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Amy Lucas
Thu Nov 9, 2017 11:31am

Amy Lucas 1

The Interview.

Life was hard in the Lucas household. Amy (18) and her sister Erica (16) were solely dependent on their mother for income and she toiled on a minimum wage as a supermarket shelf filler. There were no fancy Christmas presents, basic flat-pack furniture all over the flat and clothes were often of the charity shop origin. It was a happy flat most of the time, despite the lack of cash and the three of them got on well.

Time had come now for Amy to take some responsibility. She'd done ok in her A-levels, not brilliantly, but not a disgrace either. She wasn't university grade, but neither was she stupid. After discussions with her mother, she'd decided to go for a job. Even a minimum wage one would make so much difference to the whole household. Getting an interview was the problem though. The job market was flooded by graduates and Amy was struggling. To add insult to injury, Erica managed to score a few part time shifts in a garage. All of a sudden her little sister was contributing and she was not.

She redoubled her efforts, scouring the jobs pages and online vacancies too. So many were just duplicates and agency adverts that rarely led to anything, but one ad caught her eye. A new venture, the owner, Mark, wanted a senior bar person and also an apprentice. She was overjoyed when the following day she got an email telling her she had an interview.

Amy really needed the senior job. An apprenticeship was no good really, it would help, but for full time commitment she'd be bringing home little more than Erica. No, she really had to go all out to get the proper job.

Come the day it was time to look at her best. She let down her red hair, which had a gentle wave to half way down her back. Minimal make up allowed the freckles to show and a smart blouse and skirt completed the look. She ummed and ahhed about a bra. With her large, milky white boobs it was quite necessary, but the only ones she had were getting old and had certainly lost their pristine whiteness. In her view necessity won. She was very proud of her boobs at some times, but at others wished she was less bountiful, allowing her to go braless like her friends

It was a good half hour walk to the office where the interview was held and the weather was warm. Amy tried to take it easy so she wouldn't arrive all sweaty. Her heart fell as she saw two other girls, complete with folders full of academic qualifications. Her interview was last and by the time she even walked though the door she knew she'd lost. The company owner, Mark, was in his late forties, greying and yet full of enthusiasm. He aimed to fill a gap in the market with a mobile bar, which could trade at weddings, functions, everything through to festivals. He also had an old shop unit, using it for storage at the moment, but with a view to opening it as a specialist off licence at some stage in the future.

Her worst fears were confirmed as it became apparent that Mark had chosen one of the earlier girls. Tears started to well in her eyes and a lump formed in her throat. Mark noticed and passed her a tissue.

“Are you really that desperate for a basic job?” he asked, not unkindly.

Amy told him a little of her home situation and Mark looked thoughtful.

“Listen,” he said, “I was going to hire models for some of the festivals as some are a bit raunchy. I'm doing one or two bikers fairs and even a fetish event. If you were to take the apprenticeship, those events would bump your wages right up, possibly even more than the basic full time.”

“Is there a catch?” Amy dared to ask.

“Oh nothing comes without cost. Like I said, some of these venues have their own atmosphere. You'd have to wear exactly what I say and only that. I need to make a good impression.”

Amy gulped, but so didn't want to be outdone by Erica's achievement. Besides, just how bad could these costumes be?

“I'd love to take it” she gushed.

“That's great, I'll have the contract drawn up. Flexible on time and flexible on dress, but I'll guarantee you exceed a full time wage. There will also be bonuses when we have a good result.

Amy brightened up still more. She could make this work. Dressing in a denim skirt or whatever for a bike rally was a small price to pay.

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