holly “ haha sorry couldn’t resist!, I got a glance of the peach of yours when you jumped up for that shot and.. well.. couldn’t resist. I mean dam your soo hot aren’t you!.. I’m Steph Captain of Soccer Team.. was wandering if you fancied helping us out with a video to bring more promotion to the soccer team.. and well all female sports at university to be honest?.. what you think?” rambled Steph
Holly was taken aback by how forward this girl was, as well as all the other girls standing around her muttering amongst themselves but nevertheless intrigued... “Umm I suppose so? What did you have in mind asked Holly.
“Well it will just be a promotional video.. but it will be great if we can feature you in it as well.. gorgeous girl like you will bring attention to anything! As well as the.. ‘Ahem” reputation you already have, it could make for a really good video.” Steph said cheerfully.
Holly thought for a moment.. it was obvious they wanted to use her for her fame however she rather put her fame to use on something that interests herself, and could be a good opportunity to make some new friends. “ Sure I guess.. why not, what do you want me to do?” agreed Holly.
Steph look over the moon but failed to hold back a menacing smile “ Well why wait? We’re all here now let’s just get started right away” Steph said excitedly.

Steph wasted no time in getting the video started filming the girls playing football, getting holly to speak for the camera relaying what Steph would want said. Steph also managed to get some sneaky shots of Hollys Bum as she would bend over or as it would jiggle slightly as she would run. Once she got most the footage she would need her urges got the best of her and she couldn’t resist in getting some footage of Holly being put though some forfeits!

“Right Holly, as you know big art of joining a sports team at university is getting put through forfeits! it wouldn’t be a very complete video if we didn’t get some footage of that! Soooo.. as you haven’t been through any with us.. now is as good as ever!” taunted Steph excitedly

“Wait what?? No come on! I said I would just help out with the film” Cried out Holly as the girls moved in on her. “You are helping us out for the film holly! And this is the epic ending to finish it off! don’t worry.. I’m sure it won’t be any worse than anything you have been through before.. well maybe” Steph taunted menacingly. On of the soccer girls grabbed Steph by the back of her gym shorts and hoisted them up her ass as they dragged her over to the football goal. Instantly her butt cheeks sprang either side of the fabric revealing her pristine cheeks “See Holly!, Look at that thing! This is where the video is going to get it’s views!” shouted Steph at the sight of Hollys incredible ass.

“Right first game is simple, All you got to do is try save the ball.. if you save the ball nothing will happen.. however if you do not save the ball you will lose an item of clothing.. simple right?” explained Steph. Holly was still being restrained by the girls between goal posts and the girl never let go of the shorts wedgie until she felt something go inside her gym shorts and through the leg holes. “And what’s the Rope for then!” Cried out Holly as she finally realised what was happening.. The girls had managed to positon the gymnasium stunt rope to where Holy was standing and manged to tie rope around her gym shorts. “Well that’s to stop you from running away of course?!” Laughed out Steph.

“Right let’s get started then” ordered Steph, Holly soon realised that the game was completely against her the first girl fired a shot directly at her and as holly got ready to kick it away the girls pulled the rope which proceeded to wedgie lift her a foot off the floor and the ball went straight between her legs. “Ahhhhhh” cried out holy as the shorts buried into her ass crack. “Not the best start then Ey Holly, Right first item of clothes off then.. best take that bralette off” Jeered Steph and she ordered the girls to remove the top.. Holly was still left hanging I the wedige so had little fight to give and the girls manged to remove the top fairly easily.. leaving Hollys D cup boobs displayed to the world. It was quite a site.. Holly hanging there utterly defeated yet again the girls shook a little to get the boobs to do a little show all the movement was playing havoc on the wedgie and the shorts where riding higher and beginning the reveal the bulge of her cameltoe against the front of them Steph noticed this and gave it a little flick and a squeeze making Holly moan out load some more. “Hmm if wonder if we will get to see the famous glamour puss puss.. best work on saving them shots holly!“ taunted steph.
And with that the girls got ready to fire the next shot they let go of the rope and just as holly started to adjust herself the girl fired the shot and scored receiving a massive cheer from the girls. “Well Holly! You had no excuse that time!.. you probably want be more nude.. you probably getting a little wet I would wager” taunted Steph and yet again the girls grabbed her and began undoing the rope to get better access to her gym shorts, with one swift pull they pulled down her shorts revealing her tight skimpy grey panties.. The girls cheered at the sight!, the panties had been pulled tight against her womanhood and a camel toe was clearly formed. Steph traced her finger across her forbidden slit earning a loud yelp from Holly. “well if I’m not mistaken, your pussy is starting to get a bit moist!” commented Steph, Holly couldn’t help herself.. all the humiliation and wedgies had now started to make her a little excited.. she felt humiliated at the thought and just hung her head in shame.

“Ok last round if you save this we will let you go If not well, we may just have to help you with your, umm situation.. “explained Steph with such lust in her eyes now. This time the rope was tied to the front of her under wear and Holy was well aware of the pain frontal wedgies can cause so she tried to focus all attention on saving the shot… It was useless though. the game was rigged against her as soon as the girl shooting had touched the ball the girls yanked the Rope hard fast. “OWWWWWW” Screamed out Holly her grey underwear sucked straight up between her labia and pulled her straight off the ground, her vagina lips instantly sprang free either side of the thinning fabric and she began to kick out her legs violently “Ooofft That does look Painful!, but look at your sweet Pussy!” giggled Steph and she give her pussy a few playful slaps and grabbed one of her pussy lips and spun her around by it so she could get a rear view of Holly, The fabric in her ass was a thing strip barely visible at all as her but cheeks devoured it. “well, only way we gonna let you down is by ripping out of them. I’ll get my girls to give you a hand” explained Steph and the girls began grabbing her legs, At first they didn’t even pull.. but rather spread them as far as they would go, so to see the full effect of the Wedgie, Steph got underneath her with the camera making sure to document every little detail. After the girls had there fun putting her legs in different positons the proceeded to pull on them until after a couple of yanks and loud squeals from Holly the underwear ripped straight through Hollys poor pussy leaving her a naked mess on the floor.

Holly was cupping her poor abused pussy when Steph come up behind her and pulled her hand apart and put her own hand between Hollys legs “Did that hurt? I’m sorry.. but your still feeling really damp down here Holly? One more game perhaps and we will finish you off ok?” Holly being more used to this defeated feeling now.. wished they would just finish her off and let her go home.. she couldn’t help herself.. she was getting slightly turned on by all of this despite the humiliation.”

“Right girls Last game, im gonna use one of my favourite toys for this one” Steph taunted as she pulled out of her bag a Blue Vibrating 8 inch dildo. Hollys eyes widened at the site of it.. it was massive the girls dragged her yet again to the football goal and tied each of her hands out to the side of the goalposts in a way which eft her arms spread with her body bent over revealing her incredible ass to whole team and camera. “WOW, this is the sexiest site I think I have ever seen I have to say” taunted Steph.. and she took a moment to spread her ass cheeks apart and trace a finger around her asshole. Holly could do nothing but whimper at the touch of it… she was getting wetter and wetter now she could sense what was going to happen. Steph got some Vaseline out and began to trace Hollys asshole with it toying where her tracing a finger around the rim before inserting a finger than two.. before she then began working the dildo into her ass until she had It in a good third of the way in leaving a blue rod hanging out the end. “Right girls time for accuracy is now! Pound balls at her ass and let’s see if we can get that dildo lodged nice and deep” Ordered Steph

The girls wasted no time in doing so.. they all lined up like a firing squad and one after the other pounded balls at her ass.. the first couple missed and just hit her Butt cheeks leaving big red marks then Steph herself stepped up and hit a mighty blow that connecting perfectly with the dildo sending it a good 3 and a half inches deeper “OWHGHHHHHHH” Screamed out Holly the girls where relentless to her moans however and kept on firing off shots until her ass was crimson red, her tits where swinging wildly from the impact of the shots and the dildo itself was now just a blue circle that spread open her delicious asshole and a little wire sricking out the end that held the button at end that controls the vibration.

“Oooft, that’s right up there holly damn your ass has proper eaten that up, good job this wires here.. or don’t think would be able to remove that anytime soon” taunted Steph and she proceeded to have little grope of holly get a feel for her wetness, she was very wet now when Steph moved her fingers away there was a shiny liquid all over her fingers.
“Right girls, Let’s help Holly along.. it’s the least she has earned for being such a good sport today, We’ll try make a game of it The girl who makes her cum first gets first pick of rooms for the varsity Trip.. take it turns you get 30 seconds each, line up and go to the back of the line your time is up.. it be like pass the parcel. use whatever means to get her to finish” The girls lined up on the penalty spot and would rush in taking it each in turn to try get Holly to cum The first girl ran in turned the remote on the vibrator to its highest and started vigorously fingering her, the next ran up and produced two cloth pegs out of her pocket at attached them to either side of her pussy lips taunting that this had clearly helped her out before over and over the girls went Holly was breathing faster and faster and beginning to moan much more loudly another girl attached some cloth pegs to her nipples and the girls began to get more creative and used other things than just there fingers on hollys soaking pussy.. they went through there bags and used whatever they could as a dildo.. one girls used her iphone.. making sure to leave the camera on as it went in and out.. another used a banana and on and on it went until holy was at her limit.. just as a big girl was using a personal sized coke bottle to vigorously hammer down on Hollys pussy holly let out a loud “OHHHACHHHHRGGGGHHH” and drops of cloudly liquid began to drop the coke bottle and the girl forced the coke bottle in a far as she could leaving Holly there with a coke bottle and dildo hanging out of both her holes… “Well holly, This is sure to be the best sports promo video we have ever had!” taunted Steph.. and she proceeded to pull out the dildo and the coke bottle getting one last shot of her spread open holes.. she picked up the remains of Hollys underwear and pushed it into her wide asshole before untying her and chucking her gym shorts back at her..
“Till next time holly!”

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